The Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio), August 28, 1862

  • Wm. Gibson's Estate
    Notice is hereby given that I have this day been appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of William Gibson, late of Athens county, deceased.
    August 18, 1862

  • Wm. W. Glazier's Estate
    NOTICE is hereby given, that A.W. Glazier, administrator of the estate Wm. W. Glazier, has this day filed in the Probate Court of Athens county, Ohio, his account for final settlement, which will be heard on the 20th day of September, A.D. 1862
    Probate Judge
    Aug 21 1862

  • Administrator's Sale of Real Estate
    Wm. F. Pilcher, Administrator of the estate of Wm. Elliot, against the widow and heirs.
    IN pursuance of an order granted by the Probate Court of Athens county, Ohio, I will offer for sale at public auction on the 26th day of September 1862, at 1 o'clock P.M. upon the premises, the following described real estate, situated in the county of Athens and State of Ohio, to wit: The east half of the south-east quarter of section No. 17, town 5, Range 12 of the Ohio company's purchase in Carthage Tp. Terms of sale: One third in hand, balance in payments of not less than two years, with interest and security on deferred payments
    Adm'r of the estate aforesaid.
    August 21, 1862

The Athens Messenger (Athens Ohio) October 2, 1862 pg 2

    LOUIS TINKHAM, of the 18th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, is notified that Lucy Tinkham did, on the 10th day of September, A.D. 1862, file her petition in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas within and for the county of Athens, and State of Ohio, charging the said Louis Tinkham with having abandoned the said Lucy Tinkham without good cause, and asking that the said Louis Tinkham may be decreed to pay the said Lucy Tinkham reasonable alimony: and further, asking that the sum of $100 in the hands of Martha Reeves and Algernon B. white belonging to said Louis Tinkham may be ordered to be applied in satisfaction of said decree so to be rendered.
    By Guthrie & Brown, her att'ys
    Athens, O. Sept 10, 1862

The Athens Messenger, Thursday, January 2, 1868

    Notice is hereby given that S. H. Lottridge, Administrator of the Estate of Curtis Sherman, has this day filed in the Probate Court of Athens County, Ohio, his account for the final settlement, which will be heard on the 31st day of January, 1868.
    Pro Judge. Jan 2 ----

The Athens Messenger, August 13, 1874

  • --Charles Kurtz has petitioned for a divorce. He is the Cincinnati Charles, our local Charles, despite the wiles and allurements of Cupid, being yet actuated by the axiomatical wisdom that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • ---The suit brought before Mayor Golden, against James and William Lowry, for violation of the recent beer ordinance, the hearing of which had been postoned until tomorrow, has been practically nolfied by the repeal of the beer ordinance, on Monday night. Such, we learn, is the legal effect of the repeal. And so we go.

The Athens Messenger, April 8, 1875

  • -A rencounter between Jim Fewell of Nelsonville, and Pat Clark of Straitsville, in the court house yard drew together a large crowd on Friday evening. This was a further outcropping of an old grudge between these two beliggerents growing out of minor difficulties. Clark, while surrounded by a crowd of his ---- last spring struck and knocked Fewell down while the latter was disabled with a dislocated shoulder, and Friday evening is said to have been the only opportunity that has since occurred to the latter "to pay Pat back."
    Fewell was shortly after brought into the official presence of His Honor, Mayor Golden, who in a brief address which was noted alike for its point and brevity told the "boys" in effect that they must stay at home to settle their difficulties that if they came into his dominions for this purpose he would meet them with bloody hands and welcome them to hospitable graves,— After listening to a speech of this startling tenor Fewell seemed glad to get off, this time, with a bare due of $10 and costs which he promptly paid and lit.
  • -John McFadden whose conviction we last week noticed, was, on Monday, sentenced by his honor, Judge Cartright, to pay a fine of one hundred and fifty dollars and costs of prosecution. John is working out his fine at the rate of $1,50 per diem and "found:" which later condition he would probably not insist upon should opportunity to escape present itself. — Woodson Thomas (colored) was at the same time adjudged to pay $30 and cost for failing to morally brace himself against an attack of his besettling ailment, kleptomania, which in this particular case of Woodson's manifested inself in the theft of a watch.
  • -Milton R. Kearney, of Columbus, was found guilty of forgery in our Common Pleas on Wednesday. A motion for a new trial was argued and overruled by Judge Carwright who subsequently sentenced Kearney to a term of three years in the Penitentrary. Kearney's offience consisted in the alteration of leases for certain coal lands in the Federal Creek Valley.
  • -The Court of Common Pleas adjourned yesterday to the 21st inst. The trial of Run Myers has been fixed for that date.

