The Daily Ohio Statesman, Date: Oct. 13, 1864

  • Abolition Fizzle at Athens.
    Athens, Ohio, Oct. 5, 1864
    This has been the day for the grand abolition rally. It has been a failure for that party in this county, where, you know, they have the largest majority of perhaps any county in the State, according to the vote polled. The most remarkable feature of the day's operations, was the breaking of the most of the window glass on Main street and injuring a man's arm by the premature explosion of a small cannon mounted upon an ox wagon. Sam Galloway was the orator for the occasion - so you know about the sum and substance of his speech, having heard the same old story in your city a great many times.
    They have a torchlight procession on the street while I am writing. I went out and counted them; there were just sixteen torches, all told! and that included a large COFFIN which was carried at the head of the procession - a fit emblem of their party and its leaders. I do not know when I have ever known a party to make a more appropriate selection of an emblem to express their candidate's acts and intentions, than did the Lincolnites in heading their procession with a COFFIN.

The Athens Messenger, Apr 4 1872

The officers elected on Monday, in the several villages and townships of Athens county, so far as we have been able to obtain returns, are as follows:
  • Mayor-Wm. Golden
  • Clerk-C.R. Sheldon
  • Treasurer-J.D. Brown
  • Marshal-M.B. Port
  • Street Commissioner-Robert White
  • Council-Geo. T. Gould, Louis W. Brown and Jacob Grone(?)
  • Trustees-Abner Cooley, H.L. Baker, Jacob Laab(Lash)
  • Assessor-Levi Pickering
  • Clerk-Josiah B. Allen
  • Treasurer-Thos. H. Sheldon
  • Constables- W.A. Root, M.B.Port and Isaac Mahara
  • Justice of the Peace-R.S. Dent
  • Trustees-Samuel Blake, John Rickey and John Coe
  • Assessor-Bisco Bean
  • Constables-Wm Richie and Rufus Woods
  • Mayor-J.C.Woodyard
  • Marshal-J.Elliott
  • Treasurer-J.C.P. Moore
  • Clerk-John S Black
  • Justice of the Peace-N.P. Hosington
  • Trustees-D. Fleming, Walter G Finch, Fred Stalder
  • Assessor-Ed H. Brawley
  • Clerk-J.Henry Glazier
  • Treasurer-John Patterson
  • Constables-T.A.McCune, T. Wilcox, N.B.Owens
  • Trustees-Wm Marquis, W. Andicut, and H.T. McCune
  • Treasurer-RIchard Edgarton
  • Clerk-D.L.Dille
  • Assessor-James Henry
  • Constable-Amos Dille
  • Trustees-N.Stalder, J.O.Hill and Wm. Stewart
  • Clerk-W.D.Mansfield
  • Treasurer-C.D.B.Webster
  • Assessor: H Dowler
  • Constables-H Beverage and James Rainey
  • Trustees-Cain Connett, W.Edwards, E.Pratt
  • Treasurer-C.R.Smith
  • Clerk-W.McKitrick
  • Assessor-O.G.Bird
  • Trustees-Thos. Dailey, William Lindley and John Molher
  • Clerk-John P. Coe
  • Treasurer-A Palmer
  • Assessor-Isaac Freedline
  • Constables-E.Daily and J. Elliott
  • Justice of the Peace-Dow Evans
  • Trustees-Joseph Creesey, Moses Lawrence and W. Williams
  • Clerk-Henry H.Butts
  • Assessor-John Q Hull
  • Constables-Phelix Riley, Joseph Tehuler and George Jeffries
  • Mayor-T.L.Mintun
  • Clerk-A.D. Miller
  • Treasurer-J.C. Parker
  • Marshall-James McFall
  • Council-A. Poston, John F Welch and S.N. Poston
  • Justice of the Peace-J.E.Cook
  • Trustees-J.W.Johnson, Amos Patterson and Vincent Caldwell
  • Treasurer-D.M. Burchfield
  • Clerk-D.W. Cornell
  • Assessor- Erwin Merwin
  • Trustees-Wm Pugh, Joshua Sands and David Glenn
  • Special Trustees-James Rutter, Isaac Blackwood and David Glenn
  • Clerk-John A Sterritt
  • Treasurer-J.A. Campbell
  • Assessor-J.W. Bryson
  • Constables-Thos. Dupler and J. Porter
  • Trustees-Baker Wilson, C.M. Carman and --Armstrong
  • Assessor---------------------
  • Clerk- -----Griswold
  • Treasurer-Jas Love
  • Constable-Dave Clark
  • Trustees-John Beckler, C.A. Cable and John G Myers
  • Treasurer-J.Sheldon Scott
  • Assessor-Aaron Lewis
  • Clerk-W.C. Hickman
  • Constables-Jas McFall and Henry Long

The Athens Messenger, April 8, 1875

  • -At the election, on Monday, for the members of the Athens Board of Education, Hon. H.H. Van Vorhes and Simeon W. Pickering were elected.
  • -Coolville Corporation Election results as follows:
    Council-A.P. Frame, E. Taylor and J.L.White
    Board of Education-Asher Buckley, A.S.Tidd and Geo.K Campbell
  • -The Athens corporation election results as follows:
    Councilmen- S.W. Pickering, Elmer Golden, Judiah Higgins and Winfield Scott.
    The first three named were elected for two years each and the last for one year.

    We give below the results of the elections held in the several townships of this county on Monday,
    so far as they have reached up.

