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Butler County, Ohio
Genealogy and History


David W. Banker
David W. Banker, was born April 1, 1821, in Madison Township . His parents were David Banker and Mary McDill, who came to this county in 1819. They are now dead. He was married October 9, 1842, to Julia Lucas, daughter of Samuel Lucas and Hannah McCray, born in Madison Township , February 3, 1821. They have had three children. Samuel L. was born November 22, 1843; Charles D., November 23, 1859, and Harvey , November 10, 1862. The second of these is now dead. Mr. Banker is a farmer.
[Source: "A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio" - Evansville, Ind. 1882]

Jacob Banker
Jacob Banker, farmer and stock-raiser, was born in Ross County, Ohio, June 13, 1818, and was brought to this county in 1819. His father was David Banker, and his mother's name was Mary McDill. The former was the pioneer of that branch of the family which came to Ohio , and was born in Frederick County, Maryland, March 26, 1778, coming to Ohio in 1800, and settling in Ross County . There be married his wife, coming to Butler County in 1819, where he bought a part of fractional Section 12, Township 2, and Range 4, east, upon which was a mill-site where Elijah Mills, a soldier of the Revolution, had erected a corn-cracker, called a mill, about 1800, for building which he received a pre-emption right to Section 1 and fractional Section 12, Township 2, Range 4, east, in Madison Township, comprising a tract of about eleven hundred acres of the best land in Butler County. He subsequently transferred his claim to John Lucas, who received a patent for it from the government soon after the land was thrown open for sale. . David Banker erected a fine mill on the property where the present Mr. Banker now resides, that was long known as Banker's mills, and had at an early day customers from near Richmond , Indiana , and from near Greenville on the north. He continued to reside on this property till his death, which happened on the 25th of January, 1862, at the age of eighty-four. He came into the world the second year of the Revolutionary War, and died in the second year of the great Rebellion. When he first came to Ohio he brought with him, in a large pair of saddle-bags, the metallic part of a set of carpenter's tools, with which to carve out his fortune in this new country, and carried them in that way on horseback over the mountains. Jacob Banker has now in possesion, as a relic of early days on the Miami , the millstone used by Elijah Mills when he erected the first mill on the Ohio River . It is a curiosity. It is sixteen inches in diameter and four inches thick, and weighs less than one hundred pounds. Jacob Banker was married November 8, 1840, to Catherine Selby, daughter of Middleton Selby and Rachel Coon, who came to this county in 1797 and 1802. They have had ten children. Rachel B. Marsh was born August 23, 1841; David, May 8, 1843; Mary E., May 14,- 1845; Ferdinand V., May 27, 1847; Martha J., January 18, 1850; Sarah L. B. Chamberlain, June 16, 1852; Laura C. Conover, March 27, 1854; Emma J., September 8, 1856; James E., March 6, 1859; and Elmer L., July 31, 1862. David Banker, his son, was in the military service from December 25, 1863, until after the close of the war. lie was a member of the Seventh Indiana troop of cavalry, and was detailed on duty as an orderly at the White House at the time of the assassination of President Lincoln. Mr. Jacob Banker was a justice of the peace in Madison Township from 1847 to 1853, six years.
[Source: "A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio" - Evansville, Ind. 1882]

Samuel Bell
Samuel Bell, was born in Germany, and after arriving in this country was married to Sarah Gebhart, born in Madison Township, August 23,1843. His parents were John and Elizabeth Bell, and hen Daniel Gebhart and Christina Lingle, They have seven children. Flora A. was born July 11, 1868; William N., March 31, 1870; David D:, February 15, 1872; Christina, February 26, 1874; John L., January 31, 1876; Edward C-.February 9, 1848; and Elmer E., October 16, 1881. Mr. Bell was in the service three years.
[Source: "A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio" - Evansville, Ind. 1882]

Peter Bennett
Peter Bennett, was born in Germany about 1815. His parents were John and Magdalena Bennett, and they came to this country in 1831, bringing their son with them. He was married in July, 1839, to Susan Iutzi, daughter of Christian and Mary Iutzi, who came to this county in 1832. They have had five children. Amelia Augspurger was born August 9, 1840; Helen Kintzinger, April 21, 1842; Mary, January 14, 1844; Bertha, June 23, 1848, and Randolph , November 24, 1855. Mr. Bennett first settled in Mitford Township , remaining there but a short time. He then moved to St. Clair Township, and then on what is known as the Hagerman farm, where he stayed about fifteen years. He finally moved on the farm called the Snider farm, in Madison Township , where he has aince resided. He has increased his worldly store until he now owns six hundred acres of as fine land as there is in the county, all lying in Madison Township.
[Source: "A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio" - Evansville, Ind. 1882]

Matthias Brookley
Matthias Brookley, was born October 30,1836, in Germany. His parents were Matthias Brookley and Mary Hecklurey. Their son came to this county in 1857, settling in Madison Township . On the 1st of May, 1873, he was married in Trenton to Elizabeth Ebel, born in Cincinnati April 10, 1853. Her parents were Adam Ebel and Elizabeth Fallenstein, who came to this country in 1853. Mr. Brookley was elected supervisor in April, 1879, and held the office one year. He is a boot and shoe manufacturer.
[Source: "A History & Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio" - Evansville, Ind. 1882]


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