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Narrow-gauge Railroad in Champaign County
From the Columbus Journal: We learn there will shortly be a meeting called of the Columbus people to get an expression in regard to assistance in building the Columbus and Northwestern Narrow- gauge railroad from this city to the Madison county line. A satisfactory arrangement has already been made for a large portion of the right of way. Work has been commenced in Champaign county, and will soon begin in Madison county on the line of the road. The managers of the road here are greatly encouraged by the liberal donations of land, as the right of way, west of the city. We hope a great deal of liberality in that way, will be extended to the road, both east and west of the city On Monday they received as a donation from Mr Holly Arrowsmith a grant of right of way for two-fifths of a mile in Madriver township The liberality of Mr Arrowsmith and Mr. Kenton, will long be remembered by the friends of this enterprise.
The contractors are putting all the men and teams that offer, to work on the road in the Madriver bottoms, as they are aaxious to have the grading done there while the dry weather lasts Subscriptions to the stock continue to come in almost daily.
[Urbana Citizen and Gazette 24 July 1879, Submitted by Peggy Thompson, transcribed by Barb Z.]


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