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Abbott : Anyone searching Abbott's from Huron Co. OH in the 1860's ? Charlotte Morton

Abbott/Abbot, Benjamin : Looking for any information on Benjamin Abbott/Abbott, b. abt 1794 d. before 1840. Was on tax list for Carroll Co. OH. in 1833. He is not on the 1840 census, but his wife is. Wife, Elizabeth McQueen is named in father's estate, in Carroll Co. OH. According to the census they had 9 children, 2 boys and 7 girls. I have Elizabeth and her youngest daughter living with another daughter and son-in-law on the 1850 census. Can anyone help? Jane ***** Grezlik

Albright, Sheldon: Shrldon would be my grandfather. My dad never knew him and only had one picture of him. My mom and dad are both only children so I have no aunts or uncles or cousins. I would really like to know if maybe there are some out there and my dad would love to meet his brothers and/or sisters. I don't know if you can help me or not but please let me know if you know anything about the family or can find out. I think he died in July 1978 in either Barnesville or Bethesda.THANKS!!! KIM Ungus

Algranati, Mary Lichterman: Mary was my grandmother, I'd like to hear from anyone who has any information. Marsha Levine

Algranati, Max: Max was my grandfather, I'd like to hear from anyone who has any information.  Marsha Levine

Alvey, Regina Marie: Searching for half sister, three of us were taken from parents in Bellaire, OH, in 1956 by Belmont County Child Welfare Board and I was soon adopted to another Ohio County. No idea if she was also adopted, when, where or with who. Any tidbit of info would be appreciated.

Phyllis Ann Welsh

Ashton, Cline, Devault, Hodge, Moody, Norman, Townsend, Wells - All queries reply to

Ault, Hammond: Looking for the death of HAMMOND AULT, Need date and place. Peg Hatcher

Benell/Bennell : James Benell, (Bnell,Bennell) was my great-great-great-grandfather. In 1800 census, Somerset Co. Stoneycreek Twp. PA. he is listed with his wife (name unknown) and three sons under the age of 10. These sons would be my great-great grandfather William Benell, and his two brothers, Andrew and James, Jr. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mary Benell

Blythe, Thomas Edward: I am trying to locate information on my paternal grandfather, Thomas Edward Blythe. I do know he was a retired telegrapher from the Rock Island Railroad, but I do not know his birth or death dates. I also do not know the birth and death dates of his wife, my paternal grandmother, Irma Osborn. I also believe he was married before and had two daughters. My grandfather and grandmother lived in Oklahoma City and, also, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Any information would be so appreciated!  Patr icia Farmer

Brant, Josiah: I am Looking for the Descendants of Josiah Brant. I know that He was a farmer In Harrison Township in 1879. and that He was my Great Great Great Grand father I would Like to find out more On My Family for My Children . Thanks For any Help I May Get. Roxanna Brant

Brauneller/Browneller, Henry: Henry Brauneller/Browneller of Pa. 1740 -1800. Son Wm. born Pa., then Ohio about 1806, his son Samuel, married Susannah Carpenter. Need info. on her parents & siblings. Any info. on these needed. Also Abraham Sharp & Matilda Mc Kinley of Carroll Co. Ohio. George Bechtel/ Beagle of Md. & son John who came to Ohio. Other names are Lanning from N.J. to Ohio. Crouse, *****, Bibler, Houck, Powell, Pepple, Christman. Jo Ann Brauneller

Bumpus, Frederick : Need confirmation of his children's names, particularly Reuben, b. 1800 and Mariah, b. 1803 and any other information about Frederick and his descendants. Marlow Bumpus

Carpenter, Mary Jo: Any information that people have on Mary Jo Carpenter. Thank you. Jeannie

Cary, John:  I am looking for John Cary born in Ireland about 1855 married Euphamay May, 19 January 1877. May have been a potter or a miner. They were married at Rock Island Illinois. May also have lived in Iowa. Margaret Rustand

Casto: I am trying to locate Henry L. Casto, parents names. he is the father of Ova Clarence. mother was Ida Jane Tolley Casto Smith sister Martha Ellen Casto in will of Henry Clay Casto. Tresa Casto Case

Cessna, Ora M. : I have allot of details now on this family and would be willing to share. I would also be interested in anything anyone else would have on this family as well as Kevin Cessna. Andrea Sharp Long

Clark: I am missing part of my history. My father does not know his real father. I have been told his name is Everette LaRoy Clark. Who was in the San Francisco area in 1954-5. Mostly just curious. Milinda Bray aka Mandy

Cogill: Wife of Tobe Cogbill could be Cherokee born in Illinois. Karon Flanagan

Cooper, Nelson: I would like to find any information on Nelson prior to his marriage to Nora. Nelson is the father of my father-in-law who was only 11 months old when his father was killed in Okinawa and doesn't remember anything about him. Angela Cooper

Cosser : Searching for information on my father's family Fred Cosser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. June Ann Cosser Cramer

Coyne : Looking for any information pertaining to my grandmother and her siblings and her parents My Grandmother had 5 sisters and 3 brothers their names were Mary Coyne who married Patrick Connors, Margaret Coyne who married Michael Connors, Bartley Coyne who married Anna Tougher, Nora Coyne who married John O'Donnell, Catherine Coyne married Michael Curran, Anna Coyne married Thomas Flanagan she had a twin brother Patrick who married Barbara McDonough, Martin Coyne My Grt Grandparents names were Michael and Catherine Folan Coyne and they were married May 18,1875 in Lettermore County Galway Ireland I keep hitting dead ends if anyone has any information pertaining to this please contact me. Karen Connors

Cram: Axa Jane had brothers and sisters; they were: James M.; Frank; George; Stephen S.; Thomas; Deceased: Charles; Lyda, both in Infancy; Elizabeth Alice, 11-19-1867, age 24 Axa's parents both are buried at the Elk Fork Cemetery, near Elktown, Ohio Daniel Cram, Born 8 -1 -1815, Hillsburg Co., N.H. Died 2 - 12 -1904 Mary Blackman, Born in Canton, Mass., her father Moses, mother Hannah.  Axa and James children were: William H. married Emma Holycross, 10-29-1891; James Elmer married Effie Margaret Jones, 2-7-1883; Lillie M. married Dale E. Goodwine, 10-18-1905 Frank D. married Belva Light, 10-25-1905 Decased children: Ida E., 8-18-1896, age 20; martha J. 3-16-1879, age 7; Mary L., 3-10-79, age 19. Carol Brown

