The Athens Messenger (Athens Ohio) 14 Jul 1926

  • JACKSONVILLE— A birthday suprise party honoring Mrs Fred Householder was given at her home by lucille Williams and ? Kuhne recently. A large number of guests were present and Mrs Householder received many practical gifts. Refreshments were served.
  • JACKSONVILLE—A birthday dinner was served Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs George Chappiear in South Jacksonville, honoring Mrs. Chapplear. Those present were Mr and Mrs George Wemmer and son, Mr and Mrs Fred Wemmer and daughter, all of Santoy, Mr and Mrs Vern Mills of Jasksonville.
  • JACKSONVILLE—A picnic party was enjoyed recently on the Lancaster camp grounds by the following:
    Mr and Mrs Will Brown and daughter, Jeanette, Mr and Mrs Arthur Lowry and son Chester, Mr and Mrs Harry Anderson, Mr and Mrs Wm. Hilt and two children, Will Hilt, Sr., Dorethea Seckinger Lewis Watkins, Mrs Hettie Rambo, George and Elizabeth Rambo, Mr and Mrs J. Johnston and children, Lucy and John, Mrs Woodgerd, Mr and Mrs John Altman, Mrs Cronin and daughter Margaret, The Rev. Mr and Mrs Parker and children and Mrs Charles Guinther and son, Richard.
  • SHARPSBURG—The big event of the last week here was the celebration Sunday of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of Herschel and Mary (Price) Carpenter at their home near Plantsville. Many friends and neighbors gathered and partook of a fine dinner and enjoyed a pleasant day.
    Second Annual Reunion Held in Nearby City Last Sunday.

    One hundred and fifty members of the Dowler family held their second annual reunion at Parkersburg Sunday, July 11. Two huge tables were filled at the noon hour, after which a record and talk of the ancient family of Dowlers were given by S.F. Beverage and I.N. McClaid.
    An impressive reading was given by Mrs Alice Dowler Moore of Atlanta, Ohio. Mrs. Moore is 75 years old. The Rev A.R. Young also made an appropriate talk. Mr Young is the pastor of the M.E. church at Oak Hill, W. Va. The minutes were read of the last years's in..ting by the secretary, Della Shaw. The same officers were returned for the next year. It was announced that the next reunion will be held at the athens fair grounds on the second Sunday in July, 1927.
    The oldest member present of the family was Mrs. Ann Dowler Johnes of New Marshfield, who is ??years old. The youngest was Marguerite Belle Dowler, three weeks old of Parkersburg, W. Va. Little Martha Lou Dowler of Athens celebrated her second birthday at the reunion.
    Those enjoying the affair were:
    Howard Dowler, C.W. Dowler, Mr and Mrs Floyd Frazier and there children. Mr and Mrs Earl Braudt and three children. Mr and Mrs Howar Cooper, Mr and Mrs B.B. Sheets and four children, Mr and Mrs H.M Pierce, Mr and Mrs E.D.Dowler, Mr and Mrs J H Pyles, M.C. Dowler, Mrs D.E. Clinton, Mrs, Vinton Murphy, Mr and Mrs George Dowler, Mr and Mrs J.W. Rolands, Mr and Mrs Guy Dowler, Mr and Mrs S.P. Sams, Dinnis Archer, Mr and Mrs Roy Dowler and daughter, Mr and Mrs Jack Lemmon, Frank Dowler, Mr and Mrs Charles Dowler, S E Parky, Mr and Mrs Sherman Dowler, Dona dowler, Betty Dowler, William Smith, Virginia Pyles, all of Parkersburg, W.Va.
    Mr and Mrs Erniest McNeal, Erma Judy, Vernon Shaw, Clarence Shaw, Mrs Zona Kyle, Mrs Ed Stewart, Athens R.8; Kelvin Young, S.F. Beverage, Mr and Mrs John Dowler and baby, Martha Lou, Mr and Mrs Everett Rust and five children, I.N. Mclaid, R.8; Mr and Mrs George Beverage, R.8; Mr and Mrs E.B.Young, Mr and Mrs S.S. Shaw, Mr and Mrs Dallas Goodwin, R8, all of Athens.
    Mr and Mrs C.L. Jones, Mabel Winning, Pearl Jones, Mrs. William Nanna, Mrs Delbert Jones, Mrs Orley Young, Delbert Young, Mrs Anna Jones, Mr and Mrs Floyd Beverage and daughter, Mrs Abelia Davis, Delbert Jones, Mr and Mrs Roe Rorick and three sons, Riley Stewart, all of New Marshfield; Mr and Mrs William Bennett, Bertus Carlton Bennett, Mrs Alice Moore, Mr and Mrs Bertus Moore, all of Atlanta, Ohio; Rev and Mrs A.R. Young, Chandis Young, all of Oak Hill, W.Va; Mr and Mrs J.R Young, Nelsonville; Mr and Mrs John C Beckwith, Columbus; Elizabeth Young, Nelsonville; Mrs Sarah Dowler, Columbus; Guy Dowler, Jr., Columbus, Mr and Mrs Harry Hanna, Pickerington; Mr and Mrs Sam Thompson and daughter, Logan; Mrs Nelle Beckler, Akron; Mr and Mrs Howard Dowler and two children, Hebbardsville: Mr and Mrs Everett McKnabb and two children, Carbon Hill: Cecil V. Coffey, Carbon Hill; Rodney Young, Nelsonville; William Collins, Chauncey; Mrs Walter Thompson, Moundsville, W.Va; Mr and Mrs Aaron McKnabb, Nelsonville; Mrs Guy Dowler, Columbus; Mr and Mrs Frank Brown, Nelsonville; Mr and Mrs Jacob Lud..g, Mineral Wells, W.Va.; Vivian Young, Nelsonville and George Lenigar, Jr. Columbus.

