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Maple Grove Cemetery

Mechanicsburg, Oh

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Birke, John   b- Ireland 23 Mar 1915 72y   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Blue, Ann     13 Mar 1853 8y 3d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Calvin     1 Sep 1845 2y 11m 2d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Charles     18 Jul 1863 22y 9m 19d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Dennis     17 Aug 1880 48y 9m 11d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Henry     9 Feb 1882 54y 2m 28d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Jew     26 May 1911 74y 7m 4d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Joseph     9 Mar 1866 36y 10m 6d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Margaretta     31 Mar 1863 24y 5m 26d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, Sarah     23 Jul 1911 85y 7m 6d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Blue, William     28 Oct 1882 58y 29d   [Sub. By L. Dietz]
Curl, John   1822 1904   next to Malinda Sub. By Karen Rathbun
Curl, Malinda Frankenberger 1825 1907   w/o John Sub. By Karen Rathbun
Dye, Samuel     15 May 1909 76y 10m 7d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Gibson, Dorsey   b- Pike Co, O 23 Aug 1909 27d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Lombard, Cora L Lombard   5 Sep 1909 45y 7m 19d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Lyons, Llewellyn     10 Feb 1915 66y 4m 17d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Nichols, James H     27 Dec 1915 69y 5m 8d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Ritchie, Edward H   1849 1921   s/s as Lucinda Sub. By Karen Rathbun
Ritchie, Lucinda J Curl 1849 1923   s/s as Edward Sub. By Karen Rathbun
Romine, Rebecca Harlan b- Chester , Pa 7 Jul 1909 81y 7m 8d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Tarbutton, Mable     27 Aug 1909 25y 6m 12d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
West, Clarence H   1877 1965   Parents: Aquilla and Alice (Stratton) West Sub. By Karen Rathbun
West, Esta B Neer 1881 1971   Parents: Bruce & Mary Elizabeth (Wilkinson) Neer Sub. By Karen Rathbun
White, William S     10 Feb 1909 69y 20d   ["Ohio Source Records"]
Yoder, Robert J Sr     7 Feb 2011     ["Ohio Source Records"]


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