Troy township was settled under the auspices of the Ohio Company in the year 1798--about a year after the settlement of Athens and Ames. Some events of its history can, however, be traced back to a period nearly twenty-five years prior to that date with the "Dunmore's war" and to the building of a fort at the mouth of the Hockhocking in 1774.

In 1798 a company of about forty persons, including men, women and children, started from near Springfield, Massachusetts, for the west. They landed at Belpre, and from thence came in 1799 to what is now Troy township and settled on the Hockhocking about seven miles from its mouth. In this party were Eleazur Washburn, Noah, Cyrus, and Xerxes Paulk, Horace Parsons, and Ephraim Frost with their families. Xeres Paulk and Horace Parsons were Baptist preachers; the latter was pastor of the first Baptist church in the township for about thirty years.


Troy, as its boundaries were originally defined by the county commissioners at their first meeting, comprised the territory which now constitutes the townships of Orange and Olive in Meigs county, and Rome, Carthage, and Troy in Athens county. At that time the Hockhocking river was the dividing line between Athens and Washington counties, but by an act of the legislature passed February 18, 1807, the portion of the township No. 5, range 11 (now Troy), lying east of the river, was detached from Washington and added to Athens county. The formation of Carthage township in 1810 and of Rome in 1811, and the erection of Meigs county in 1819, taking off two townships, reduced Troy to its present limits.



Early Township Officers

The first election for township officers was held in 1805 a the house of Ebenezer Buckingham. Stephen Buckingham was the township lister for that year. These men were the founders of the Buckingham family which, removing subsequently to Muskingum county, became celebrated for wealth and social influence.

The township records prior to 1837 are lost but Abram Brookhart was township trustee for several years and Jonas Smith was township trustee for several terms.

Township Trustees since 1837
1837M.L.BestowJesse DerrySamuel Dutton
1838M.L.BestowJesse DerryFerdinand Paulk
1839Nicholas BakerJedediah FullerFerdinand Paulk
1840Nicholas BakerJedediah FullerWm Kincade
1841Nicholas BakerSamuel DuttonHeman Cooley
1842Josephus TuckerSamuel DuttonWm W. Barrows
1843-44Josephus TuckerNicholas BakerJohn Brookhart
1845Samuel Dutton Nicholas Baker M.L.Bestow
1846Josephus Tucker Nicholas Baker Ferdinand Paulk
1847Josephus Tucker Nicholas Baker Samuel Humphrey
1848J.M.Maxwell R.M. Wilson R.K.Bridges
1849Heman Cooley Samuel Dutton Thomas Richardson
1850R.M. Wilson Samuel Humphrey J.M.Maxwell
1851Stephen Warren Josephus Tucker J.M.Maxwell
1852-53M.L.BestowJosephus TuckerSamuel Humphrey
1854Samuel Dutton Josephus TuckerC.Creesey
1855Thomas Richardson Josephus TuckerC.Creesey
1856S.A.Gibbs Josephus TuckerC.Creesey
1857-59M.L.BestowJosephus TuckerThomas Richardson
1860M.L.Bestow Samuel Humphrey James Morrison
1861Thomas Richardson Samuel Humphrey James Morrison
1862R.K.Bridges Shepard Humphrey James Morrison
1863M.L.Bestow Shepard Humphrey Thomas Richardson
1864John Frame E.H.Williams Thomas Richardson
1865John Frame E.H.Williams F.W.Tipton
1866Thomas Smith E.H.Williams Thomas Richardson
1867-68R.F.ParrishJames B. DuttonThomas Richardson
Clerks and Treasurers since 1837
1837-38 Isaac A Dinsmore R.B.Blair
1839 C.F.Devol R.B.Blair
1840 Eps Storey John Frame
1841 Eps Storey A.C.Wedge
1842-54 R.H.Lord John Frame
1855 M.L.Bestow C.W.Waterman
1856 M.L.Bestow Jefferson Cole
1867-68 John Mitchell A.J.Frame
Justice of the Peace since 1838
1838John Pratt
1839Roswell Washburn
1841Sylvester A. Gibbs
1842Roswell Washburn
1843Sylvester A. Gibbs
1845Roswell Washburn
1846Sylvester A. Gibbs
1847Wm. F Pilcher
1850-52Sylvester A. Gibbs, Wm. F Pilcher
1853Jonathan Pussey
1854Wm. F Pilcher
1855Sylvester A. Gibbs
1857Wm. F Pilcher
1858Sylvester A. Gibbs
1859Wm. F Pilcher
1862Wm. F Pilcher
1865-68Wm. F Pilcher, Wm G. Boyd


Hockingport, at the mouth of the Hockhocking river, was one of the earliest settlements in the county. Formerly, when the merchants of Athens, Amesville, Coolville, and other places had their goods landed at Hockingport and hauled thence to various parts of the county, the place had some activity. But since the construction of the Marietta & Cincinnati railroad, Hockingport has been deprived of its principal source of business.


A much more interesting and thriving village is Coolville, on the west bank of the Hockhocking five miles from its mouth, the settlement of which was begun in 1814 by Simeon W Cooley and his son Heman, who built a mill there. The town was laid out in 1818, incorporated in 1855, and its present population is about three hundred. Surrounded with a good agricultural region and an industrious population, Coolville is likely to continue one of the most pleasant villages in the county. It has three churches, two district schools, a prosperous seminary, a town hall, masonic hall, etc.

Among the early settlers at Coolville were the Cooleys, Jacob S Miller and Alfred Hobby.

Early Settlers

Rome township being stricken off from Troy in 1811 took with it many of the prominent early settlers, some of who are noticed with the history of Rome township, as Asahel Cooley, Levi Stedman, Daniel Stewart, and others.

Among the earliest settlers in Troy were Benajah Hoyt, Xerxes Paulk, Joseph Guthrie, Daniel Stewart, the Barrows family, William Pilcher, Asahel Cooley, John Torrence, Oliver Rice, Cummins Porter, Stephen Buckingham, Abram Richardson, Truman Hickox, and the Frost family. Some of these are noticed in connection with Rome and Carthage.

Benajah Hoyt — probably the first white settler in Troy. He came to the mouth of the Hockhocking with his family in 1797.

Kingman Dutton — father of Mr. Samuel Dutton, still living in Troy, settled at the mouth of the Hockhocking with his family in 1806.

Jonas Smith
— settled in Troy in 1810, was township trustee for several terms.

Silas Blizzard
— settled in Troy in 1810

Martin Griffin
— settled in Troy in 1810

Abram Brookhart
— settled in Troy in 1811, and was township trustee for several years.

John Frame — settled in Troy in 1833

Dr John Pratt — settled in Coolville in 1835.

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