The Athens Messenger, January 13, 1881

    The recent social celebration of the thirty-fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. William Bingman, of Latrobe, Troy township, is referred by our informant as a very imposing and agreeable affair, one hundred and forty guest, including their children and grandchildren being present. A sumptuous feast and the presentation to the central personages of the happy assembly of many choice presents importantly marked the delightful occasion. Mr. Bingman, we add, is one of the most worthy citizens of the county and his many friends though would well be gratified to know that he reached the anniversary above named in vigorous health and surrounded with all of life's comforts.

The Athens Messenger, February 15, 1883, pg 5

  • --A reunion of the members of Athens Commandery Knights Templar will be held in Masonic Hall on Friday evening, March 2d. A number of invited Sir Knights with their ladies from abroad, will be presented to attend the banquet.
  • Grand G.A.R. Benefit Entertainment. On January 3d, 1883, Columbus Golden Post G.A.R. appointed the following committee to proceed with the work of giving an entertainment for the benefit of the Relief Fund of the Post on the 22d, 23d and 24th of February, 1883: J.P. Dana, J.D. Brown, F.T. Towsley, A.B. Frame, J.H. Walker. At a meeting of the committee on January 11th, 1883, the following sub-committees were appointed:
      To gather up donations--F.O. Pickering. To solicit donations of edibles--Mrs. Chas. Mill, Mrs. Geo. Selby, Mrs. Geo.Falloon, Mrs. Henry Crippen, Mrs. Parker Rigg, Mrs Hester Blackstone, Mrs. A.B.Frame, Miss Helen Walker, Mrs. Geo. W. Towsley, Mrs. Sue Weidman, Mrs. E.R. Lash, Mrs. Judiah Higgins, Mrs. Chas. Townsend, Mrs. A W.S.Minear; Mrs H.H. Guitteau, of Mechanicsburg; S.R. Lowry, of Mineral City; C.C. Pierce, of Marshfield; H.L. Baker, of Baker Settlement; J.H. Twickham and wife of Canaanville; James Jewell, of Stewart, J.E.Cook, of Guysville. Decoration--Finley Graham, L.C.Butler, J.P.Dana. Booths--G.W.Towsley, J.A.McGill, Joel Moe, F.T. Towsley Shooting Gallert--Wm. Bolster, Wm. Lowery Dining Room--Mrs. Judiah Higgins, Mrs. L.A. Lyon, Mrs. Angie Brown, Mrs. J.L. Currier, Mrs. Wm. Dean, Wm. Jourdan, B.A.Marsh. Music--Winfield Scott, L.C. Butler, G.W.Towsley Articles to be voted for--J.B. Allen, J.P.Dana, L.C.Butler. Milk and Cream--James Bower Finance--James D Brown, Ezra Walker Flowers--Frankie Wilson, Addie Walker, Helen Cameron, Connie Grosvenor.
    What promises to prove a specially highly agreeable feature of the three days' programme is the recitational entertainment to be given at the Hall on the evening of the 22nd inst. by Mrs. Elizabeth Mansfield Irving, a talented lady of Toledo, who, wherever she has publicly appeared, has commended the warmest approbation of her hearers.
  • Carbondale:-A supper and dance was had at Gus. Callahan's in Mineral City, on Saturday evening, it being the 24th birthday of Mrs. Callahan, who was the recipient of a number of elegant presents. A good time was had by all present.

The Athens Messenger, Oct. 2, 1932

  • HOOK
    Carbondale: Mrs. Dora Hook was pleasantly surprised Sunday when her sisters, Mrs. Ethel Thomas and family, Chillicothe, and Mrs. Nora Frank and family, Athens, arrived with a birthday dinner, celebrating the birthday anniversaries of Mrs. Hook and Mrs. Frank. Mrs. Hook was fifty-nine, Saturday, and Mrs. Frank reached her forty-sixth year Wednesday. Miss Virgene Thomas baked and presented the birthday cake.

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