On March 30, 1864,eight months after the Morgan's Raid had ended, the 56th General Assembly of Ohio took action by authorizing creation of a commission to investigate damage claims. The Governor of Ohio appointed three men to serve as a Board of Commissioners. On the first Monday of May,1864, the Commissioners started investigations, and in the next several months visited all counties on Morgan's main route, hearing testimony of claimants, and determining how much money to allow these claimants for the damages claimed. The Commissioners concluded their work in September, 1864, and on December 15 submitted a Report to the Governor. This report was printed by Richard Nevins, State Printer, at Columbus, Ohio, in 1865.

Report of the Commissioners
Columbus, Ohio December 15, 1864

To his Excellency, John Brough, Governor of Ohio

In pursuance of the act of Legislature, providing for the appointment of "Commissioners to examine claims growing out of the Morgan Raid," the Commissioners, appointed by you under said act, present herewith a report of "their proceedings, their findings and the facts upon which each claim is founded."

The Board, consisting of Hon. Alfred McVey of Fairfield County, Major George W. Barker of Washington County, and Henry S. Babbitt of Franklin County, was organized on April 15th last, by the selection of Alfred McVey as President and Henry S. Babbitt as Secretary.

Great unanimity existed in the Board throughout the tedious investigation and in the ultimate adjustment of mooted points.

Commencing its peregrinations on the first Monday of May, the Commission plodded on steadily to the completion of its weary work, from the confines of the state, where the arch raider first visited our people with his fellow thieves, following the main track of the marauders until the middle of September, the final session being held in Salineville, in Columbiana County, near the scene of Morgans surrender.

Our appointments through the state were all kept, and the investigations were conducted with the utmost rapidity consistent with an examination that should elicit the material fact in each case.

The plan of examination was to require of the claimant to state under oath the particulars relating to his claim - as to the property own by him which was taken, destroyed or injured by the rebels or Union Forces in pursuit thereof: as to its value at the time; whether he had ever received compensation for the same in any form; If said property had been listed for taxation in Ohio in 1863; and whether he knew aught of the subsequent history of such property as had been taken away by the rebels. The claimant's affidavit to his own statement in writing was taken in each case. Such witnesses as the claimant could produce were examined as the their personal knowledge of the truth of the statements made by him, and the affidavits of persons not present, who were familiar with the alleged facts, were also received.

The examinations were conducted publicly in the most convenient places to be procured by the Commissioners, and the claimants found themselves surrounded by their neighbors and aquaintences, who could confirm or refute their statements as truth and justice might demand. The material points of each case were recorded by the Secretary at the time, in books prepared for that purpose.

The allowances were virtually made upon each claim immediately upon the summing up of the evidence, but, inasmuch as it was discovered that there was a very general disposition to appreciate the prices of property - that the values of 1864 were being substituted for those of 1863 - it was determined that in no instance would the Board award a greater allowance than the amount claimed before the respected County Military Committees, who made their investigations immediately after the raid, and reported the results to your predecessor, Governor Tod. Reference has constantly been made to those reports, and they have proved of very great utility in counteracting the tendency to add to values. This statement will explain what might otherwise be considered as evidence of fickleness and inconsistency on the part of the Commission, in fixing the allowance in numerous instances.

It thus appears that the decisions were practically made in all the cases which had been presented, at the time the itincrant Commission was ended, in September. Since that time however, upwards of one hundred claims have been received by the Commission at Columbus, extending up to the very date of this report. 

A meeting was appointed for the board at Columbus, on the 20th day of September, to conclude the business of the Commission, by adjusting differences in certain cases, to equalize the varied rates charged in the same county for like commodities, and in regulating the allowances of the County Military Committees, already referred to. sc

Athens County - Claims for property taken, destroyed or injured by the Rebel forces

