Champaign County, Ohio
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Baptist Cemetery 400342N 0834519W  
Barger Cemetery 400947N 0835543W  
Beltz Cemetery 401328N 0833711W  
Black Cemetery 401140N 0833343W  
Bodey Cemetery 401051N 0835537W  
Britton Cemetery 400507N 0833231W  
Buck Creek Cemetery 400235N 0834034W  
Butcher Cemetery 401326N 0833351W  
Cable Cemetery 401013N 0833753W  
Calland Cemetery 401359N 0835209W  
Concord Cemetery 400927N 0835030W  
Connor Cemetery 401204N 0835515W  
Cook Cemetery 400303N 0835053W  
Corbet Cemetery 401025N 0833606W  
Craig Cemetery 401511N 0835234W  
Evergreen Cemetery 400720N 0835758W  
George's Chapel Cemetery      
Grace Cemetery 400449N 0833831W  
Grafton Cemetery 400442N 0835532W  
Grandview Cemetery 400601N 0834403W  
Halterman Cemetery 401320N 0835638W  
Harbour Cemetery 401214N 0835256W  
Harbour Cemetery 400808N 0835019W  
Hazel Cemetery 400659N 0833059W  
Hearst Cemetery 401552N 0835416W  
Hewling Cemetery 401358N 0834937W  
Hill Cemetery 400402N 0835540W  
Hopewell Cemetery 400200N 0833614W  
Huddleston-Sills Cemetery 400438N 0840126W  
Idle and Stevens Cemetery 401025N 0834814W  
Idle Cemetery 400426N 0835126W  
Jenking-Kite Cemetery 400545N 0835255W  
Jenkins Chapel Cemetery 400922N 0833631W  
Johnson Cemetery 401310N 0833857W  
Johnson Cemetery 401150N 0835135W  
Kenton Memorial Cemetery 400749N 0834847W  
Kingscreek Baptist Cemetery 400943N 0834338W  
Kingscreek Cemetery 401009N 0834407W  
Lutheran Cemetery 400753N 0835731W  
Lyons Cemetery 400919N 0835706W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 401310N 0833431W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 400337N 0833359W  
Martin Cemetery 401122N 0833105W  
Mead Cemetery 401146N 0833649W  
Miller Cemetery 400928N 0835430W  
Mount Carmel Cemetery 401208N 0834009W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 400937N 0835818W  
Mount Tabor Cemetery 401345N 0834138W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 400450N 0835705W  
Muddy Run Cemetery 401441N 0834636W  
Myrtle Tree Cemetery 400714N 0835335W  
Neal Cemetery 401323N 0840028W  
Nettle Creek Cemetery 400545N 0835023W  
Newsom Chapel Cemetery 400232N 0835643W  
Oak Grove Cemetery 401200N 0834156W  
Oakdale Cemetery  400607N 0834357W  
Owens Cemetery 400514N 0835032W  
Pisgah Cemetery 400344N 0834034W  
Prince Cemetery 400555N 0835326W  
Rector Cemetery 400144N 0835013W  
Reformed Cemetery 400753N 0835734W  
Roberts Cemetery 400825N 0840058W  
Rosedale Cemetery 401219N 0835903W  
Rusk Cemetery 401152N 0835837W  
Russell Cemetery 401306N 0835520W  
Salem Cemetery 401429N 0835255W  
Scott and Pullins Cemetery 401106N 0834845W  
Shaffer Cemetery 400248N 0835306W  
Sharon Cemetery 400638N 0833831W  
Shockey Cemetery 400435N 0834920W  
Sills Cemetery 400227N 0840134W  
Smith Cemetery 400312N 0840117W  
Snider Cemetery 400605N 0835020W  
Snowhill Cemetery 400850N 0834707W  
Sodom Cemetery 400805N 0833409W  
Spring Grove Cemetery 400837N 0835528W  
Spring Hills Cemetery 401512N 0835213W  
Sullivans Cemetery 401307N 0834957W  
Terre Haute Cemetery  400308N 0835251W  
Treacles Creek Cemetery 400710N 0833456W  
Union Chapel Cemetery 400707N 0833811W  
Upper Honey Creek Cemetery 400437N 0840116W  
Ward Cemetery 401148N 0835747W  
Wesley Chapel Cemetery 401308N 0834904W  
Wilkson Cemetery 401449N 0835642W  
Winn Cemetery 400135N 0834242W  
Woodstock Cemetery 401021N 0833211W  
Zerkle Cemetery 400234N 0835353W  
Ziegler Cemetery 401322N 0834753W  
Zimmerman Cemetery 400800N 0835307W  


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