Crow, Thomas: I am looking for any information on Thomas (possibly J) Crow that would show where he was from and who his parents were. Believe he came to Izard Co., Ark poss between 1830 and 1834. He married Elizabeth Langston, the daughter of Absolom and Dorcas (Young) Langston in Sept of 1834. Believe they had 5 children: Sarah, Dorcas, Nancy, Absolom and Thomas Jefferson Crow. I don't know when or where either he or Elizabeth died. Dorcas Crow is my great grandmother Any information about Thomas Crow would be appreciated. Marianne Woodard

Crum, Barbee: Diana Barbee Crum is my aunt, my mothers sister. There is some question that my grandfather is not her father. She was born in Columbus Ohio at White Cross hospital on Feb 4, 1944.  Pam LeMaster

Crum, Roy : I just learned that Roy Crum is my father's biological father. My dad never knew of him until now, at age 57. I've also learned that Roy Crum is no longer living, but am interested finding any relatives of his. I believe he has a son, Dennis Crum. Roy Crum and his family would have originated in Johnstown, PA. Stephanie Davis

Cullinan, Frances:  Frances (Fanny) Moran Cullinan was my Great X 3 Grandmother, nothing is known of her family. Other than she was born in Ireland circa 1828. When she emigrated circa 1845 from Ireland to North America. Was she married to John Cullinan yet?? or did they marry on the boat while crossing the Atlantic?? or did they meet only once they were both in North America. Her Husband John Cullinan was born circa 1826 in Ennis Co. Clare Ireland, but the county or town where Frances was born or on what date remains a mystery to all of us...ANY information on Frances Moran's family or birth date or any relatives that may have come to North America with her would be greatly appreciated...Frances and John if they were together when they left Ireland may have landed in St. John New Brunswick Canada, but we don't have any proof of this. Frederick Perry

Davis: Who am I? born Sep 7 1961. Looking for anyone who would have info about me. My name is Debbie Davis. My birth father last name is Davis. I believe he had a sister named Ruth who died of cancer in the mid 70s. she was married to a man named frank brown. they had 3 sons. I was taken by Greene co. Children's services in 1963 or 1964. I have 2 older sisters [names unknown] and a younger brother named Michael. I have very little info. If you think you know who I am email me Debbie Davis

Debelich: I'm curious if there are any other family members of the Debelich family in the US. As far as my mom is aware, my daddy - Peter and my uncle - Anthony, were the only males left before they both have died. My uncle never married, nor had any children. Janet Clark

Devore : Looking for any information on Mary's father and mother. Jake Devore and Ollie Bell *****. Tammy Walker

Diehl, Lawrence Wayne: I am looking for more about my dad Lawrence Wayne Diehl and was wondering if anyone out there can tell me more or maybe a relative would see this and contact me. Kelly Bryant

Dolfi: I am trying to learn about my family in Italy. My grandfather, Paolo Dolfi and my grandmother Teresa Santarelli Dolfi.  Patty Abbott Anderson

Drashinsky, Abe: Abe was my grandfather, I'd like to hear from anyone else whose related or has information. Marsha Levine

Drashinsky, Fannie Feinberg: Fannie was my grandmother, I'd like to hear from anyone else related to her. Marsha Levine

Draudt: I was adopted at birth - have met my 4 brothers and sister. I know that my mother was killed in an auto accident in '59. I'm just curious if anyone has any other info. Janet Clark

Eddy: looking for information of the EDDY family, lived in Shadyside and other Twps. of Belmont County. Isaac EDDY and his son John K. EDDY were in the Civil War. Isaac is buried in Cadiz, Ohio. John is buried in Fairview Cemetery. Isaac and Amanda JOHNSON EDDY had 11 children. Most of them scattered after their mother died and Isaac married another Amanda DOWNARD. I need all the help I can get on this family. Trying to prove that the son named Francis M. EDDY is my great grandfather who died in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1906. Cindy Crawford

Evans: Evans - decendents of Joseph (Joseph ll); Paul (Dianna); Mary Evans Tirpak (Golda (Krehilik);John, Margaret (Bodnar); Elizabeth (Zeek); Angus (Kozel) Evans - 5 children of Andrew/Valeria, finale resting place; all died before the age of 3, 2 may of been twins, a 6th one is buried at St. Marys Cemetery, Martins Ferry, Ohio Port of Entry: Andrew Ivan Csore, Valeria Nicora and Janos Ivan Csore, port they used. They are not on Ellis Island web site. I have not found them as yet. Andrews brothers, sisters, and parents came in 1904, Ellis Island, they are listed. Marriage Record: Andrew C. Evans (Andras Ivan Csore) Valeria Nicora. I was told they married in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Have not found a record as yet in Belmont County. Their first child was born Oct. 1, 1905, Martins Ferry, Ohio, as well as 10 others, last four born in Gary, In. Gaylord Mines 1 and 2: Any information about it, employee records for 1911, were there any homes close by. It was located out side of Martins Ferry. My grandfather gave as his address in 1911. Nicora: Valeria had a brother Daniel who was married to Wilma. He came in 1901, (Hungary), Ellis Island. No idea if he had children. He passed before his sister (Valeria - 2-14-52) Carol Brown

Evans, Paul: Paul Evans was the brother of my grandfather, Andrew C. Evans. His address in 1940 was with his sister Mary Evans Tirpak, at 310 So. 3rd St., Martins Ferry, Ohio. Paul had survived some type of Mine accident, later was hit by a Train in 1948 - 49. He had a daughter named Dianna with his wife Maria. Would like to hear from any decendents of Paul Evans. He may have had more children, Dianna may of gotten married. I spoke to St. Marys Church on 6-12-06 and was told that Dianna still lived some where around Martins Ferry, Ohio; but had no idea where. Carol Brown

Farnario, Gerald: Would like to find family history...backgrounds for Gerald's two grandchildren from his only son Michael A. Farnario. Gerald's mothers maiden name was Irene Grace Jones and when his father came to Bellaire, OH his last name was spelled different would like to find original spelling of name. Gerald has one living brother John (jack). Renee Perhay Farnario