Name of ClaimantProperty taken, destroyed or injuredAmount ClaimedAmount Allowed
Ansbury, RolandOne horse$85.00$85.00
Ashton, ChasCigars, tobacco, boots, shoes, clothing, munitions & c. from store$694.20$600.00
Ballard, Chas P.One revolver - $23.00
One saddle - $10.00
Bates, NicholasTwo horses - $80.00 - $125.00
Two halters - $2.00
Brooks, JosephOne horse$65.00$65.00
Brooks, William B.
& Co.
William Brooks
John Brooks
Three horses - $120.00 -$125.00 - $125.00 - $370.00
Damages to 5 horses recov'd - $100.00
Two canal boats and fixtures burned -
"Forest Rose" and "Swan" - $2,315.51
Damages to 2 bridges and boat "Comstock" - $97.17
3 bbls flour on boats - $17.75
Goods taken from store - $384.25
Brooks & Breamy
Wm. B. Brooks
John Brooks
John Dreamy
One horse - $75.00
Canal boat "Ilibernia," $1,400.00
and fixtures, $120.10, burned - $1,520.10
$1,595.10 $1,500.00
Buchanan, NathanOne horse - $100.00
Saddle and bridle - $25.00
Campbell, JohnCanal boat "Ontario" and furniture burned*$800.00$800.00
--* fixed value at $1,300.00
Cawthon, ChasOne horse - $90.00
Rifle and pouch - $13.50
Coe, JohnsonOne horse$100.00$100.00
Davis, JosephOne horse$80.00$80.00
Dennis, JonasOne horse$50.00$50.00
Dew, JohnOne horse$120.00$120.00
Dew, ThomasOne horse$100.00$100.00
Edington & Manspeker
Edington, James
Manspeker, Henry P.
Horse-shoe nails - $12.00
One coat - $4.00
Figgins, Edward W. Canal boat "Fame" damaged by fire - $200.00
Clothing and furniture - $20.00
Fulton, HenryThree pairs calf boots$15.00$15.00
Harper, Isaac B.One horse$75.00$75.00
Hartley, Joel Twenty bush. corn at 75cents - $15.00
One watch - $20.00
Cloth'g and household goods - $25.00
Hendrix, Amariah1 horse$90.00$80.00
Howorth, Jamesdamages to horse recovered$35.00X
Hope, Wm.48 Canteens whiskey - $12.00
Cigars - $.05
Hummell, Martin1 horse$80.00$80.00
Jewett, JosephSaddle - $19.00
Bridle - $4.00
Overcoat - $10.00
Juniper, Geo. W. Damages to horse recovered - $30.00
Liquors and cigars - $71.50
Crackers and cheese - $8.50
3 pairs boots - $15.00
Bill of cutlery - $31.85
King, Robert T.1 revolver - $25.00
1 sword belt - $5.00
Kyle, Wm.
Lessees Public Works
1 rifle gun - $16.00
Cash - $5.00
State of Ohio, Geo. W.
Mannypenny, President
Damages to canal at Nelsonville,
Athens county.
Mansfield, James1 gun - $15.00
Equipments * $2.50
--* Claimant (Lieut. Col. 125th O.V.I.) received a horse, equipments and pistols from a Rebel officer July 20th, 1863
Mankopf, John Damages to horses recovered - $25.00
75 doz (37 bush.) wheat - $37.00
Clothing & household goods - $29.50
Matheny, Richard2 horses - $190.00
Bridles and halters - $3.00
Minton, John A.1 horse - $62.00
Saddle and bridle - $18.00
Moore, David H. 1 horse - $125.00
Saddle, bridle and martingale - $50.00
2 navy revolvers - $40.00
1 shawl - $10.00
Nichols, Rev. Elias N.1 horse - $100.00
Saddle, bridle and robe - $10.00
Nichols, Andrew1 horse - $100.00
1 bridle and robe -$2.00
Patton, JohnCanal boat Eureka - $700.00
Furniture, fixtures, clothing & c. _ $77.50
Poston, Elias S1 horse - $60.00
1 halter -$1.00
Poston, Wesley W. 3 horses - $240.00
Damages to matched pair, recovered - $100.00
Bridles and halters - $9.00
Clothing and boots - $70.00
Poston, Lorenzo D. Damages by burning of a coal hopper 90 by 20 ft - original cost $1,000 - $350.00
Clothing stolen - $69.65
Rizer, John1 horse$100.00$100.00
Ruth, John1 horse - $120.00$120.00$120.00
Six, Mrs. Cassandra1 horse - $75.00$75.00$75.00
Stedman, Wm. S660 meals to soldiers - $180.00
Less amount allowed and paid
by U.S. Commiss'y. - $87.00
Feeding cavalry horses - $18.76
True, Austin1 horse$100.00$85.00
