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Butler County, Ohio
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Amanda Cemetery 392926N 0842439W  
Astoria Cemetery 393340N 0842751W  
Augsberger Memorial Cemetery 392759N 0842842W  
Augspurger Cemetery 392833N 0842646W  
Baptist Cemetery 392850N 0842735W  
Bethel Cemetery 392421N 0844124W  
Brelsford Cemetery      
Brookside Cemetery 391928N 0842452W  
Burk Cemetery 392605N 0844505W  
Butler County Memorial Garden 392906N 0843011W  
Butler County Memorial Park      
Butterfield Cemetery 391830N 0843918W  
Calvary Cemetery      
Catholic Cemetery 393112N 0842345W  
Chapel Cemetery 392003N 0844426W  
Chapel Cemetery 393235N 0843309W  
Collinsville Cemetery 393041N 0843643W next to Seven-Mile Presbyterian Church
Cotton Run Cemetery 392910N 0843054W  
Darrtown Pioneer Cemetery      
Elk Creek Cemetery 393214N 0842731W  
Fairfield Trustees Cemetery 391847N 0843717W  
Fairview Cemetery 391820N 0844735W  
Fenton Cemetery 392238N 0844211W  
Flankinstein Cemetery 392300N 0843824W  
Greenwood Cemetery 392411N 0843232W  
Hickory Flats Cemetery 392743N 0843023W  
Holy Name Cemetery 392908N 0842733W  
Indian Creek Baptist Cemetery 392753N 0844706W  
Jacksonburg Cemetery 393220N
Jacksonburg Cemetery 393220N
Jewish Cemetery 392118N 0843335W  
Kennard Cemetery 392328N 0844623W  
Macedonia Cemetery 392056N 0844747W  
Mathew-Smith Cemetery 392540N 0844901W  
Middletown Cemetery 393042N 0842343W  
Milford Cemetery 392939N 0844029W  
Millville Cemetery 392353N 0843809W  
Miltonville Cemetery 392958N 0842754W  
Minton Cemetery 392421N 0843914W  
Monroe Cemetery 392658N 0842127W  
Mound Cemetery 392608N 0842137W  
Mount Olivet Cemetery 393044N 0844459W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 392700N 0842131W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 393347N 0842257W  
New London Cemetery 391932N 0844340W  
Old Jacksonburg Cemetery 393219N 0842948W  
Oxford Cemetery 392946N 0844345W  
Reily Cemetery 392547N 0844613W  
Rose Hill Cemetery 392325N 0843136W  
Ross Township Cemetery 392141N 0844133W  
Saint Charles Cemetery 392329N 0844430W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 392902N 0842729W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 392119N 0843328W  
Saint Stephens Cemetery 392424N 0843224W  
Scipio Cemetery 392327N 0844901W  
Scott Cemetery 393002N 0843549W  
Shafer Farm Cemetery 392449N 0842937W  
Shandon Cemetery 391931N 0844246W  
Shiloh Burying Ground     Jacksonburg
Smalley Cemetery 392525N 0842751W  
Somerville Cemetery 393335N 0843829W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 392332N 0842330W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 392405N 0842709W  
Springdale Cemetery 392625N 0844613W  
Stockton Cemetery 391902N 0842944W  
Union Township Cemetery      
Venice Cemetery 391905N 0843908W  
Vine Street Cemetery      
Walker Chapel Cemetery 392728N 0844825W  
Woodside Cemetery 392957N 0844416W  


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