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Obituaries and Death Notices

Mrs. A. F. Aller
Former Hays (KS) Resident Dead
Ellsworth, (KS) Jan 18.— Mrs. A. F. Aller, wife of A. F. Aller, the Presbyterian minister here, died this morning of an abscess of the stomach. She was 50 years old. The funeral will be held from the Aller residence to-day at 2:30 o'clock and the body will be sent to Carrollton, Ohio, for burial. Rev. Gunckel will have charge of the funeral services at the house. — Salina Journal. Rev. and Mrs. Aller were formerly of this city and Rev. Aller was the Presbyterian pastor here for a number of years. He has many old friends in this community who extend to him their heartfelt sympathy in his bereavement.
["Free Press" (Hays, Kan.), 25 Jan. 1908 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

John James Aller
John James Aller, 85, son of the late Absalom and Elizabeth C. Aller, died Wednesday, February 13, at his home in St. John's, Michigan. Mr. Aller was born and reared near Carrollton. He is survived by three brothers and two sisters, Rev. A. T. Aller of Salina, Kansas, Dr. Samuel Aller of Continental, William of Chicago, Mrs. Jacob Keller of Logan and Mrs. Elizabeth Long, of near Carrollton. Funeral services were held at the home on Saturday. Burial was made at St. John's.
[Free Press Std, 21 Feb 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Jacob H. Bougher
Robert G.S. Bougher

Died of Scarlet fever, in Kilgore, Carroll county, O., on New Year's Day, 1852, Jacob H. Bougher, son of William and Virginia Bougher, in the 17th year of his age; after an illness of four days.

Also, of the same disease, and in the 3d year of his age, on the 11th of January 1852, Robert G.S. Bougher, only brother of the above; after an illness of two days.  [religious sermon omitted]  [Carroll Free Press (Carrollton, OH) 13 Feb 1852]

Samuel Bower
Samuel Bower, 69, who suffered a stroke of paralysis last Wednesday died Saturday morning, April 6, at his home in Bowerston. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. Bert Hast, of Cleveland; three sons, Walter Bower, of Canton, and Dennis and Bert Bower, of Bowerston; three sisters, Mrs. Ella Whitehair, of Westchester, Mrs. Harry Hast and Mrs. Jennie McMillen; three bothers, Robert, of Scio, Harry of Akron and Frank of Columbus. Funeral services were held from the United Presbyterian church Monday afternoon. Burial was made in Longview cemetery.
[Free Press Std,18 Apr 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

John Thomas Crawford
John Thomas Crawford, 66, died Saturday morning, May 4, at his home three miles south of Augusta. He was a graduate from the commercial department of Mt. Union college in the class of 1900, and was a member of the Carrollton Untied Presbyterian church. Mr. Crawford is survived by three brothers. James of Carrollton, and Johnson and Loman, of Augusta. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the home with Rev. Reed of Scroggsfield, officiating. Interment was made in the Crawford cemetery on the home farm.
[Free Press Std, 9 May 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Johnson B Crawford

Johnson B. Crawford, 69, of near Augusta, died Friday morning, July 19, at the home of his brother, James near Augusta. He is survived by two brothers L. R. Crawford and James, both of Augusta. Funeral services were held Sunday at the home with Rev. P. Park Cook , of Canton, in charge. Burial was made in the Crawford cemetery on the Crawford farm.
[Free Press Std, 25 Jul 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

William A Gordon
William A. Gordon, 74, of near Dennison, died Thursday, May 1. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Frank Host, of Dennison; two half sisters, Mrs. James Carrothers, of Dennison, and Mrs. Mary Thompson, of Dover; two half-brothers, Melvin Baker, of Union-tp and Conoway Baker, of Carrollton. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at the home by Rev. F. H. Randall. Burial was made in Union cemetery at Uhrichsville.
[Free Press Standard, 8 May 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

William Karns
William Karns, a former resident of Carrollton, died at his home in Chicago December 8 from paralysis. Mr. Karns and family moved to Chicago about 25 years ago.  He was engaged in the marble business there. [The Stark County Democrat.(Canton, Ohio), January 03, 1908]

James B. Miller
James B. Miller, who formerly conducted a saloon in Carrollton, died at his home in Steubenville on Wednesday of last week.  The funeral was held Friday.  He was a mine boss at the old Hazelton mines and at Somerdale.  He was 54 years old. [The Stark County Democrat. (Canton, Ohio), March 25, 1909]

