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Power of Attorney

Source: "Book AA, Recorders Office", Champaign County, OH
Originally Abstracted by Pat Stickey and pub. in the "Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter", Oct/Nov/Dec 1997 -

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by a Friend of Free Genealogy

Power of Attorney

Pg 2 of Book AA
4 Jul 1816 -- Isaac Zane, Sr.. William Zane. Nancy Zane McCullough, Ebenezer Zane, James M Reed and Betty Zane Reed, Robert Armstrong and Sally Zane Armstrong, Isaac Zane, Jr., Catherine Zane appoint James M Reed atty to sell S14 T5 R12

Pg 9
13 Apr 1816 -- Hugh and William Cameron of Baltimore Co.. MD appoint Christopher Walker of Cincinnati, OH. atty to recover from David Lowry. executor of will of Hugh Cameron dec'd.

Pg 11
5 Nov 1813 -- John Watts of Bedford Co.. VA appointed Thomas Moorman of Greene Co., OH to sell 889 acres on the waters of Scioto in Champaign Co . and 356.73 acres on waters of Darby in Madison Co.

16 Jul 1817 -- John Hands of Pike Co appoints Wyatt Hands, his brother of Gibson Co, IN, to recover lot in Urbana my deed father owned

Pg 27
1 Apr 1817 -- Samuel Dyer, Sr., of Albermarle Co.. VA appointed Samuel Dyer. Jr., to sell all land in the state of Ohio.

12 Oct 1817 -- Joseph H Hawkins of Fayette Co, KY appoint Thomas L Butler. Esq to transact his business in Ohio or Ky.

Pg 32
13 Dec 1817 -- William Kain of Franklin Co.. OH appointed John Kain Champaign Co, OH as atty to lease or sell land in KY (2100 acres).

Pg 51
4 May 1818 -- Thomas S Hinde and wife Belinda of Ross Co., OH, appointed David Collins of Ross Co atty to oversee 1875 acres in Champaign Co , OH on waters of Buck Creek and 230 acres on waters of Treacles Creek

Pg 62
19 May 1817 -- Richard Taylor of Jefferson Co, KY. executor of Col John Campbell of Fayette Co.. KY appointed Thomas S Hinde of Ross Co atty to transact business of John Campbell estate in Ohio

Pg 64
3 Sept 1811 -- William Beard of Fayette Co.. KY. heir of Col John Campbell dec'd appointed Thomnas S Hinde of Ross Co.. OH to receive from Col Elias Longhorn $1046 debt

Pg 65
5 Sept 1820 -- William W Peyton of Stafford Co., VA appointed atty David Collins of Ross Co to sell 2 tracts in Ohio S# 516 1000 acres and S# 5596 600 acres and convey to Thomas S Hinde of IL 230 acres

Pg 66
29 Jul 1823 -- William Taylor and wife Catherine of Warren Co.. OH, appointed John W. Taylor of Ross Co , OH to sell my undiv of NW S1 T4 R12 from the estate of Adam Wise dec'd.

Pg 78
20 May 1825 -- Thomas Messenburg adm of will annexed of John Messenburg late Sussex Co., VA, appointed Scth Parham of Sussex Co., atty to receive all money due me from persons in Ohio

Pg 82
10 Sept 1828 -- Thomas S Hinde of Campbell Co., KY appointed Henry Beard to sell lands in Ohio.

Pg 86
28 Dec 1827 -- Lawrence Ashton agent for heir George Lewis appointed Mathew Magrew, Esq of Urbana atty to sell land in Champaign County surveyed by George Weeden and rented by Mathew Rose.

Pg 86
22 Nov 1828 -- Hugh Boyle of Fairfield Co.. OH appointed John Thomas, Esq of Champaign Co atty to convey parcels of land - 115 acres to Jacob Stratton, 54 acres to Benjamin Johnson. 25 acres to John Robinson. 10 acres to Phineas Hunt. 10 acres to James lnskep, 100 acres to James Thomas being part of 675 acre tract sold to them by Thomas Davis dec'd

Pg 87
25 Dec 1827 -- Lewis P Comer of Champaign Co appointed Robert Cloud atty to sell land in Wayne Twp

Pg 88
14 Jul 1828 -- Samuel Lewis of Union Co.. KY appointed Lawrence Ashton atty to take possession of all lands in Ohio which my father's will stated and brother Dangerfield Lewis authorized

Pg 102
14 Jan 1830 -- William W Peyton and wife Mary of Stafford Co., VA appointed John H James and Abner Barnet both of Champaign Co and William Willis of Greene Co and Daniel Collins of Chillicothe atty's for land we are interested in Ohio. Greene and Champ Co.. assigned to Valentine Peyton

Pg 106
14 Sept 1829 -- Catherine Woods of Woodford Co., KY widow of Alexander Woods dec'd of Urbana. appointed son Kemp Woods atty to recover any right of dower in my name

Pg 111
30 Jan 1830 -- Jacob Seibert and wife Runah of Berkeley Co., VA appointed John Dawson of Greene Co., OH as atty to sell our interest in SE S6 T5 R10 entered by Joshua Baldwin and sold to John Dawson and Jacob Seibert (210 acres).

