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Butler County, Ohio
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Source: "A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio"
Evansville, Ind. 1882,
Submitted by K. Torp

"We give the names of the soldiers of our wars buried in Greenwood. Some errors are among them, undoubtedly, but the list has been submitted to careful revision by a number of well-known citizens."


Isaac Hammond, 85; died February 22,1847. He enlisted in the service at the age of fourteen years, and was in the battle of Brandywine.

John Reily, 87; died on the 8th of June, 1859. He enlisted at the age of seventeen, and was actively engaged at the battle of Eutaw Springs.

Pierson Sayre, 91; major; died April 4,1852.

John Wingate, 78, of Fairfield Township, Ohio; died April 15, 1851. He was in the closing battles of the Revolution, and was also in the war under General Wayne.

Joseph McMaken, 63, of Union Township, Ohio; died February 10, 1818. He was born in Cumberland County,. Pennsylvania; enlisted in the Indian war under General St. Clair and General Anthony Wayne. He came to Ohio in 1789, and in 1795 settled on section 4, Union Township.

Isaac Hull, 75; died October 6, 1833. He served seven years in the war.

William McClellan, 60, of St. Clair Township; October 2, 1827. Was born in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; employed in quartermaster's department as pack horseman.

John Sutherland, 63; September 9, 1834. Born in Scotland. Was in quartermaster's department in Wayne's army.

SOLDIERS OF War of 1812
Source: "A History and Biographical Cyclopaedia of Butler County, Ohio"
Evansville, Ind. 1882,
Submitted by K. Torp

Robert Rosencrans, 75, of Fairfield Township; born in New Jersey; died January 1, 1865. He was in Captain Collins's company.

Jacob Garver, 74; January 26, 1868.

John G. Roseborne, 84; June 28, 1877. He was born in New Jersey.

John P. Reynolds, 75; March 24, 1858.

John Peirce, 88; May 18, 1872. He was born in Delaware, and was in the battle of Lundy's Lane.

Thomas Stone, 67, of Fairfield Township; April 9, 1837.

Isaac Falconer, 69; November 27, 1840.

John Caldwell, 46; January 27, 1826.

Matthew Hueston, 76; April 16, 1847. Born, in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, and was buried at Collinsville. Was in quartermaster's department in Wayne's campaign.

Captain J. Cleves Symmes, 48; May 29, 1829. Born in Sussex County, New Jersey. Captain First Regiment, United States Infantry.

Wilkins Warwick, 90, of St. Clair Township; May 9,1836.

Captain Abner Torbert, 75, of St. Clair Township; December 22, 1855. Was born in Pennsylvania.

Thomas Sinnard, 53; April 3, 1847.

Dr. Daniel Millikin, 70; November 2, 1849.

Dr. Jacob Lewis, 82, of Lemon Township; July 19,1852. He was surgeon of the First Regiment, United States Army.

William H. Wilcox, 72; September 15, 1851.

N. S. Smith, 63; July 28, 1856.

Vincent Cohee, 87, of St. Clair Township; November 12, 1868. He served under Captain Collins in the Twenty-sixth Regiment, United States Infantry.

F. Perry, of Fairfield Township, 84; June 16, 1873. Born in Vermont, and was wounded at the battle of Plattsburg.

William Clements, 62; April 7, 1854. Born in Ireland.

Robert Clements, 74, of Hanover Township; born in Ireland ; died September 21, 1855. He was in Hull's surrender.

John Freeman, 85; December 4, 1862.

John Woods, 61; July 30, 1855.

John Byers, 79; November 24, 1858. He was born in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, and served as wagonmaster.

Isaiah Vale, 80 ; May 7, 1870.

Edward Brown, 82; October 23, 1865.

Isaac Paxton, 91; October 7, 1861. He enlisted under General Wayne at the age of twenty-two years.

William Dye, 74, of Fairfield Township ; January 11,1864.

William Sheeley, 69, of Fairfield Township; September 8, 1859.

Alexander Delorac, 83; born in Shepardstown, Pennsylvania; September 1, 1870. Enlisted in the Twenty-sixth Regiment, United States Infantry, under Captain Collins.

John Crain, 68, of Covington, Kentucky; March 1, 1864.

Alexander Smiley, 67; December 27, 1857.

James B. Thomas, 72 ; May 12, 1864.

John Vinedge, 94, of Union Township ; August 16, 1868.

Frederick Devon, 62; April, 1852. Served all through the war of 1812.

Samuel Millikin, 83; October 10, 1870. He was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania. He had charge of medical stores of the Northern army.

Major James Patchell, 71, of Union Township; October 4, 1844. Was major United States Army.


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