Virgil Mitzel

Virgil Mitzel, 4 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitzel, who formerly lived in Carrollton, died from diphtheria in the home of his parents at Akron on Saturday. [The Stark County Democrat.(Canton, Ohio), December 10, 1908]

Elizabeth Morrow
Died on Friday the 20th ult, at her residence, near Wattsville, in this county, Mrs. Elizabeth Morrow, in the 75th year of her age. [Psalm 90, verse 10 omitted] [Carroll Free Press (Carrollton, OH) 9 Feb 1854]

Olive Price
Mrs. Olive Price, 70, of Pittsburgh, former postmistress of Bowerston, died Monday, June 16, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Irwin, of Pittsburgh, following a stroke. Besides her daughter she is survived by three sons, Lloyd of Dormont, Pa., Paul and Carl, of Canonsburg, Pa., and one brother, F. W. Wiant, of Bowerston. Funeral services were held Wednesday at the home of O. K. Price, a brother-in-law, in Bowerston. Burial was made in the Bowerston cemetery.
[Free Press Std, 19 Jun 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Kate Snively
Mrs. Kate Snively, wife of Attorney A.H. Snively, of Carrollton, died shortly after midnight at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Watson, 606 Linden avenue, this city, where she was paying a visit.  Rheumatic fever from which she had been suffering only two weeks, was the cause of death. Besides her husband, who was at her bedside at the time of death, three children survive.  Funeral arrangements will be announced later. [The Stark County Democrat.(Canton, Ohio), November 23, 1906]

John Toalston
Fell To His Death -- Prominent Young Farmer Killed While Hunting
John Toalston, a prominent young farmer of East Township, Carroll County, while out hunting climed a tree to shake off a coon, when he lost his hold and fell to the ground, a distance of 25 feet and was almost instantly killed. He leaves a wife and one child.
[Steubenville Herald, October 21, 1897 - Sub. by Linda Holley]

James Booth Tripp
James Booth Tripp, 72, of Bellaire, die at his home Saturday, October 4, following a stroke of paralysis. He was born October 3, 1858, near Leavittsville and spent the greater part of his life in that vicinity. Mr. Tripp was a son of Joseph and Hanna Booth Tripp. He had resided at Bellaire for the past sixteen years. On July 5, 1884, he was united in marriage to Miss Eda M. West. Besides his wife, he is survived by three sons, Roy of Bridgeport and Emerson and Clyde of Bellaire. One daughter and one son died in infancy and a sister preceded him in death. Four grandchildren also survive. Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Leavittsville Methodist Episcopal church with Rev. Couts in charge. Interment was made in the cemetery at Leavittsville.
[Free Press Std, Date: 9 Oct 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Serepta Tripp
Mrs. Serepta Tripp, 80, died Saturday afternoon, November 15, at 3:25 o'clock in her home on Second-st NE, following an illness of several weeks. She was born in Union-tp April 24, 1850, the daughter of George and Mary Toot. On September 24, 1872, she was united in marriage to William H. Tripp in Union-tp. Mrs. Tripp was the last surviving member of a family of eight children, the following brothers and sisters having preceded her in death: Joseph Toot, Shull Toot, Samuel Toot, Sarah Daniels, Clarissa [Christina?] Burrier, Prudence Toot and Phania Buck. Four nephews and nine nieces survive. Mrs. Tripp was a member of the Presbyterian church. Mr. Tripp, former postmaster of Carrollton and son of the late Judge John H. Tripp, who at one time was editor of the Carroll Free-Press, died in 1913. Funeral services were held in the home Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock with Rev. B. J. Yorke officiating. The pallbearers were T. J. Saltsman, J. B. Fiedler, Roy Vasbinder, C. A. Tope, R. P. Sterling and S. Q. Morrow. Interment was made in Grandview cemetery.
[Free Press Standard - 20 Nov 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Theodore N. Vail
Leading Figure in Electrical World Succumbs to Heart Attack
BALTIMORE, Md., April 16 - Theodore N. Vail, chairman of the board of directors of the American Telephone and Telegraph company and long a noted figure in the telephone and telegraph world, died this morning at the hospital of Johns Hopkins university.
Vail became chairman upon his retirement as president. He suffered from heart trouble, according to his physicians. He spent the winter at Jekyll island, off the coast of Georgia, and a week ago, when his condition became serious, was taken to Johns Hopkins.
Vail was a pioneer in telephone and telegraph organizations and was known throughout the world. He was born in Carroll county, Ohio, July 16, 1845, and educated in Princeton and Harvard universities.
Vail married Mabel Rutledge Sanderson of Boston in 1907. His home was listed officially as Lyndonnville, Vt.
Beginning life as a medical student, Vail soon branched into general science, with a particular bent for electricity. He was a friend of Thomas A. Edison.  Vail first entered the telephone business in 1878. He introduced the American system of electrical street railways in Buenos Aires in 1896 and installed telephone systems in the principal South American cities. He became president of the American Telegraph & Telephone company in 1907. He was also a director in several European electrical enterprises. Burial probably will be at Parsippany, N. J.
[Salt Lake Telegram, Apr. 16, 1920]