The Athens Messenger, Thursday, March 23, 1876

  • The Trustees of York township, in this county, have brought suit against the authorities of Salesbury township, Meigs county, to recover a claim of $243.50 to satisfy an incidental indebtedness assumed by the Trustees above named, for medical treatment of a colored woman who was injured by cars near Nelsonville, last Spring, and who was a resident to the township last named. The Turstees of the latter claim, both, that the charge is unreasonable and that they never received any official notice of the service as the law requires, and they will contest the claim in the courts.

The Athens Messenger, Thursday Morning, February 15, 1883, pg 5

  • --The arguments on the motion for a new trial in the case of Willliam Dil?ber will occur in the Supreme Court to-day. The attorneys, pro and con, connected with the case here, having gone to Columbus to present their respective arguments in the premises.
  • --Sherriff Warden took Samuel Galrel, the youthful burglar, who pled guilty at the late court term, to the Reform Farm on Tuesday.

The Athens Messenger and Herald, September 20, 1894

    Common Pleas Cases Filed

  • Mertie A. Cooley vs. Herman S. Cooley - Divorce, cruelty
  • George McKee vs. The Athens Water Wheel Co.
  • Frank J. Brown vs. James Watkins - On appeal
  • David Smith vs. George Coe. - In ejectment
  • William Cornell vs. George Co. - In ejectment
  • J.D. Silket vs. Bradley W. Reynolds - In equity
  • Samuel L. Keplar vs. Ida Fay Keplar - Divorce, adultery
  • James Tipton vs. The Carbondale Coal Co. - For money

The Athens Messenger, September 27, 1894

  • Ida Johnson of Coolville Station had Tom Silvers of Athens arrested on a paternity charge last Friday. Examination before T. W. Jones, J.P., of Torch. Silvers was bound over to court.

    A divorce suit that promises some sensational developments was filed in the common please court last week. Through her attorney, L. M. Jewett, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitmore prays for divorce from her husband, Nehemiah O. Whitmore, and also asks for reasonable alimony.
    In her petition the plaintiff, Mrs. Whitmore, alleges that on or about May, 1858, at or near Nelsonville, she was married to the defendant, Nehemiah O. Whitmore, and that since she has been a faithful and obedient wife to said defendant.
    Plaintiff further alleges that on or about January 13, 1893, in a certain dwelling house belonging to the defendant, on his lands in York township, said defendant committed adultery with one Charlotte Welch, commonly know as Lottie Welch. Plaintiff further swears that since about January 1, 1892, up to the time of bringing this action, said defendant and said Lottie Welch have lived and cohabited in a state of adultery in the dwelling house on Mason City Hill in York township, owned by defendant and occupied by Lottie Welch, furnished by said defendant to Lottie Welch without rent.
    Plaintiff further alleges that on or about December 13, 1890, defendant was guilty of extreme cruelty in that he beat the plaintiff with a shoe, "causing plaintiff to become bruised, sick, stiff and sore and to suffer great pain."
    Plaintiff also alleges that defendant, regardless of his marital duties, has failed to provide reasonable support, that plaintiff is wholly without means of support and that she has no property, real or personal, except two hogs, a cow and a calf.
    Plaintiff swears that the defendant, The Columbus & Hocking Coal & Iron Company, is indebted to said Nehemiah O. Whitmore for royalty on coal sold by said Whitmore to said company or to one John R. Buchtel and by said Buchtel assigned the said company, the amount of which is unknown to said plaintiff. It is also alleged that said defendant, Whitmore owns a large amount of personal property and real estate in York township.
    Plaintiff asks for the custody of their two minor children, Charles, aged 20, and Ida, aged 17, and also asks for reasonable alimony during the pendency of this suit.
    Whitmore lives at Buchtel and is reputed to be quite wealthy. He has recently bloomed into a rampant Populist and has been quite active in the support of the vagaries of that party.
    It will be remembered that the husband of Lottie Welch some years ago sued Whitmore for $10,000 damages for alienation of his wife's affections and was awarded $500.

