Belmont County, Ohio
Genealogy and History


Birth Records






Nalley, Ada Alice

Henry A. Nalley

Ellen Giffin

25 Mar 1892

Belmont Co. OH

Naylor, Charles B.

Ezra Naylor

Rachel Stephens

22 Jun 1882

Belmont Co. OH

Naylor, Lewis G.

Stephen Naylor

Abigail Goodwin

26 Mar 1881

Belmont Co. OH

Neal, Lawrence A.

William Neal

Mary Dobbins

29 Aug 1929

Belmont Co. OH

Neal, Stella

Robert E. Neal


06 Oct 1891

Belmont Co. OH

Nelson, Rachel

Robert Smiley Nelson

Cordelia Robinson

28 May 1897

Belmont Co. OH

Neptune, Clifford Paul



15 Feb 1895

Belmont Co. OH

Neptune, Mary Mae

James Henry Neptune

Melinda Mumma

01 May 1872

Belmont Co. OH

Neptune, Thurza H.

Benjamin Neptune


12 Mar 1891

Somerton OH

Nichols, Anna J.

Joseph Nichols

Lydia Clark

20 Feb 1909

Belmont Co. OH

Nichols, Eli

Nichols, Wilson

Lockman, Marinda

29 Aug 1856

Belmont Co

Nichols, Emily Moore

B. Nichols

Abigail Hatcher

07 Apr 1857

Belmont Co. OH

Nichols, Lillian

Clayton Nichols

Ora Ahalt

10 Oct 1910

Belmont Co. OH

Nichols, Samuel

B. Nichols

Abigail Hatcher

13 Jan 1847


Nicholson, Dennis Wayne

Paul A. Nicholson

Christina Edwards

07 Apr 1949

Belmont Co OH

Nicholson, Elizabeth

Thomas Nicholson

Mary Elizabeth

28 Oct 1895

Belmont Co. OH

Nirote, William L.

Christian Nirote

Mary Luke

15 Aug1864


Noling, John A.


Hannah A. Unk

xx xxx 1825

Belmont Co. OH

Nollan, JL. Frank

John Nollan

Maria Wagner

11 Jul 1851


Norden, James A.

James A. Norden

Myrtle L. Cross

30 Oct 1922

Bellaire, OH

Norman, Margery Alice

James Norman

Minnie McElroy

24 Jul 1895

Powhatan OH

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