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Belmont County, Ohio
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Birth Records






Yarnall, Harold

Ross Yarnall

Alice Harris

13 Oct 1902

Belmont Co. OH

Yaus, Russell Alden

William Yaus

Georgia Wilcox

06 Jun 1914

Belmont Co. OH

Yeager, Charles Henry

Charles Henry Yeager

Anne Rhomada

02 Sep 1916

Belmont Co. OH

Yoder, Helen

Frank G. McConnell

Allie May Broomhall

xx xxx 1911

Belmont Co. OH

Yoker, John

Henry Yoker

Mary Pyzia

30 Dec 1931

St. Clairsville, OH

Yontz, Fred W.



11 May 1896


Yost, Eunice V.

Howard Yost


03 May 1924

Bellaire OH

Yost, Herbert Bradford



30 Nov 1911

Belmont Co. OH

Yost, Joel

Robert Yost

Nancy Nixon

26 Oct 1808

Belmont Co. OH

Yost, Lewis Francis

Thomas Yost


19 Feb 1914

Belmont Co. OH

Yost, Peter



xx xxx 1796


Yost, Peter



12 Mar 1820


Yost, Robert



12 Jan 1781


Yost, William P.



xx xxx 1818


Young, William R.

Howard C. Young

Laura Peddicord

17 Aug 1922

Belmont Co. OH

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