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A terrible outrage was committed near Woodstock by Indians.
Daniel Howell, of near Woodstock came to this section from Maine at a very early date, accompanied by his wife and two children, the latter eight and ten years of age, respectively.  The exact date of their coming cannot be ascertained, but one is safe in saying that the inhabitants of what is now Champaign County were then very few.  They settled here in the spring and in spite of many dangers, remained unmolested during the following summer.  Rumors reached their ears of terrible outrages that were being committed by the Indian savages.  Howell, taking due precautions, decided to moved his family to a larger settlement on the Scioto River.  Accordingly he started out into the woods one morning to procure enough wild game to last them on their perilous journey.  While hunting Howell was constantly haunted with fears that his family was in danger.  His fears grew on him and he became so apprehensive of his family's welfare that he started in the direction of his home.  When a short distance from his little cabin, his eyes were met with a most appalling and heart-rending scene.  His house was in flames; his wife had been murdered and his youngest child has been taken captive by the heartless Indians.  Just what later became of this man is not now known.  [Monday, April 11, 1927 By Ray Ball for Urbana Daily Citizen]



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