Groom's Table

(alphabetic by Groom)

UHL, George THORNTON, Catharine 24 Oct 1858

Bride's Table

(alphabetic by Bride)

BISHOP Robert Francis ULLAN Jane Bayard08 Sep 1909 1
HIGGINS, Judiah D. UMBOWERS, Margaret J. 25 Aug 1851

1 1909 Marriages; from Ohio, County Marriages, 1790-1950 Transcribed by Joni Davis; (individual table also provides groom's parents and birth place)

2 Newspaper Announcements Marriages announced in the Newspapers (additional information is possible)

3 The Genealogy of Anita Hamer (the individual table provides no additional information). This file was contributed by Anita Hamer from her personal genealogy, no primary sources were provided by the submitter or verified by GT.

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