Mansfield News, Jan 6, 1908

  • Athens, O., Jan 6 - Judge J. M. Wood overruled the motion of Herbert Reeder for a new trial and sentenced him to three years in the Ohio penitentiary. Reeder was convicted for the killing of William J. Barnes, a patient at the Athens State hospital, where the defendant was an attendant. [- Sub by L. Dietz]

The Sunday Messenger, pg 11; Sunday, Nov 21,1926

  • BARRON WILL — The will of Thomas Barron, late of Nelsonville, was filed in Probate court Saturday. The hearing was set for November 27. The terms of the will left all of the property to his wife during her natural life or as long as she did not remarry. His son, Ray Barron, orhis heirs, are to receive the estate in either case. The will was dated February 19, 1924, and was witnessed by Dorothy Evens and Don R. McGill.
  • SWART WILL — The will of Henry Swart, late of Chauncey, which was being contested by the heirs, was admitted for probation by judge S.M. Johnson. The hearing was set for 10 o'clock Monday.
  • APPRAISAL FILED — The inventory and appraisal of the estate of the late S.A. Wilson, Carthage township, was filed in Probate court yesterday by appraisers of the estate. The value of the total estate was estimated at $41,360.60. The estate is listed as follows: Personal goods and chattels, $455; money, $15,686.41; securities, $8,219.19; real estate, $17, 000. The real estate is in several tracts with about 2100 acres located in Carthage township and about 100 acres in Canaan township. Lender Blackwood, Hoyt Ithonehaver, and Joe Marshall were the appraisers.
  • APPRAISAL FILED — The inventory and appraisal of the estate of John Pickett, late of York township, filed in Probate court Friday shows a valuation of $1,884.67. The estate was obtained by the deceased while acting in the capacity of guardian of Wlater B Meechem. James Sharp, L.R. Kelch, and W.T. Bean were the appraisers.
  • JAMES ALBERT PALMER has been appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Mary Jane Palmer late of Athens County, Ohio, deceased. Dated this 6th day of November A.D. 1926. S. M. JOHNSON, Probate Judge of said County. 11-6--3 o tw
  • PALMER APPRAISAL — The inventory and appreaisal of the estate of Mary Jane Palmer, late of Trimble township, filed in the Athens county Probate court Friday, showed a valuation of $666.45. Personal goods were appraised at $83.75 and money at $582.70. Austin McCurne, George Grandy and Herman Kloh were the qppraisers
  • DIVORCE TRIAL SET — The divorce trial of Lucy E Lambert against Asa G Lambert has been set for November 24. Mrs Lambert charges her husband with extreme cruelty and asks for divorce and permanent alimony. The couple was married at Rocky Gap, Va Feb 8, 1894.
  • ALIMONY GRANTED — A sum of $50. in temporary alimony was allowed Isa Johnson, who is suing her husband, Rolla Johnson, for divorce and alimony by Judge L.G. Worstell Friday.
    McCutchen Called to Court on Request of Harry Leake

    A writ of habeus corpus for the appearance of Hubert McCutchen was issued in juvenile court Friday by Judge S.M.Johnson on request of Harry Leake and wife. The case arises from a dispute between Mack McCutchen, the father, and Harry Leake over the custody of the boy. Leake claims the father has never provided for the boy and is not capable to care of him. McCutchen in his answer filed in juvenile court claims he has provided for the child. He says that when his wife died in August 1921, the boy was placed in the care of his grandparents, Leo and Anna Mourn, and remained there until their death, November 1. After the death of the grandparents the child was taken to the home of Harry Leake whereupon Mack McCutchen, the father, took the child and placed him in the Greens Run public schools. McCutchen claims he has no one else to care for and promises to educate the child as far as the child is capable to learn.
  • MAY FILE ANSWER — Leave to answer charges brought by Frank S Tedrow in an appealed case for money was given John McKnabb in Common Pleas court on Friday. The answer must be filed by November 27. A team of horses was sold to McKnabb by the plaintiff, according to his petition, filed October 15, the payments agreed on being $70. McKnabb furnished Tedrow with corn, valued at $18, as credit on the payment agreed on being $70. has not been paid. Tedrow alleges. Hes asks judgement for $52 with interest from August 18, 1925

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