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Auglaize County, Ohio
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Thursday afternoon while the races were in progress at the Wapakoneta fair the residence of L. N. Blume was entered by a burglar, but nothing was taken. [Source: "Minster Home Light," Minster, Oct. 6, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

St. Marys, O., Mar 17 - Fred Bucholz, one of the most popular pioneer citizens of this place, who has been missing since Thursday March 8, has not been found. He had just drawn his pension money and it is now thought that he was probably robbed if not killed and his body hidden. The water will be let out of the Miami and Erie canal in search of his body.
[Lima Daily News, Mar 17, 1906]

Mrs. Eckenweiler was sent to the pen for a term of 15 years for poisoning her husband, at Wapakoneta. [Source: "Minster Home Light," Minster, Oct. 6, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

They do things in Old Auglaize
(Wapakoneta News) Thieves are becoming bolder and bolder in their operations.  One often hears of a hog, a sheep or a bunch of chickens or something of that sort being stolen, Cridersville, reported to Sheriff Hinton Wednesday morning that some time during Tuesday night, thieves, with a closed wagon, presumbably one used by butchers drove up to his farm and loaded and hauled away a Jersey brindle cow, about three or four years old. Mr Freymuth has no means of knowing the identity of the thieves who drove away toward Wesminster, Allen county, but there is ample evidence concerning the manner in which the bovine was carried away. Tracks of the wagon and horses, and of the men who turned the trick, were to be seen Wednesday morning. The tracks of the wagon on the highway were followed for some distance of other vehicles. [The Celina Democrat. (Celina, O. [Ohio]), 26 Oct. 1917]

John L. Kohn (Kohl), of Wapakoneta (OH) who was brought back to that city a couple of weeks ago from Robinson, Ill., where he was found living under an assumed name, was arrested Wednesday evening on a charge of assault with intent to kill Fred Weimert, the groceryman of that city, who was horrible beaten up and almost killed several weeks ago. The charge was preferred by the assaulted man's father, Sebastian Weimert. Kohl plead not guilty when arraigned in a justice's court at Wapakoneta and was bound over to court in the sum of $15,000. Unable to furnish bond he was sent to jail. Kohl protests his innocence, and maintains he knew nothing of the crime when taken in charge at Robinson. Weimert conducted his grocery in a business room leased of Kohl, and the two had had words. Weimert is recovering. [The Celina Democrat. (Celina, O. [Ohio]), 06 June 1913]

St. Mary's - John Kohle of Wapakoneta, was sented to the Ohio penitentiary for assaulting with intent to kill Fred Weimert.  Kohle pleaded guilty.  [The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH) 24 Jul 1913, pg 8]

Last Thursday evening our friend Joe Kuder, living near this place, was in Recovery and drew $3,000.00 from the bank. He paid $150.00 on debts and left the balance of the money with John Adams, fearing that something might happen to him. He started for home about dusk and when near home was struck in the head with a club knocking him off his buggy. Joe was grit and jumping up from the ground struck the villain, who made off in the darkness. Joe thinks he recognizes the party, and he should be brought to justice. - Celina Observer [Source: "Minster Home Light," (Minster, OH), Oct. 13, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

Wapakoneta - James McCoy of St. Marys, found guilty of robbing the Glass Block Co store, was sentenced by Judge W. C. Layton to the Ohio penitentiary for an indeterminate sentence.
Frank Harris, for stealing chickens, was also sentenced to the penitentiary. [Lima News, May 16, 1919]

Tony Pieper and Clemens Meyer, a farmer on the Berlin road, became involved in a quarrel near the Central house Sunday night, when the latter struck the former on the head with loaded cane, inflicting a scalp wound. Meyer was arrested Monday and bound over to Court in the sum of $200; in default of which he was taken to the Wapakoneta jail. [Source: "Minster Home Light," Minster, OH, Sept. 8, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

One of those crimes that cause one to wonder what the world is coming to occurred near London, Ohio, Sunday. Quiner Sidneer, a farmer, left his 8 year-old son to take charge of a sister, aged 3. About 11 o'clock Posey, the boy, became quarrelsome, and getting a small $3 gun belonging to his brother, shot the little girl Fannie in the neck, horribly mangling and instantly killing her. The young murderer fled, and was captured Tuesday near Somerford, Ohio. [Source: "Minster Home Light," Minster, Oct. 6, 1888; tr. by GT Transcription Team]

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