Anne Belle Wallace
Anne Belle Wallace, 40, died January 28, at her home near Carrollton. She was born in Harrison-co August 29, 1888. On January 12, 1929 she united with the Church of Christ at Carrollton. Miss Wallace is survived by her mother, Rachel Wallace; two brothers, Francis and Ellsworth; three nephews, Emerson, Marian and Ellsworth Jr.; two nieces, Dorothy and Betty Wallace, all of near Carrollton. Funeral services were conducted at the home Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Gilmore, of Malvern, and Rev. Stanley Johnson. Burial was made at Augusta.
[Free Press Std, Date: 31 Jan 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Lizzie Wallace
Miss Lizzie Wallace, 65, died Thursday, June 19, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Dora Dencer at Magnolia. She was born October 20, 1865 in Washington-co, Pa. Miss Wallace is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. J. B. Chambers, of Petersburg; Mrs. R. L. Kelly, of North Canton; Mrs. Dora Dencer of Magnolia; C. H. Wallace of Pueblo, Colo; John Wallace, of Portland, Ore., and Edward Wallace, of Cleveland Those attending the funeral from a distance were: Mrs. W. J. Tuten, of Denver, Colo; Mrs. W. A. Wallace, of New Castle, Pa., Mrs. Tom Adamson and children of Barberton, Pa., and Thomas Wallace, of West Alexander, Pa.
[Free Press Std, 26 Jun 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Elizabeth Wallace
Miss Elizabeth Wallace, 64, of Magnolia died at her home on Thursday, June 19. Surviving are three sisters, Mrs. J. B. Chambers, of Petersburg, Mrs. R. L. Kelly, of North Canton and Mrs. A. M. Dencer, of Magnolia, and four brothers, C. H. Wallace of Pueblo, Colo., J. A. Wallace, of Portland, Ore., T. H. Wallace, of Alexander, Pa., and E. L. Wallace, of Cleveland. She is also survived by a nephew, Eugene Wallace of Magnolia. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon at Magnolia and later from the Presbyterian church in Carrollton with Rev. B. J. Yorke in charge. Burial was made in Grandview cemetery.
[Free Press Std, 26 Jun 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Columbus S Wiandt
Columbus S. Wiandt was born June 8, 1852 and died October 1, 1929. He was one of nine children of the late Israel and Esther Wiandt, all of whom are dead. He was married August 13, 1892, to Emma McClain of Smithfield, who died the following year. Mr. Wiandt was a life-long resident of Harlem Springs, where he had many friends. Funeral was held October 3 and was conducted by Rev. B. J. Yorke. Burial was made in the Harlem cemetery.
[Free Press Std, 10 Oct 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Jennie Ault Wiggins
Mrs. Jennie Ault Wiggins, 81, of near Harlem Springs, died at her home Wednesday, November 12. She was born at Island Creek, Jefferson-co, December 25, 1849 and was the last surviving member of a family of eight children. The following children survive; Mrs. Minnie Adams, Mrs. Sadie McLaughlin Mrs. Annie McLaughlin, Mrs. Margaret Lowdermilk, Mrs. Clara Cogsil, John, George and Wayne Wiggins. Thirty-five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren also survive. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Presbyterian church in Harlem Springs. Burial will be made at Harlem Springs cemetery.
[Free Press Std, 13 Nov 1930 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]

Mary Wyant
Mrs. Mary Wyant, 86, of Bowerston, died at her home on Wednesday, March 20, after an illness with Bright's disease. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Denny and one son, George Wyant, both of Bowerston. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at the Untied Brethren church. Interment was made in Longview cemetery.
[Free Press Std, 28 Mar 1929 - Sub. by Janet Reinhold]


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