Pg 122
14 May 1830 -- Henry C Irvine of Baltimore appointed John H James of Urbana agent and atty to bargain and sell lots in Urbana. 80, 81, 82 and out lots which Miller McDonald bought of Campbell at sheriffs sale

Pg 132
17 Sept 1830 -- Benjamin Doolittle and wife Rachel of Champaign Co appointed Matthew Magrew atty to dispose of all estate in Urbana

Pg 156
27 June 1808 -- Joseph Francis Leroy of Champaign Co appointed friend Samuel Simton of Champaign Co., atty to settle my business in Ohio and sell my house in Springfield to Thomas Beaver

Pg 163
21 Sept 1808 -- John Rue of Champaign Co , about to take journey and be absent for a time appointed friend Samuel Smith of Champaign Co atty and to convey of S35 R9 T4

Pg 165
10 June 1809 -- Arthur John P. Niel of Mason Co.. KY. appointed Henry Machier of Mason Co KY atty to settle with Fabian Eagle of Champaign Co, OH. for amount of judgment obtained from common pleas court

Pg 173
20 May 1813 -- Moses Todd and William Johnson of Champaign Co.. appointed William Colwell of Ross Co atty to demand from John McDonnell paymaster of Col. Duncan McArthur. Reg of Ohio Vol who surrendered to Brig Gen William Hull, for sums of money due our services as privates in Capt Henry Ulery's Co.

Pg 174
24 Jul 1813 -- Nathaniel T Bruce of Franklin Co., OH, appointed John Enoch atty for money due me as a spy in Capt Christopher Woods Co from state of Ohio and USA

Pg 175
22 Jan 1814 -- Alexander Long of Logan Co.. KY. a Sgt in Capt Bradford's company 17th US Infantry appointed friend Lt William McDonald atty to collect all money and clothing due me

Pg 176
28 Jul 1813 -- Daniel Woolverton late of Champaign Co. OH now a member of Capt. Wood's company, appointed fnend Capt Christopher Wood of Champaign Co to receive any money due me for services as a spy in Capt Hinkston's company as due from Ohio and USA

Pg 182
25 Nov 1814 -- William Lemon appointed Joel Walker atty to claim money from judgment obtained against Daniel Robinson by Walker.

Pg 183
3 Feb 1814 -- Robert Renick of Champaign Co appointed Joel Walker of Champaign Co. atty to collect judgment obtained against Simon Kenton in common pleas court of $3000

Pg 198
4 May 1818 -- John Mason, Samuel Wright and Sarah Wright of Champaign Co contract fractional S1 1 T5 R12 on waters of Kings Creek, now in possession of Isaac and Mathew Mason appoint Isaac and Mathew Mason atty to sell

Pg 200
21 Apr 1821 -- Hamilton Stevens of Champaign Co appointed Edward Johnston of Champaign Co. to carry on a suit pending in chancery against Robert Caldwell pertaining to SZE S3 T5R11

Pg 204 1
8 Oct 1836 -- Richard and Deborah George of Champaign Co being about to remove from Champaign Co appoint Charles Flago atty to execute and deliver to St Ledger Neal and his heirs a deed to S SW S5 T5 R1 1

Pg 205
20 Oct 1829 -- John Cowan deed late of Goshen Twp, Champaign Co . OH, devised to son Thomas Cowan and others 140 acres Thomas Cowan and Anna of Washington Co, IN appointed David Cowan of Champaign Co atty to sell their 1/8 title

Pg 207
19 Oct 1836 -- Silas Harlin of Berkeley Co., VA as trustee for benefit of George Evans and family of Berkeley Co., VA appointed Thomas T Evans of Berkeley Co to lease tract near Urbana, to settle with William Silvers the tenant for rent

Pg 209
12 Mar 1836 -- Thomas Pearce and Phebc of Warren Co., IL appointed friend and relative William Francis George of Warren Co., IL to sell land in Champaign Co , OH, S side SW S5 T5 R 11 Phebe Pearce has dower, being mother of William Francis George and widow of late William George of Champaign Co

Pg 212
6 Apr 1836 -- William F. George of Warren Co., IL seized in fee tract in Champaign Co.. S side SW S5 T5 R 11 81 acres appoint Richard D George of Champaign Co., atty to lease or sell

Pg 214
8 Oct 1837 -- William and Emeline Cowan of Beams(?) Co.. IL appoint David Cowan of Champaign Co , OH any to transact business in Ohio.

Pg 215
9 Feb 1836 -- Priscilla Biggs widow and relict of Benjamin Biggs late of Ohio Co , VA, dec'd entitled to dower in large tracts of land in Ohio appointed John A Beam of Guernsey Co., OH atty to prosecute all suits necessary or sell

10Aug 1836 -- John A Beatty appointed substitute any William W Tracy of Guernsey Co in former power of atty case

Pg 217
10 Aug 1836 -- Allen Biggs and Mary, Benjamin Biggs and Ann; Zachariah Biggs. Henrietta Biggs. Washington Biggs and Mary Ann, of Ohio Co., VA; John Beaty and Margery of Guernsey Co., OH; appoint William W Tracy of Guernsey Co., OH atty to sell land and collect money from estate of Benjamin Biggs deed of Ohio Co., VA. Allen. Bcnj, Zachariah, Henrietta, Washington Biggs and Margery Beaty children of Benjamin Biggs

Pg 219
20 Nov 1837 -- John Biggs of Ohio Co, VA one of the children and heirs of Benjamin Biggs late deed appointed William W. Tracy of Guernsey Co . OH any to sell his 1/9 pan of the estate

Pg 222
24 Mar 1835 -- Basil S Elder and Elizabeth M Elder his wife and Joseph Taylor and Jane his wife of Baltimore. MD appoint William L Fisher of Springfield. Clark Co . OH any to sell SE S24 T5 R 10 of 160 acres patented 28 Sept 1830 to Basil Elder and Joseph Taylor

Pg 224
29 May 1838 -- Duncan McArthur of Ross Co . OH seized of land on Buck Creek. Union Twp of 230 acres, appointed George W Cochran atty to lease or farm said land



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