Daniel Francis, a Frenchman native of the Isle of Guernsey, but a subject of Great Britain, left a diary giving in brief the story of his journey from his native land and his wanderings after arriving in America. It is written quite legibly in French and is (in a somewhat free translation) as follows:

"We departed from Guernsey, the 21st of April 1806, for Jersey enroute to America. We arrived at Norfolk the 3rd of June after forty-three days passage. There we rested three days and then departed for Baltimore where we remained for eleven days. We left for New York and arrived there the 24th of June.

We rested there eight days and then went to East Chester (now the Bronx, N.Y.) where we stayed until the 3rd of November 1809. Then we departed for Sempro (Sempronious in Cayuga Co., N.Y.), where we arrived after seventeen days (journey) and remained there until the 24th April 1813 when we departed for Niagara where we arrived after seven days' journey. We stayed there until the 18th of the month of May 1816, on which day we started for Hocking (valley) Ohio. We arrived there the 8th of June after seventeen days' passage.

(The next entry is six years' later, March 12, 1822.)

"We have quit our old farm in Canaan (township of Athens County, Ohio) to go about two miles above Athens. "---". We have arrived the 21st of May 1826 at Stroud's Run in Canaan (township of Athens County, Ohio) where we stayed until the 27 April 1831.--- We departed for Homer (township of Morgan County, Ohio) where we remained until the 22 March 1832. Then we left there to go two miles above Athens where we remained until 23 June 1832 with William Six.--- I came here the 12th April 1841 and remained until the first of October to go with Nicolas where I stayed until the 23rd April 1842 " Here the chronicle ends! About forty pages of the diary have been cut out for some reason and lost to posterity.

The wife of Daniel Francis was Rachel whose surname was not come down to us. She died June 23rd, 1840 and is buried in Carbon Hill Cemetery. Another stone believed to be that of Daniel Francis has sunken into the ground with only the curved top of the slab showing above the surface. He was living Oct. 15, 1850 with his granddaughter Charlotte Francis Boyles of near Kimberly, Ohio and was then aged 92 years.

He left no will and no administration papers were filled in the County courts.
The family record written by Daniel Francis I his diary gives births as follows:

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