Robins, Charles1 horse$100.00$100.00
Rosser, James1 rifle$12.00$12.00
Scott, John W. Damages to horse recovered $10.00
Expenses returning horse - $10.00
Liquors - $18.75
Oysters & c. from saloon - $22.00
Scott, Robert F.Two horses - $210.00
Saddle and bridle - $20.00
Navy revolver - $20.00
Sanner, Michael4 horses - $425.00$425.00$340.00
Sharrach, HenryOne horse - $100.00$100.00$100.00
Sturt, George W.One horse - $70.00
Whiskey - $31.50
Cigars and candy - $45.00
Shephard, Aaron H.One horse - $95.00$95.00$85.00
Standley, William B.One horse - $125.00$125.00$125.00
Suydam, David F.One horse - $50.00
Saddle, bridle & blanket - $15.00
Swartz, John 3 tons hay, standing - $20.00
20 doz. wheat (10 bu.) - $11.00
4 1/2 doz rye (4 1/2 bu.) - $4.50
one rifle - $16.00
Clothing and household goods - $7.50
Forty meals, at 25 cents ea. - $10.00
Tedrow, AndrewOne horse - $95.00
Saddle and bridle - $10.00
Tedrow, IsaiahOne horse - $120.00
One halter- $1.25
Tucker, JosephusOne horse - $120.00
One halter- $1.25
Tucker, NathanOne saddle - $10.00$10.00$10.00
Van Wormer, MatthewDamages by fire to canal boat "Quebec," burned at Nelsonville$665.00$662.00
Woodworth, Samuel20 bu.corn - $15.00
Riding bridle - $3.00
Silver spoon - $1.00
Wolf, JosephOne horse - $115.00
Saddle and bridle - $10.00
Whan, Wm.One horse$100.00$100.00
Young, Ebenezer M.Two horses - $200.00
Five sheep - $10.00
Sixty bu. wheat - $60.00
Campbell, Lewis O.Canal boat "Valley", burned at Nelsonville - $350.00
Furniture on same - $50.00
BandenbergOne horse$100.00$100.00
Brodt, Jacob F.10 bush corn, 75cents - $7.50
14 bbls. (350 lbs) pork - $28.00
Brooks, Jno. & Wm. B.One-half ton hay - $8.00
Grain - $3.00
Brown, HenryOne horse$95.00$95.00
Coe, JohnOne horse$100.00$100.00
Coe, Johnson1,250 lbs Hay - $14.50$9.00$8.00
Craig, Elias2 horses, $90.00 each$180.00$180.00
Dow, John S.One horse$90.00$90.00
Eggleston, Mrs. TriphenaOne horse$100.00$100.00
Grandstaff, HiramOne horse$90.00$75.00
Harper, Isaac B.10 bush corn - $7.50
12 bush oats - $6.00
Hawkins, HohnOne horse$75.00$75.00
Jeffers, Wm.One horse$120.00$120.00
Knowles, Wm.One horse$110.00$110.00
Martin, Sam'l H.Damage to horse used by claimant while acting as guide$20.00X
Mercer, AllenOne horse$100.00$100.00
Morris, JosephOne horse$100.00$100.00
Mutchmore, Wm. B.60 meals to soldiers - $16.00
Less am't paid by Capt. G. D. Harrington, C.S. $7.50 - $7.50
Pendergrass, PeterOne horse$100.00$100.00
Pickering, Sam'lTwo horses - $190.00
Saddle and bridle - $15.00
Poston, Elias S.One-half tone hay - 7.50
seven bushels corn, 75cents - $5.25
one pair pants - $5.00
Poston, Lorenzo D.One ton hay - $15.00
100 meals to soldiers - $10.00
Robbins, Charles80 bush oats$40.00$40.00
Roberts, W. PurcellOne-half ton hay - $7.50
Six bushels corn - $4.50
100 meals to soldiers $10.00
Bailey, SethOne horse - $95.00$95.00$95.00
Deverell, Wm. W.Clothing - $12.00
Books - $3.85
Breaking trunk lock - $1.00
Ferris, Henry B.One horse - $80.00$80.00$40.00
Hill, Geo. W.One ton hay$15.00X
Johnston, Bartlett*One horse - $75.00$75.00$75.00
--* Claimant was a member of Capt. Jno. Patterson's Co. of Independant Calvary and killed his horse with over exertion.
Oliphant, Wm. S.*Bed-clothing - $37.75
Wearing apparel - $8.75
Books - $2.00
Society badge - .75 cents
--* Claimant's room was broken open while militia occupied the college
Steadman, Wm. S.758 meals to militia, at 25cents 189.50
less 712 meals paid for by Capt. G.D. Harrington, C.S.U.S.A.,at 13 1/2 cts per meal - $89.00
Claim for difference
Yeager, JamesOne horse$90.00$90.00

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