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Arranged in loose alpha order by surname of the subject of the story

St Marys -- Mrs. John Linkensdorfer is in St. Rita's hospital, Lima, suffering with a compound fracture of the right wrist. She received the injury when she was precipitated out of an automobile in which she was riding due to the catch of the door not having been securely fastened. One of the bones protruded thru the flesh, making the injury a very painful one. [Lima News, November 4, 1930]

Miss Minnie Pugh, residing on N. Front street, was seriously burned Tuesday morning by falling backwards across her cooking stove. She was unconscious at the time, also alone. The upper part of her body was terribly burned, destroying her hair and the right side of her face. She cannot live.
[The Lima News, Jan. 4, 1929]

Minster - While Bob Schneider was engaged in repairing his automobile, he was overcome by gas, escaping from his car, and found in an unconscious condition in his garage by members of his family. The immediate aid of a physician alone saved his life.
[Lima News, Jan 10, 1920]

Bobbie Walters, 3, leaned too far out of a second story window at the home of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Emory Walters in Wayne township, and fell to the ground 12 feet below. The child was uninjured.
[Unknown newspaper, Jan 3, 1920]

William Webb of near Waynesfield, had part of his left hand torn off in a corn shredder as he was attempting to dislodge an obstruction.
[Unknown newspaper, Jan 3, 1920]

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