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COURSEY family
new — 4/6/2017
Any information about the Coursey family.

new — 4/6/2017
I have been trying for many years to find information about my GGGrandfather Lewis H. Lindsay. He was born Feb. 20 between 1826 and 1831 depending on sources and died 1 March 1877. He married Eliza M. Lindsay born Sept 24 1832 died Jun 12 1862 on Feb. 26, 1852.
I have Census records but one says he was born in MD (1870) and the other in PA (1860).
I found a draft registration dated June 1863. Found his burial in Crabapple, Harrison Twp.
I tried tracking through his daughter Ada who married a Taggart and lived in Urichville but hit another wall.
According to Family Search his father was Thomas married to Mary Gore but I find no proof of that.
Might someone have ideas?
Sylvia (sylviaklynn@gmail.com)

8/9/2016 — Hi, trying to find some kind of death record/citation for Elisabeth Haney Rose. She would have died circa 1850. Possibly husband Allen died 1846. Any help is appreciated!

7/4/2016 — I am wondering if you have information regarding John Shonborn (Schonborn) or maybe his son Ernest Shonborn. John was born in Germany, date unknown. Ernest was born in Buchtel Ohio in 1886.

6/13/2016 — Hi, I am looking for proof that my Elam Frost was the Child of Elam Frost b. 1784 springfield Ma married Lucy died 1867 Paloma Il. Elam Frost 2 was born 8 March 1831.