Champaign County, Ohio
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Central Ward School
Urbana, Ohio


 7th Grade Class

Transcribed by Carol Kardos
Proofed by Cheryl Quinn

Armpriester, Helen

Botkin, Theodore

Bowen, Catherine

Brand, Vance

Brinnon, Franklin

Brown, Max

Chavis, Edith

Clark, Harold

Cleveland, Elizabeth

Cooper, Mary

DeSong, Winoma

Diver, Gordon

Dorsey, Winoma

Drake, Katherine

Earnhart, Everell

Forward, Frances

Fromme, Frances

Gardner, Ruth

Goldsbery, Adonis

Gumpert, Richard

Hardin, Marshall

Hawkins, Lawrence

Henderson, Winnifred

Hendrickson, Wilbur

Hunter, Eugene

Huston, Sodema

Johnson, Darwin

Kollmeyer, Kathryn

Leach, Lora

Linville, Dorothy

Meyers, Florence

Payne, Thelma

Pearce, Alice

Poffenberger, Noland

Printz, Leslie

Rodgers, Preston

Starbuck, Granville

Thompson, Francella

Wardell, Delmar

Welsheimer, Evelyn

Yocom, Helen

My Autobiography
By Howard Clark
Central Ward School

I was born April 12, 1906 in Urbana, in the South end.  I was named after my Grandfather, I was not so fat nor thin.  I had no brother nor sister.  I do not remember my first Sunday at Sunday School.  I have had whooping cough, measles, and chickenpox.

I was six years old when I started to School.  My first teacher was Mis Ellis.  I knew my A,B,C, and how to count.

I did not pass the first year.  When I pass to the second grade my teacher was Mis Kidder.  I liked her very well, and that grade we had intertainments, and I had a piece to speak.  I passed to the 3rd grade and in there my teacher was Mis Wood.  In there we had Spelling.

I passed this year and my teacher was Mis Sibert.  In there we began to study Geography and Arithmetic and English.  We learned to divide by long divisions, and in the fifth grade my teacher was Mis Louis.  In there we studied Arithmetic, Geography, Spelling, and English.

I passed to the Sixth grade and my teacher was Mis Duel, in there the studies were Physiology, English, Arithmetic, and Geography.  The first of the year she gave us a problem which was all multiplying.  It was such a long one that I worked several hours on it.  Every time I got it there was a mistake.  I did not get it that night.  She divided us of like classes and one had to speak at Thanksgiving, and the other at Christmas, and the last at George Washingtons birthday.  My was four Thanksgiving, but I was sick and did not get to speak.

The specile teachers were Mis Long, Mis Huler, Mis Felt, and Mis Finley.  My teacher in the seventh grade is Mis Neer, we have been studying History, Geography, Arithmetic, English, Spelling and Physiology.  One Tuesday morning about noon, the School caught fire.  The smoke was coming up from the basement, when the fire alarm rang and we all got out alright and they got our coats out.  The fire wagon came but they had it nearly out when they got there.


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