Fleming, William: Trying to find out what William's fathers name. Elma Martha Caldwell

Foulger/Folger, John - who was living in Belmont County from about 1825 until his death there in 1850. He was originally from Frederick County, VA and was a veteran of the War of 1812. He was married to Susanna Shearrer in Frederick County in 1812, was in Hampshire County, VA in 1820 and per tax records, in Wheeling, Belmont, OH by 1829. They had at least 8 children together. Looking for any information on this particular Folger line, particularly who John and Susanna's parent may have been. Thank you!  []

Ford, Ollie: Don't know anything about Ollie Ford who was my husband's grandfather. He married Beatrice Parhamer. Don't know how many children they had but my husband's dad was one of them. His name was Richard Earl Ford born in Hunt County Texas Aug. 30, 1923. Any information would be appreciated. Dale

Francis, Mary : Search for information about Mary Francis's parents. Carol E. Chan

Fries/Flood/Donmoyer : I am doing a genealogical research on my surname of Fries also other surnames included are Flood, Donmoyer I hope you can help me also I am originally from Reading, Pa.

Grafton, Hannah: Looking for Hannah Grafton's parents. Scott Stauter

Garrett/Shelton : Looking for information regarding my great-grandparents, James Arthur Garrett and Grace Shelton. Brown/Adams counties.  Mari Cooper

Graves, Thomas : Would like to find the parents or siblings of Thomas and where he was born. Shirley Becker

Gray: Search for biological sister, Karen Sue Gray. We were taken from our parents in 1956 in Bellaire, OH, by Belmont County Child Welfare Board and I was soon adopted to another county in Ohio. Any tidbit of info would be much appreciated. No idea if she was adopted, when, or where, or new name.  Phyllis Ann Welsh

Grim/Grimm, John : Searching for any information on John & Elizabeth (Rupert) and their children. Chris Silver

Gusberg, Solomon : Solomon Gusberg is listed in the Hartford, CT. 1920 census as a one year old born about 1918. The census says he was born in the Municipal Hospital and Almshouse. It appears to say; Mother unknown. However my mother was the only Gusberg in Hartford at the time and she also had a son she called Henry born in Sept 1919. In 1917 she married Samuel Edward Cole in Hartford but they were separated by 1919. In 1920 she was living with her 3 month old son, Henry, with the Pstaty Family in Simsbury. I am a member of the CSG and the CHS. I will gladly pay for the status of this child beyond what I have recorded. Peter B. McCue

Harding, Thomas :
Does anyone know where Thomas Harding and Jane Muskett were married? They were both born in England. Their oldest Child, Sarah Harding was born in 1838 in Philadelphia PA. I do not know when each of them arrived in the US. Thank YOU, Esther

Hardway: I am searching for the following names; Myrtle Arlessy (sp) Long (maiden name) Parker (married name) Charity Ruanna Fields (maiden name) Hardway (married name), this Fields family is related to a family named Looney, West Virginia maybe? Cecil Earl Hardway (?), lived in Valley Fork (?), WV, Clay County, coal miner, passed away around 1970-1972. John Parker, I don't know much about this one, I believe lived in North and South Carolinas mostly, a while in California. Passed away before 1971. Holli Hardway

Harlow, Thomas Clark: Seeking more information on Thomas Clark HARLOW. Parental information most helpful. Any information is valuable. Would love to share. Thomas was born in Louisa Co., VA. One of his sons was born in Orange Co., VA. Thomas lived in Augusta Co., VA in 1850 with wife, Caroline (nee Davis). Thomas lived in Washington Co., OH in the 1860s; lived in Rome, Athens Co., OH in 1870; lived in Muskingham Twp., Washington Co., OH in 1880; may have lived in Jackson Co., WV in 1887; used the home address of Charleston, WV on his Dayton Veteran's Medical Center (formerly the Soldiers & Sailors Home); lived in the Soldiers & Sailor's Home, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH before his death in 1896. Last wife, Isabella C. (nee MILAM) BURDETT-HARLOW collected his CW benefits. Isabella "Belle" was first married to George Washington BURDETT. Children (1st marriage issues): Lucy M.; Sarah A.; William James: Mary J,; Thomas S. Children (2nd marriage issues with Martha Jane SKINNER): Lavinia (Vinnie), William F., Charles T., Cornelia, Camille Jane, Susan Jane (or Ida E.), Louise, Ruth Etta. Donna Criswell Mollaun

Harlow, Charles T.: Missing person. Any information helpful. Charles T. HARLOW was born abt. 1867 to parents, Martha Jane (nee SKINNER) CAIN-HARLOW & Thomas Clark HARLOW. Martha Jane had been briefly married to Manden CANE before her marriage to Thomas Clark HARLOW in 1864 Washington Co., OH. Charles T. HARLOW is with his parents in 1870 Rome, Athens Co., OH. By 1878 his mother & siblings are in the Athens Co., Infirmary. Charles in not on the list of inmates, so he may have died or may have been adopted into a family who changed his name. I have not been able to locate him after that 1870 census. The siblings of Charles are: Lavinia, William F., Cornelia, Camille Jane, Susan Jane (or Ida E.), Louise, Ruth Etta. Donna Criswell Mollaun

Harris Family: Would like the person looking for Sarah Harris and Moore Harris to contact me. I am looking for the Harris family also. My gggrandfather was James T Harris married to Martha Clegg of Va. My ggrandfather was Albert Z. Harris married to Sophia Hoffman. My grandfather was George D. Harris Married to Ruby Nell Joiner.  Meme Parsons

Harris, George Daniel : I am looking for a link to my grandfather George Daniel Harris born: Feb. 22,1897 in Duncan, OK. He married Ruby Nell Joiner. born: Oct 25,1900 in Lawrenceberg TN. His parents were Albert Z. Harris born:Dec.16,1870 TX. His mother was Sophia H. Hoffman or Hoffmann born: Jan.09,1876or 77 in Fostoria, Ohio. Albert's Parents were: J. T. Harris born: MS. and Martha Clegg born: VA. Albert Z. Harris is buried at Letitia OK Just outside Duncan, OK .There are some Harris's buried there . I went there to find Albert and found Sara Bell Harris Born Nov.05,1881 and Died:Feb.08,1907. Also Moore Harris born: July 24,1883 or 08 Died: Jan.04,1938 and Vera Harris born: Sept.23,1907 died Dec.13,1919. Would like to find any link at all. Sue Parsons