Trustees-Joseph Dorr, Judiah Higgins, and Alfred Morrison
Treasurer-Thos H. Sheldon
Clerk-Alexander Ewing
Assessor-Levi Pickering
Constables- Wm. A Root, Joseph Miller colored and Mat. Port

Trustees-John Biddle, Henry Logan and W.B. Smith
Justice-R.S. Dent
Treasurer-William Oxley
Clerk-Warren Northrop
Assessor-Al Woodyard
Constables-William Richey, Geo. W. Hooper and Vincent Haney

Trustees- Daniel Flemming, Fred. Stalder and Silas Sayres
Treasurer-John Patterson
Clerk-J.H Glazier
Assessor-Oscar N. Owens
Constables-John Evenor, T.A. McCune, and N.B.Owens

Trustees-D.D. Dowler, Elias Poston, and E.Z. Hoskinson
Clerk-Elza Hoskinson
Assessor-Elias Tyson
Constables-Enas Graham and Charles Davis
Trustees-John Barnhill, Simeon Buck and Wm. Russell
Justice-John Whittington
Treasurer-Edward Lawrence
Clerk-Marquis Noyes
Assessor-Alexander Wilson
Constables-Samuel King and James A. Dye

Trustees-George Connett, A.B. White and L.A. Sprague
Justice-John Cradelbaugh
Treasurer-Chas. R. Smith
Clerk-John Mourn
Assessor-James A Stephenson
Constables-James Cunningham, Jos. Boilean and Wilson Morris LEE
Trustees-Hugh Fletcher, a. Croson and Elias Grahm
Treasurer-Augustus Palmer
Clerk-John P. Coe
Assessor-Isaac Friedline
Constables-A Mace and A. Cottrill

Trustee-Asa Daines, Joseph Bishop and Oscar Orr
Justice-L.D. Evans
Treasurer-Thomas Phillips
Clerk-George W Burson
Assessor-David Rush
Constables-Matthew Wilson, Richard Bishop and Tig Watts

Trustees-Jeff Perry, Clark Doods and E. T. Glazier
Treasurer-Daniel W Cor?ell
Clerk-John Cook
Assessor-John Kinney
Constables-Robert Calvert and Chas. Tucker

Trustees-Titus Shotwell, C.W. Waman and George K Campbell
Treasurer-J. Cole
Clerk-John Mitchell
Assessor-M.D. Humphrey
Constables-F S Monahan and John White

Trustees-T.J. Athson, E Phillips, and Robert McNeil
Treasurer-James Love
Constables-Chas. Lewellen and Jno. D Cox

Trustees-A.H. Wells, Wm.W. Poston and R.R. Patterson
Treasurer-John C Parker
Assessor-Aaron Lewis
Clerk-W.C. Hickman
Constables-Ben. Shetheld, James McFall and W.W. Knight

The Athens Messenger, Thursday Morning, February 15, 1883, pg 5

  • -Hon. Chas. L. Kurtz has introduced two bills in the Legislature relating to the improvement of our highways, a synopsis of which will at an early day be published in the MESSENGER. Both bills are in the interest of the taxpayers and if adopted would enable Athens county within a few years to construct a system of roads that would result in largely developing the business of the county and in increasing the value of farm property.
  • --The following named members of the Legislature came to Athens Saturday evening and remained until Monday, viz. Messrs. Hathaway, Alexander, Brooks, Westmore, Allen, J.B. Hall and wife, Ben Reese and daughter, Kearney, Decker, Wheeler, Sheppard, Linton and Fred Blankner. During their stay here they were agreeably entertained by Superintendent Richardson, of the Asylum.
  • --We get it from reliable source that the members of the Legislative Committee on Colleges and Universities who lately officially visited Athens are una voce in approval of the proposition to appropriate during the current session ten thousand dollars in aid of the University at this place. This sum is urgently needed to meet the pre??ng demands of the institution arising out of the enterprising undertakings which have within the past few years served to arrest its rapid decay and again put it on the high road of assured success and classic renown.
  • A Visiting Legislator's Appeal for the Ohio University Hon. C.A. Bowersox, member of the Legislature from Williams county, has a communication in last week's issue of his home paper, the "Bryan Press", from which we reproduce the following portion of local interest here:
    "Two of the committees to which I belong went to Athens last week to examine into the State institutions located there. Here they have an asylum for the insane and the Ohio university. This university was founded near the beginning of the present century. It has made a gallant fight against adverse circumstances and more adverse legislation. The State, if I am not mistaken, has treated this institution, that bears her name, unfairly. She has a noble history, and has sent forth from her walls some of the grandest men Ohio has ever produced. McGuffey, whose name is familiar to every child in our country, was once a professor in this university. They showed be the site of the house wherein he lived. He died several years ago, in Virginia. He planted the trees, locust, and sycamore, in the college campus. They have grown as large as forest trees. Some of the old buildings are being repaired and an entirely new building is in process of erection. I went into the little old chapel. At the right of the pulpit hangs the portrait of the elder Thomas Ewing. They have an excellent faculty, with Rev. Sr. Scott at its head. It is the duty of the State to appropriate less toward the building of palatial idiotic asylums and more toward "the building up of the State's institutions of learning. It seems to me singular that though it has been so bitter cold, with snow, in Williams, in Athens, just across the State, it is warm with no snow. They have had no sleighing in Athens this winter."

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