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Butler County, Ohio
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Adventures of a Hog
In the Lebanon Ohio Star, we find the following adventures of a Hog.

"Mr. Gideon Long of Butler county, raised a hog which he sold a few weeks since to John Denman, of his neighborhood for sixty-six dollars. He was shortly afterwards offered forty dollars for his bargain, but determining to take it to Cincinnati, he put it on board of a canal boat for that place. On his route, without his knowledge, the hands on board exhibited it as a show, charging 6 ¼ cents for a sight. When he arrived at the city, an immense crowd visited it and paid for the sight. After keeping for some time, he was offered 300 dollars for the hog, agreed to take it, and received 150 dollars on the contract. But it was not to be delivered until the whole was paid, and while waiting for the balance, it was secretly conveyed away.

Mr. Denman, determining to pursue the animal, embarked on board a steamboat and followed it to Louisville, where he had the satisfaction of finding his hog. It had been exhibited for some time to great advantage. Taking possession of the hog, Mr. Denman descended the river with it several hundred miles and finally sold it for three hundred and sixty dollars. It weighed twelve hundred and sixty pounds and in his route Mr. Denman was offered 250 dollars for it safely delivered in New York. The purchaser it is expected will undertake its transportation to the eastern cities, to show the Yankees what kind of hogs we raise in Ohio." [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, February 4, 1829 - NP - Sub by FoFG]


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