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Athens County Ohio

War of 1812 Soldiers
Buried in Athens County

This list is a work in progress and is not a complete list.
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Given Name





ARNOLD Thomas  1756     Athens
BEEBE Hopson  17/Feb/1749 1836 West State St. Athens
BURRELL Nathaniel 21/Apr/1761 14/Oct/1842 West State Street Athens
BUCKINGHAM Ebenezer     1/Nov/1749 24/Oct/1825 Cooley Burying grounds Athens
BROWN Samuel  1758 15/Jan/1841 West Union Street Athens
BROWN Benjamin Capt. 17/Oct/1745 1/Oct/1821 West State Street Athens
BRICE James  11/Oct/1751 22/Dec/1832 West State Street Athens
BINGHAM Alvan 20/Dec/1754 11/Feb/1841 West State St. Athens
BINGHAM Silas  Sr. 24/Jul/1758 Oct/1840 West State St. Athens
CULVER Bezaliel 24/Dec/1755 29/Aug/1821 West State St. Athens
DAILEY David  1750 


Carthage Twp Carthage 
DAVIS Nehemiah  22/Apr/1775 23/Aug/1823 Nye Cem.  
DORR Mathew 14/Jun/1724/5 18/Sep/1801 Wolfs Plains Cem.  
FULLER James   1/Sep/1760      
GABRIEL Abraham  18/Oct/1746 13/Apr/1845 (Presby. Churchyard) Hebbardsville  
GATES David 1723 1808    
HATCH Elijah Sr.  27/Apr/ 1730 1809 Pioneer, Stewart Ohio Rome Twp
JOHNSON Azel Jr.  27/Nov/1762 4/May/1838 Nye's Cem., Chauncey  Ohio  
LINDLEY Ziba 4/Nov/1762 20/Jun/1849 Union Cem. Athens near Hebbardsville  
LOGAN John Sr. 1753 1821 Farm at Center Stake, plowed over Alexander Twp.
LYONS Joseph  1755 27/Jun/1836 West State St., Athens
MANSFIELD Samuel 1740 10/Nov/1819 Private on farm near Circle Hill  
MANSFIELD Thomas 14/Sep/1750 19/Jan/ 18 Nye Cem., Chauncey Dover  
MOREY Silas   1825   Athens 
NASH Samuel  1/Feb/1760 5/Sep/1823 Nye Cem., Chauncey  
PHILLIPS Job   22/Jan/1835 Amesville Cem Ames Twp.
REYNOLDS Ely   28/Nov/1827      
RICE Jason 1757 31/Dec/1843 Carter, north of Amesville Ames Twp.
RISLEY Samuel 1761 Apr. 3, 1838 West State St. Cem Athens
SAWYER Nathaniel 12/Mar/1757 11/Mar/, 1813 Pioneer Cem. Rome
STEWART Daniel 18/Nov/1762 20/Feb/1858 Old Cem., West State St.,  Athens
SWETT Jonathan 1759 11/May/1847 Concord Churchyard, Ames Twp. near Trimble line Ames Twp
TIPPEY/TIPPIE Uriah   3/Jan/1847     Dover or Ames 
TUTTLE Solomon 3/Sep/1757 30/Nov/1830 Boudinot Farm Athens Dover
VANDERHOOF Cornelius 7/May/1752 22/Apr/1844 Near Baptist Church Carthage
WATKINS Jonathan 1761   In country, east of Athens  
WICKHAM Joseph 1759 3/May/1833 Pioneer Cem. at the mouth of Federal Creek  
WYATT Joshua 5/Dec/1756 13/May/1822 Ames Cem Ames Twp.


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