Marriage Licenses - The Athens Messenger and Herald, September 20, 1894

  • Joseph Miller and Talma Alexander
  • Isaac N. Smith and Sarah E. Ford
  • John Williamson and Mary Bertram
  • Frank E. Olds and Eva Grim
  • George Mitch and Mrs. Annie L. Radcliff
  • George H. Hoisington and Emma M. Cone
  • John W. Matheny and Mary C. Manley
  • James W. Palmer and Rula Ann Grimes
  • Edward Bryson and Minnie M. Cox
  • Freeman Phillips and Bertha Wells

Marriage Licenses - The Athens Messenger,Oct. 4, 1894

  • Frank Bryson and Cora E. Stedman
  • William E. Keeffer and Dealie Simpson
  • William H. Kell and Della E. South
  • William Lowry and Emma F. Tinkham
  • James Jenkins and Maggie Thompson
  • John M. Cooper and Flonia B. DeGrey
  • Elijah William and Daisy Chatman
  • Henry Staffinger and Bexie A. Shields
  • John W. Collums and Clanch Buckley
  • Pearley Hutchinson and Nora A. Morris
  • William H. Armstrong and Lizinka Web
  • John McCombs and Cora Koon
  • William H. Koon and Julia Tittle
  • John E. Saxton and Sadie E. Ewing
  • Martin L. Mansfield and Jessie L. Love

Marriage Licenses - The Sunday Messenger, Sunday, Nov 21, 1926

    A marriage license was issued in Athens county probate court Saturday to: Chester R French, 21, section hand, of Albany, and Mary Williams, 26, telephone operator, of Albany. The Rev Howard Warner was designated as the officiating minister.

The Athens Messenger, Oct. 2, 1932

  • One marriage license was issued Thursday, and application was made for another in the office in the Courthouse. The license was issued to Raymond Curtis Gould, aged 24, son of A. J. and Docia Hudson Gould, Cutler, and Leta Lorene Marquis, 19, daughter of A. R. and Mabel Wyatt Marquis, Athens, Route No. 8.
  • Application for a license was made by George S. Mencote, aged 33, of Cleveland and Ethel Shirley, aged 26, daughter of H. O. and Elizabeth Reed Shirley, Athens Route No. 8. Mencote has been married twice before and divorced, the records show. Miss Shirley has not been married before.

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