Harris, Israel: My biggest brick wall is Israel Harris born 1833. I have no idea where he came from and can't seem to find out. He is my 2nd gr. grandfather on my Mothers side. He married Martha Ann Reed b. 8-28-1834. They were from the Barnesville area. Their son John Harris is my gr. grandfather b. 2-22-1868 in Batesville, Noble Co. They also had another son Isaac Bert Harris who became a famous surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. Kay

Hatcher, Nancy : Searching for Nancy Hatcher in Benton Co. Ala. She was in that county in 1845 when Thomas Carver married Elizabeth Hatcher and come back to McMinn Co. TN. before the civil war. Marriage was 1845. Phillip Lawson

Heberly/Heberlee : Anyone searching Heberly/Heberlee from NE around 1870? Charlotte Morton

Hedges: Seeking information on the Hedges of NY, Indiana, Iowa and OH. Joyce

Hill: I am looking for any info on John Hill b. abt 1780 & Sarah Sloan b. abt 1780 they was married abt 1800 I would like to find out who their parents were & if they had any siblings. Thanks, Lela

Hinds/Hines: John Hines/Hinds b 1810 VA, married Sarah Death abt 1830. Lived in Monroe Co. several years, then moved to Tyler Co., WVA until his death near Pleasants Co. abt 1852. Sarah returned to Monroe Co., Ohio and married John Nalley, abt 1854, and had three more children. Virginia Hinds Meek

Howland, William: I am trying to find his birth father's name and family. Marsea Howland Ilio

Hoyt, Benjamin : I am trying to find information on Benjamin Hoyt Jr. and Roxanna Harran (Harron) his wife. On his headstone his name is listed as Benjamin Jr., William B. Hoyt was his son (my great grandfather). He was born in Vermont and is buried in the same cemetery as Benjamin Jr., I have been to the cemetery a number of times. There are other sons of Benjamin buried there also. I do not have the names handy. William B. Hoyt was married to Mary Hunt. William's son George (my grandfather) was born about 1858. He passed away in 1932 in Orleans (village) Vermont. He was married to Eva Magoon (I have a lot of information on the Magoon's).
I cannot find birth records on any of these Hoyt's. I do have William and Mary's, and George and Eva's death certificates. I have nothing on Benjamin and Roxanna. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and take care. Mary Hoyt

Huff, Clement Edgar: Clement Edgar Huff purchased a Farm in Station 15, Mill township Tuscarawas/Harrison County, with money from winnings with his race horse. He also lost one arm in a railroad accident while working as a brakeman. Wife own and operated a boarding house. Sue Huff

Huff/Smith: I'm looking for more information On Flora Estell Huff b. 16-Feb-1866who married 7-Oct-1882a Daniel H. Smith.b1860 d. 1900 They had three children Ernest b.1887, Lewis b. 1887, Cleo b. 1894. They had traveled to several western states and Daniel had been thrown out and Flora had help from the churches in returning home to Ohio. Finally in the winter moths of 1900 Daniel and Flora lived in a house on the Stephenson farm in New Athens, Belmont co Ohio. Daniel had one of his drunken spells and left but vowed to return to kill them all. Two weeks passed before he returned. During this time the oldest Ernest obtained a job to raise money to buy lead to make bullets to protect his family. When Flora heard that Daniel was back in the area she took the kids to the back yard corner fence and covered them with a sheet to hide from Daniel. They could not stand the coldness so they returned to the house and nailed everything shut that they could. Daniel arrived drunk and beat on several doors before getting in the back door. That's when Flora took the gun from Ernest and shot Daniel in the head. Mr. Stephenson had heard Daniel attempting to break in and by the time he got there it was over. Flora's children stood by her side through the entire trial. She was found innocent and left town with Ernest carrying the gun for the train station to go to her brothers home, Clement Edgar Huff at Station 15. Mill Township Tuscarawas Co/ (Now) Harrison County Ohio, USA.

Huffman, Mary Christina Neubriger: I can find no data on my great grandmother or her parents except the Delaware cemetery and it just lists birth/death and husband. Her parents were both born in Germany. What I would like it to find her family both in the states and Germany. I'm also having trouble with my great grandfather, her husband's side. I'm about to go nuts looking, so thanks for the break!  Mona Dollarhide

Huffman: I would like to get any information that you may have on the Huffman's buried in Maple Grove cemetery in North Lewisburg Ohio. Thank You. Linda Norton

Jasper, Ida: Ida had several children, Roy N, Nina M, Charles, Wile and Laurout. I would like any additional information, especially when she died. She was at my mother's wedding in 1960 so she died some time after that. Thanks. Julie Cafaro

Jones, Frank : Frank Jones b. abt 1866-76 m. abt 1897 Maggie Thurman b. abt 1867-77 Children: Bessie m. Jena Wallace James William b. abt 1898 Vena Elizabeth m. Robert Wilson & Jasper Whiting. b. 25 May 1901 d. April 10, 1981 Enouch Michael b. 22 Apr 1903 George W. b. abt 1905 Edgar Franklin b. abt 1909 d. September 21, 1963 Oscar A. b. abt 1909 d. October 31, 1964 Vena Jones/Wilson/Whiting is my G-grandmother her death certificates states she was German/Indian and was born in Adams County Ohio. From her daughter states this is true and that the Native American decent comes from the Jones side and that Frank's mother was full blooded Native American, but she cannot remember what Frank's parent's names were nor could she remember what tribe his mother was from. Georgeanna Hallemann  

Junkin, Joseph: I am researching my Junkin ancestors who came over from Ireland around 1733 to PA. Then around 1850 they located to Miami Co IN and to OH. Any information on the Joseph Junkin I line would be appreciated. Joyce

 Kendrick: Looking for any information on ancestors of Samuel Woodrow Kendrick, son of Henry Monteville and Dora Smith Kendrick, twin brother of David Wilson, brother of Arvin Boyd Kendrick and Rena Kendrick Hatfield... Sophie Jean Kendrick Ray

