This township was originally a part of Alexander. The eastern half of Lodi was included in Carthage when that township was organized in 1819, and was not detached till 1826. Lodi was separately organized in April of that year, and, according to the records, only fourteen votes were cast at the first township election held in the spring of 1827. The population of the township in 1830 was 276; in 1840 it was 754; in 1850 it was 1,336; in 1860 it was 1,598.


Joseph Thompson was one of the earliest settlers in Lodi. He lived on the farm now owned by Cyrus Blazer, and built the first flouring mill about 1815. Some of his descendants still reside here. Before he built his mill (which has long since disappeared), the inhabitants of this region used to get their milling done at Coolville, more than fifteen miles off. The second mill was built in 1825 by Ezra Miller; it was very small and has also disappeared. At present there is an excellent steam flouring mill in the township of ample capacity.


The first religious society formed in Lodi was by the Methodists in 1820 under the supervision of the Rev. Goddard Curtis. They worshiped for many years in a small schoolhouse on Shade river. At present the Methodists have a flourishing society that worships in "Morse chapel," an excellent frame church building, and another large class meet in what is called "Cremer's" or Wesley Chapel. The Cumberland Presbyterians organized a society here about 1843 and built a good frame church, but it was destroyed by fire soon afterward. About 1840 the Christians (or Campbellites) formed a society and built a church which, soon after its completion, was demolished by a large forest tree falling on it. They have recently erected a good frame building in the township.


There is a very creditable school at Pleasant Valley (Shade post office), in the township, called the "Pleasant Valley seminary." The building, a two-story frame forty by thirty feet, with a cupola and bell, was erected in 1867 by the voluntary contributions of the citizens. It cost $2,000—Mr. Joseph Cremer's donation of $500 was the largest individual subscription. The school opened in December, 1867, under the superintendence of Mr. Daniel D. Clark, a graduate of the Ohio university, who is still the teacher. The trustees are Dr. E.M. Bean, Cyrus Blazer, Asbury Cremer, John Buck, William Angell, John Burson, and W.S. Williams. The school promises to one of permanent usefulness.

Township Trustees
1827-28Joseph Thompson Elam Frost John L. Kelly
1829 Joseph Thompson Rufus P. Cooley John L. Kelly
1930 Francis B. Drake Thomas Miles Abner Frost
1831 Joseph Thompson Elam Frost John L. Kelly
1832 Joseph Thompson Thomas Miles A. M. Williams
1833 John Bodwell Francis B. Drake Abner Frost
1834 Luther Dinsmore John L. Kelly J.B. Force
1835 Luther Dinsmore John L. Kelly G.H. Cooley
1836 Charles Brown John L. Kelly John Carlton
1837 Samuel Day George Eaton Cyrus O. McGrath
1838 Joseph Bobo John Carlton David Whaley
1839 Calvin P. Dains Ezra H. Miller Rufus P. Cooley
1840 Samuel Day Wakeman Hull Rufus P. Cooley
1841 Samuel Day Julius Stone George Blazer
1842 Samuel Day Jehu Acley Churchill Creesey
1843 Wakeman Hull Jehu Acley Churchill Creesey
1844 John Cather Jehu Acley Churchill Creesey
1845 Joseph Cremer John L. Kelly John Whittington
1846 James G. Roberts Wakeman Hull John Whittington
1847 Julius Stone Wakeman Hull John L. Kelly
1848 William Jeffers Wakeman Hull John L. Kelly
1849 William Jeffers D.H. Miles Amos Moore
1850 William Jeffers Joseph Cremer William Bart
1851 Churchill Creesey Ebenezer Williams William Bart
1852 Churchill Creesey Ebenezer Williams D.H. Miles
1853 Joseph Cremer Ebenezer Williams D.H. Miles
1854 E. Williams David Hart Wm. Jeffers
1855 Wm. Wilson D.D. Miller Wm. Jeffers
1856-57John Kelly D.D. Miller Wm. Jeffers
1858 John Kelly David Hart Wm. Jeffers
1859 John Kinney David Hart Wm. Jeffers
1860 John Cowan Joseh Creesey Wm. Jeffers
1861-62John Cowan Joseh Creesey Lewis Dains
1863 John Cowan Joseh Creesey John Cather
1864 John Cowan Joseh Creesey James Wilson
1865 John Buck A.J. Howard Lewis Dains
1866 Moses Lawrence A.J. Howard F.J. Cremer
1867-68Wm. Jeffers Joseph Creesey F.J. Cremer

Township Clerks
1827-31 G.D Drake  1845 Stephen Gates
1832 Rufus P. Cooley 1846-47 Joseph Cremer
1833 Joseph B. Force 1848 William H. Hull
1834-36 Rufus P. Cooley 1849 L.D. Evans
1837-39 John L. Kelly  1850 Matthew Wilson
1840-41 John Cather  1851 R.P. Cooley
1842 Jonathan Witham 1852-64 Isaac Bedell
1843 John Cather  1865-66 R.R. Cooley
1844 D.H. Miles  1867-68 John Crather

Successive Justices of the Peace
1827 Joseph Thompson
1829-32 Rufus P. Cooley
1833 Joseph Thompson
1835 Rufus P. Cooley and Luther Dinsmore
1837 Smith C. Allen
1838 Churchill Creesey
1839 William Lee
1840 Richard St.Clair
1841 Julius Stone
1842 David H. Miles
1843 Richard St.Clair
1845 David H. Miles
1846 Isaac Woodyard
1848 John Cather
1849 Isaac Woodyard
1851 Lorenzo D. Evans
1852 Isaac Woodyard
1854 Lorenzo D. Evans and David Hart
1857-60 Lorenzo D. Evans and Elisha Langhead
1861 Benoni R. Pierce
1863 John Kelly
1864 Nelson Lord
1866 Waldron S. Williams
1867 Nelson Lord
1868 William J. Shaffer

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