- Coolville: Born Wednesday, September 19, to W.D. Creesy and wife, a son.

The Athens Messenger and Herald, September 27, 1894]


- Carbondale: Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lowry announce the birth of a daughter, Glenna Maureen, Sunday, Sept. 25. The baby is a great-great-granddaughter of Mrs. Rachel Easterling; A great granddaughter of Mrs. Margaret Monk and Mrs. Emma Lowry; and a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lowry and Mrs. Bertha Farmer.

[The Athens Messenger, Oct. 2, 1932]


- Coolville: Announcement is made of the birth of a daughter Thursday morning to Mr. and Mrs. John Newcomb (Mary Louise Hartnell) of Athens. The baby is the grandchild of Dr. and Mrs. W. B. Hartnell of Beverly, and the great-grandchild of Mrs. J. E. Hartnell of this place.

[The Athens Messenger, Oct. 2, 1932]


- Born on September 11, a son to Amos Place and wife.

[The Athens Messenger and Herald, September 27, 1894]


- Thursday, Oct., 12th, 1822, to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Whipple of Athens, a daughter.

[THE ATHENS MESSENGER, October 19, 1882]


- Jacksonville: Mr. and Mrs. James Williams are the parents of a daughter, born Saturday, Sept. 24. The child has been named Mary Ruth.

[The Athens Messenger, Oct. 2, 1932]


- Chauncey: Born to Isaac Wilson and wife, a daughter, September 15. Isaac now wears a broad smile.

[THE ATHENS MESSENGER AND HERALD, Athens, Ohio, September 20, 1894]

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