Kessinger: Can anyone give me any direction to go. Where in Maryland was he located in 1775. His name was Matthias Kessinger. Shirley Cox

Kinison, John Wesley: Looking for any information on John Wesley Kinison who married Nancy Jane Durham in Clay Co. West Virginia Nov 18, 1880. They had 13 children. 2 died at birth, James, Osha, Jess, Ollie, George, Howard, Barbara, John W. Jr, Sara, Pearl and Hugh. Pauletta Fouty

Kish (Kiss): Great Granddaughter of Joszef Kanyasi and Julianna Kerekes Granddaughter of Emeric James & Clara Kiss maiden name (Kanyasi) Married in 1917 Emeric 1896-1975 Clara 1897-1975 Daughter of Emerick & Irma Kiss-Kish maiden name (Schroth) Married June 12 1948 in Auerbach Germany Emerick 1919-1986 Irma 1923 My maiden name was Kiss but was changed to Kish when they came to America in 1949 Great niece of Charles & Barbara Sabo (Kanyasi) Barbara and Clara were sisters I am interested in finding any information on my family ancestry! Thank you! Evelyn

Lambert : Trying to verify birth place of Sterling Lambert and any information on his parents. I have no information on John Lambert or Mollie Jaynes Lambert. Sharon Ford

Lee, Vera Mae: Looking for first husband (believed first name to be Robert) and first child (daughter-name Barbara, born 1930). Believed to have Lived somewhere around Birmingham Al. Grandmother was very vage about past because it hurt to talk about it. She had a little brother who died at 2 from internal bleeding. Her mother died shortly after brother was born and her father's mother raised her until she died and was past around to family and friends until she married first husband much older than her. Two yrs after her first child was born her toke off with baby Barbara. And was divorce and married her second husband John Keenum in 1936 and had three more children, Nancy, Jewel, and David Keenum. David was killed in a car wreck March 11,1974 I believe, and Nancy died Jan.16.2006. Jewel is still living. Hope pray for some kind of lead. Thank You  Janice Douthit

Loerh, Wanda: Wanda Sonnenburg Loerh is my great grandmother. She was approx. 16 when she came to NYS from somewhere in Germany, possibly near Poland. She always made spatzels. John Loehr was from Ohio possibly. Theresa De Bari

Lowney: I am searching for any information on the Lowney, Milliken, Kettlewell family's  my dad his parents Charles and Marion Lowney. Marions mother Caroline Kettlewell (Milliken) married to I believe William Kettlewell maybe James? Kettlewell would really love any info. Marion and her mother are buried in Strathroy Cemetery sister still living Ontario Canada.  Valerie

Mahan : Most of our relatives came from Shannon Co., MO. I can put some of them together. I do know they were in PA., Ohio, Indiana, then MO. Some moved to Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Arizona. There was so many children in each generation. It is hard to put them together. I do understand we have some Mahan's in Iowa to that are related. Mahan has been a real hard one since there are so many of us. Julie

Marriot, Francis J : I am looking for anyone who may have known my mother's (Theresa) biological Mom, Francis J Marriot. I have a lot of questions that are still unanswered. Julia Ross Adams

Maston, Geoge: I am trying to help a French family find the family of: George L. Maston. I have copied and pasted the letter I received from them. Letter: A man Vincent Barbier write us (to 0138482 Vincent found a medal in a garden in St Georges sur Cher (41 Loir & Cher). He asks who could help him to find the American soldier or his history. "Bonjour, J'ai trouvé une plaque de soldat américain; elle est ronde (3.5 cm de diamètre)et porte les inscriptions suivantes: GEORGE.L.MASTON K CO 163.1NFT 413D1V. U.S.A. Elle a été trouvée dans un jardin à st Georges sur Cher (Loir et Cher 41) Pouvez vous me donner des éléments pour identifier ce soldat (1917 ? ou 1944 ?) Par avance merci de votre réponse. Vincent Barbier" I hope you are well. Amicalement France Ann Druhan

Looking for Agnes May born 1856 Kilkivan Argyle Scotland emigrated to United States June 1871 came with father Duncan May, mother Mary , brothers John, Archibald, sisters Euphimey, Mary Agnes. Need to know marriage, to whom children and place of death believed Agnes lived some time in Pennsylvania.  Wish to find any one researching that name they had sons named John born 1849 and Archibald born1856. Daughters Flora born1846,Mary Agnes born 1849,Ufamie born 1855, Agnes born 1856 Archibald was my grandfather.
I am interested in finding information about john may . he emigrated from Scotland in 1872. lived at Houtzdale Clearfield Pennsylvania .Had at least one child there named Duncan . His wife's name was Maggie .
Walter would have been the second child of Duncan and Mary May. Born in Argyll Scotland in 1846 , came to the united states in 1871 He worked as a coal miner in Pennsylvania,may have worked in Illinois and Iowa. It is not known if he ever married. Any one having information on his life please contact. Looking for marriage of Walter May to Mildred ? in about 1901-1902 maybe at Polk Garfield MN. Had two daughters, Florence and Hazel.  Margaret Rustand

McFarland, Mildred Hummel: Looking for any info. on Mildred Hummel Mcfarland. Went to school at Brooks Run in Bellaire, Ohio. She is my Grandmother. W Wills

McLeod, Cornelius N.: I'm looking for the cemetery that Cornelius N. McLeod, (my great great grandfather), is buried. If anyone has this information or may know how I can obtain this information please contact me. Thanks Lynne W. Coyle

Miller, John : I'm researching John & Mary Miller from Gallia Co., OH.   Children:  James Robert (my g grandfather), William Henry (these two moved to KS), Hannah (Married Brown & Coffman), Aldia, Mary or Martha Jane (last name Marshall in obit of ggfather in 1929,  living in Orting WA) Jacob, William Henry's death certificate it mentions his mother's maiden name as Skinner.  We seem to have some discrepancies.  I have her maiden nam e as McFarland.  From my research  Mary (Polly) McFarland had a sister that married a Skinner.  Any relation or any help would be appreciated!! Beth Gregory

Miller: My Millers are from Alexander and Catwaba and Iredell and Meckenburg County, NC. Sandy

Miller, Edwin H. : Looking for anyone who has more information on Edwin H. Miller or related descendents. O. Moore

Miller : I am researching Wm." Saul" Miller family from PA
My Great-Great Grandfather's second wife Mary Jane Atkinson came from and is buried in Lima, Ohio.
I am researching my husband's Miller's also from PA ... Two brother's August Frantz and Frederick " Fritz " Miller changes their name from Muller [ only the two brothers came here from Germany between 1850 & 1860.
My husband's brick wall is his Great Grandfather John D. Rush .. Born: October 12,1829 in Philadelphia, Pa and Died: September 20,1902 in Montoursville, PA. Clara Miller

MORAN: We would like to know what MORAN Family our Great X 3 Grandmother came from. Her name was Frances Moran but on many documents she is listed as Fanny or Fannie... Fanny was said to have been born in Ireland ca..1828 and she may have emigrated ca..1845 to St. John New Brunswick Canada.. though she may have come to Canada earlier than 1845. On January 10 1847 Fanny Moran married John Cullinan.. a tailor.. they were married in St. John New Brunswick Canada.. at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.. John and Fanny Cullinan remained in St. John until after the birth of their 1st Child a daughter named Deliah Bridget Cullinan who was born on October 3 1847 in St. John NB.. The next 2 children of which my Great x 2 Grandfather Micheal Joseph Cullinan was one.. were born in Boston MA USA.. so the family moved from St. John NB to Boston MA.. sometime after 1847 but before May 26 1849..Micheal Joseph Cullinan's birth date.. Another daughter Mary Ann Cullinan (Quinn) was born in Boston in 1851...however by 1855 the family was back living in St. John New Brunswick as they had a child.. another son baptized at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in St. John NB Canada...and all future children were born in St. John NB.. We feel that Fanny must have had some relatives somewhere.. and we are aware that there was a Shipbuilding Business that was run by a Moran Family in St. John NB.. but we have nothing to connect her to them.. Any information on the family of Frances (Fanny) (Moran) Cullinan would be greatly appreciated by her descendants... Regards Frederick Perry-Parent

Morgan, James : Wanting to know what happen to James after 1881. Supposedly went to south Carolina, but have no real evidence. Can anyone do census on him and wife Amanda for 1900? Thanks for any help. Tim Morgan

Moyer : Need the birth dates, place and names of Florence's siblings .Need her fathers (Frank Moyer) birth date, his parents and siblings. Also need parents , siblings and place birth of Ralph Wilson Reynolds who was born 1 Oct 1888. Florence and Ralph had their first child James Wilson Reynolds 1914 in Stryker, Ohio. Susan Lynn Chase

Murphy, Alexander : Looking for the parents of Alexander Murphy ( not listed ) . And where his ancestors came from, and when they came here. Also looking for info about where he lived in Spartanburg, SC and what he did for a living. Did he have land or property? They list one of his children as having been born in Penn. Did he have relatives there? I know that he moved to Pope, ILL., and that he died there. But where did his relatives come from? Michele Murphy Roberts

Nolan/Noling: I am looking to connect with anybody who is also researching this family or their descendants. Hannah's other sons are Uriah & Peter. John and Elizabeth's children: Zephalinda D. m: Henley Hollingsworth; Annetta Virginia m: Seth Wilkinson; Hannah Noling; Franklin Noling; Mary L. Noling; James M. Noling; John T. Noling; Everett Alphonse "Al or A.E. m: Mgt. McManamay; Emma J. m: Wm. H. Wilkenson; Maggie A. m: Samuel Patterson; Flora Estella Noling; Dora D. m: Russell Bridges; Robert W. Noling; Rufus B. Noling. I have lots of information to share. Would love to find ANY pictures. Kimberly Nolan Frederick

Odell: Looking for family members of this Odell. I know that the paternal grandfather is named Fred Hayness Odell, and he was born in 1892 and died in 1974 (he is burred at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Ft. Worth). I also know that the paternal grandmother is Alene Bryant Odell. Do not have much info on her. They may have been born in Austin, TX and then moved to Ft. Worth, TX. I know that there is a Clyde Darrel Odell with the dates of 01/14/1932-01/22/1961 buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX. I believe that this is him, but I cannot find any other information. Clyde Sr. also had another child with Marilyn Lee Miller, she was Brenda Ann Odell, and born 10/06/1955 in Ft. Worth as well. There is also a brother of Clyde Sr. and I believe his name is Alfred. There is an Alfred Odell also buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery with dates that would confirm he is the younger brother of Clyde Sr. (1934-1974?). Ingrid Kirschbaum

Oxby: I'm looking for biological family of my father. His adoption birth certificate has his last name as Oxby. I believe his family lived in Bay City MI area. Diane Swiben

Parrish: Looking for information on the Parrish Family. Thomas Parrish and his wife, Druzilla Dorsey Parrish. Lived in West Virginia, Ohio. Their son, Thomas Hudson lived in Ohio, Maryland and married Margaret Darnley. Becky Stack Stadthagen

Ploof, Sarah: Need to verify the maiden name of Sarah Ploof. May

Quarles: Looking for information on Brothers of Forrest Elmer Quarles of Cambridge Ohio. Father William Edward Quarles; Mother Mary Ella Earley. Brothers Harry, Clarence. Kenneth. Moses, George, Eugene sister Marie of Wheeling WV. Family originated from Spotsylvania VA. Furthest I can go back is to a Dunkin Quarles, Slave of ???? Can you trace your family from here? Robyn Quarles

Romain, Anna: Can anyone give me some information on this train & auto crash? I never knew my grandmother. I am trying to research our family. My dad was only 8 when his mom died. His father left all of them & most relatives dead now. Her death certificate has just about all unknowns written on it, Even though her parents were at the hospital when she died. The attending DR. was in Strasburg, & the funeral home was Herlan in Byesville, Ohio. She lived in Pleasant City, Ohio. Patricia Romain Halliburt

Ross, William "Bill": I am looking for my great great grandfather William "Bill" Ross, who was born in Georgia. He married a Clara Bauldwin on 3-12-1923. They divorced in 1935/1936 in Arkansas. He had 2 children Pansy and Franklin. He may have not known the name of his son Franklin since my great grandmother kept him from his children. I am trying to find information about him where he died or where he was born, so that I might find out who his parents were to finish genealogy links. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Heather Stutchman

Rush, Peter: Looking for information on Peter Rush's birth year (Married to Mary Slaughter) and his military service information. Michael Rush

Sandrett : I am looking for Eliza's parents. I'm sure she was born in Belmont but I can't place her with a family. Thanks Char Miller-Jones

Schuster: I am just starting to trace my family. My grandfather was William Schuster. I would greatly appreciate any information. My father, one of William's sons, was Ned Donald Schuster, and his brothers were Dwight (Durant?) & Gilbert and sister was Marjorie. I know the 1900 & 1930 census locates them all in salt lick. Donald Schuster

Scott, John Roy: John Roy Scott is my paternal grandfather. I have quite a bit of genealogy done on my paternal grandmother's side, I am stuck on where he was born and any ancestors of his. He was born in the late 1800's, my dad thinks in Arkansas, I'm not sure. If you can help, I'd sure appreciate it! Cinda Scott

Sharp, John G. : Not much is known about John G. Sharp other than he dealt in grains and groceries. They had two farms in the area. Martha as Mary Martha went by died two year later. They left 8 children under 17 when they passed away and they were spread out. During the next year something happened to one of the daughters. They got together for a photo in August of 1877. I have this picture. The middle son was Albert K. and he was my great-grandfather. He married Dora VanArsdalen of Lancaster, OH. They moved to Huntington Co. IN along with several of her siblings. Andrea Sharp Long

Sidwell : I am trying to locate information on the birth parents and or siblings of Josiah M. SIDWELL's. The census states his fathers birth place as Ireland. Do not know if he came to America as a child or as an adult. Josiah was born in Pa. He lived in Green Co Pa until the 1870s. Then he moved to Calhoun Co West Virginia. He was married twice, once to a Rebecca for a short while and second to Eliza possibly Miller also of Pa., of which he had 10 children , Sally Ann, Lucy, Rebecca , Nancy Ann, Henry R, Robert E, Perry M, George W. William Z and Eli A, (my grandfather). Grace Chambers

Simmons, Thomas/Hazelden, Emma:  If anyone can help with any information on Thomas Simmons or Emma Hazelden I would be most grateful: They had 15 children together I have the information on them also but having trouble finding anything further e.g Thomas' parent etc. Thank You. CLAIRE MCINTOSH

Sheridan: Looking for any info on Michael Sheridan. Left his 2 children in the care of maternal aunt, Margaret Keane Gaunt. Dotti Clark

Skinner, Henry: Seeking more information on Henry Skinner & would like to know who his parents were & the maiden name of his wife, Charity. May also have been born in Canada, according to another researcher. Henry lived in Washington Co., OH from at least 1800-1844. His wife's name was Charity, but Charity's maiden name is not clear. Henry Skinner's children were: Mary, Piety, Letitia, Joseph, Rebecca, Henry, David, Jonas, Samuel Hamilton. Henry probably died in Steubenville, Jefferson Co., OH, but resided in Washington Co., OH. Charity, his wife, died 1849 Marietta, Washington Co., OH. Donna Criswell Mollaun

Skinner, John: John Skinner was one of the early settlers of Washington Co., OH. He came to Washington Co., OH in 1788. A John Skinner is in the 1790 tax list of Washington Co., OH, but disappears after that. Any information is of help to my research. He may have been the father of Henry Skinner, born abt 1772ish, who lived in Washington Co., OH from at least 1790-1840. Henry Skinner could have been born in MD, PA or even Canada. Donna Criswell Mollaun

Skinner, Martha Jane: Martha Jane Skinner's parents have not yet been found by me. She & husband, Thomas Clark Harlow were living in Coolville, Athens Co., OH in 1870. The son of Thomas, Wm, was living next door with his wife, Alice. Martha had a brother, James, living with her in that census. And, a Robert Skinner lived next door. I can't find Robert. anywhere before or after that. In 1878, Martha Jane & her children were in the Athens Infirmary. In 1880, Martha was living in Coolville, Athens Co., OH listed as a widow. She was not a widow. Her children were not with her. In 1880 Thomas Clark was living in Muskingum Twp, Washington Co., OH (as T. C.) and living next door to his son, Wm Harlow & his wife, Alice. Wm & Alice remained in Washington Co., OH where both died. Thomas is listed as a widower. He was not. Thomas Clark Harlow became a patient at the Dayton VA medical Center sometime after that. He died & was buried there - he was a Civil War Vet. He died in 1894. After 1880, Martha disappears. She either died or married again. As I try to locate Martha in an earlier census before 1870, I find many with her name with similar ages. I think she was from the Athens, Washington or Perry Co., OH area.  Donna Criswell Mollaun

Slack : I have much information on this branch of the Slack family.
After Ephraim died, Harriett left the three children, Abraham, Henry and John with Ephraim's bachelor brother, Abraham. She came to Ohio, remarried and had another child, a girl named Nancy. Her behavior after Ephraim's death strikes many people as strange. Melanie Slack

Smith, Edward M.: On the 1850, Gallia Co. OH., census, Edward Smith is living at the home of Sarah Smith. Sarah and Francis are listed as from Va. On later census, Ed. listed his parents as from VA. In 1815, Sarah Neal m. Samuel Smith Sr., in Gallia Co. In 1862, Francis Smith m. John Willey in Clay twp. Gallia Co. She named her first son, Edward. John and Ed both served in the 36th inf. reg. Ed didn't want to talk about OH. He did say that his brother had drowned in the OH river. Didn't say when, or what brothers name was. A Wm. drowned in 1862, leaving a widow, Sophia. Another Smith drowned in 1872. Ed moved to MN., married, and children were, Edward Rice Smith, Arthur Smith, Francis Manuel, Sylvia Sartain. I'd like to know who Ed's parents were, and who his siblings were. Delbert

Spellman, William : This was my gr gr grandfather and we have not found his place of birth or his parents names, etc.......... Pansy Rumsey

Sterling: I am trying to find anything about my gr gr grandparents Montgomery and Hannah or Hanna Patton Sterling. They lived in Pease township in Belmont Co. OH. I would like someone to look up there obit or death certificate so I can find out who their parents were. My gr grandmother her name was Mary Sterling and she married George Trouten. I have hit a brick wall with his family history. I was told that my gr gr grandfather Montgomery passed away in 1898 and my gr gr grandmother Hannah or Hanna Patton Sterling passed away in 1896. Thank you if you can help me out I have hit a brick wall with this. Mary E Pettit

Summerfield, Jackie James: I am looking for Jackie James Summerfield, he is my birth father and I know he is still living, but I have never met him. I have researched and have done a complete family tree for everyone else in my family, I am now working on his. If anyone has any info please let me know. I have him name and year of birth and where he resides now. I want to be able to trace my ancestry on both sides of my birth parents. He currently lives in Cleveland Ohio and was born in West Virginia. Any info please contact me. Thanks for your help. Lost daughter looking for ancestry. Kimberly Ann Dotson

Tipper: I am looking for my sister whom I have not seen since I was 10, I am now 57. We were in the RAF in Germany when I last saw her. She got married and moved to Paignton, and our family never heard from her since ??? There were some difficult circumstances for my parents at the time, she was pregnant, we did hear that the baby was put up for adoption. I have tried on numerous occasions to try to find her over the years with no success. I am now living in the USA. I would appreciate any help or direction. Thank you for your kindness Sylvia L. Ackley

Tirpak: Looking for Family Members/decendents of Mary Evans Tirpak and husband John Tirpak. Mary was the sister of my Grand father Andrew C. Evans (Valeria), Gary, Indiana. My Uncle Andy and his wife Verla came to Steubenvillie and Martins Ferry, Ohio, a lot to visit our family. Uncle Andy had a daughter Linda Sue. Information I have encluded came from the Wills of Marys parents, sent back to my grandmother from Mucsony, Hungary, 1939 - 1940, which I had translated in Chicago; St. Marys Church, Martins Ferry, Ohio; Heslop Funeral Home, Martins Ferry, Ohio. Carol Brown

Tow/Honbrier : This woman is my husbands g-grandmother. She had 3 children on the 1860 Jefferson County, Mo census, surname Hiberner. I have record of Marriage of Thomas Tow to Mary Honbrier in Jefferson County, Mo., 1858. On the 1860 census is my husband's grandfather, Thomas, who at the time was only 10 months old. I would like to know for sure where Mary Honbrier was born. 1860 census says in Missouri. Unable to find any record of the surnames Honbrier or Hiberner before 1860 or after. I have copies of poll taxes paid by Thomas and Anderson Tow in Jefferson county High Ridge Missouri up till 1865. Husbands grandfather Thomas Clay Tow (22 yrs old) shows up in Polk County Missouri on the 1880 census living with his cousin Albert Barnett. Thank you for any information. Wanda Quire

Treas, Spero : Looking for information on my great-grandfather, Spero Treas born in Greece in 1869 died in Ohio 1928. Proprietor of the Conneaut Sugar Bowl in Conneaut, Ohio  Married to Maude (Cornell) Treas in 1907. Karen

Typer, Elmira: My M GM says she was born in Trear, Tama, Iowa, 26 May 1888. Her Birth name was Elmira Typer, At about 4yrs. old she was adopted by Christian Snively and raised on a farm in Stephenson Co., Illinois as Mildred Snively.She had an older brother William Typer born 1877And was also said to be born in Tama Co.. I can find nothing of Typers in Tama Co. I have them in Olathe, Kansas in 1885. Anyone have anything on them? Vic Lopez Sun Lakes, AZ. Vic Lopez

UTSINGER : I am looking for any UTSINGER'S to email me please. I'm quite interested in my heritage. Thank You. Lisa Irene Utsinger

Waters, Pearl Clyde : I know only that this man was my grandmother's birth father. He and my great-grandmother divorced when my grandmother was a small child. My family would like to know where he was born, when, and what he did with his life. Also, when he died and where he is buried. Leslie Grace

Wiggins, John: I am looking for any information on John Wiggins of Escambia County Alabama. Thanks for any help. Lannie

Williams, Bennett : Search for the ancestors and siblings of my great, great grandfather, Jeremiah Williams. Jeremiah  was born in CT. in 1793. The family migrated to OH. He married Lovine Carpenter in Franklin County OH in 1821. There were four children born in OH. They were; Angeline Williams b. 1823, Jeremiah Williams Jr. b. 1825, Lucy Williams b. 1830, and my great grandfather, Cyrus Williams b. 1832. The family migrated to TX. about 1836. Eliza Williams was born in TX. in 1840. I am not sure if she was their daughter or the daughter of a relative that they were raising. I am sure they left relatives in CT. and OH. If anyone has any information on this family let me hear from you. Thanks! Roger Williams

Wilson, Isaac : Looking for the parents of Isaac, he was supposedly born in or near Manchester OH. His parents might be Samuel and Betsy. I do believe that Isaac had siblings from the amount of family names that keep popping up. Isaac married Elizabeth in Clermont OH. I thin the family was living there at the time. Tee

Wood: Looking for where Luna Turner Wood is buried, also her husband Sylvester Wood who died 1910 in Bethesda also. Yvonne Watkin

Wortman : I am trying to find parents of Abraham Wortman born around 1753 in New Jersey. Jan Comiskey

Wyckoff/Robins/Price : I am looking for any information on my grandfather. I know that his father was named George and was married to Flora (Robins or Price). After that, I have no other information. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Tamara Wyckoff

Wylie: Is there any one researching the Wylie family . I would like to know more about my family. Ervill and Mary were brother and sister. Ervill married Emma Guldenpfennig at East Moline Rock Island Illinois 8 November 1880 Mary married Archibald May Hampton Rock Island 01 January 1879. There maybe more family members. I have no place of birth for either of them. I have no names for parents. Any one having knowledge of those names and birth places please contact me Margaret Rustand

Yockey : I am trying to find any information about my great great grandfather both he and my gg grandmother were born in Germany. I believe that both are buried in Martins Ferry.  Chuck Sedgwick

Zellers: I am researching Albert Zellers born in Ohio and Hattie Zellers born in Kansas they had nine kids they lived in Kansas Oklahoma Iowa. That is as much as I can trace down I would like to know what my heritage is because I don't think my family really knows. Pleases any help would be appreciated. Cindy

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