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Urbana Township/Local School

Northwest corner of Hickory Grove Road and St. Rt. 54.
This school opened September 24, 1917 and all township schools were consolidated here.
The first high school students graduated in 1919. Consolidated with Urbana City School.

Class of 1919-1920
J. Ross Dallas

Fay Thomas (Ream)

Edna Lichti (Henry)

Robert Randall

Marguerite Shambaugh (Burnside)

Ruth Steinberger

Darrell Vandaily

Class of 1921
Charles Bicking

Marion Davidson

Helen Glessner

Kenneth Robinson

Ted Robinson

I. John Young

Class of 1922
Catherine Cooney (Spahr)

J. Otis Everhart

Robert Given

Chauncey Glessner

Lillian Kunkle (Kreider)

Martha Lichti (Mast)

Russell Love

Ralph McDonald

Helen Rooney (Young)

Margaret Thackery (Love)

Helen Ward (Hamilton)

Class of 1923
Harold Barger

Glenna Cook (Geron)

Frank Cradler

Phyllis Davison (Neer)

A. Everett Geron

Donald Oelker

Couffer Robinson

Esther Robison (Schaefer)

Nelson Stallsmith

Class of 1924
T. Payne Cleveland

Marjorie Davisson (Bicknell)

Gladys Hayden (Everhart)

Earl Jenkins

John L. Robison

Margaret Ropp (Keyser)

Wilbur Stallsmith

Class of 1925
Clarence Anderson

Harold Bicknell

Forrest Critzer

Mildred Everhart (Trautman)

Earl Gray

J. Leonard Hayden

Joseph Hurst

Hazel LeFever (Wardell)

Robert Oelker

Frank Robison

Anna May Shambaugh (Black)

L. Wesley Vanscoy

Harold White

Class of 1926

Marjorie Black (Duval)

Joseph L. Bricker

Lucille Cradler (Loe)

Vernon Critzer

Angeline Dulin (Barnes)

Margaret Gray (Lightle)

Ralph Jenkins

Joseph Landers

Edna Maxey (Seeds)

Elizabeth Powell (Brinnon)

J. Wesley Powell

Dorothy Redman (McLaughlin)

Helen Robison (Shaffer)

Adolph Romaca

Clarence G. Shafer

Class of 1927
Orville Birt

Edgar Black

Orren E. Clark

Jean Davisson (Criffield)

Millard Everhart

Beulah Hanselman (Gavin)

Edwin Knight

Helen Powell(White)

Crystel Robison (Petty)

Alice L. Schafer

Kenneth Smith

Howard Stallsmith

Louise Towler (Mapp)

Class of 1928
Addie Cradler (Millard)

Delbert Dill

Josephine Everhart (Prince)

Etta M. Geron (Hurst)

Margaret Neer (Fultz)

James Robison

Alice Stallsmith (Terry)

Ethel Turner (Sturdevant)

Class of 1929
Irene Bandy

Ida Bricker (Scott)

Carl V. Bodey

Beatrice Hurst (Bills)

Theodore Kelly

Elizabeth Landers, (Lyden)

Eugene McAdams

Evelyn M. Shy (Fox)

Russell P. Vanscoy

Marion T. Virts

Jeannette Williams

Class of 1930
Minard I. Evilsizer

Josephine Love

Norma E. Salsbury (Bowen)

Albert C. Schafer

Marvin Sweet

Class of 1931
Mary Behney (Smith)

Harold Cradler

Richard Evans

Paul L. Harvey

Richard M. Hess

Isabelle Romaca (Waitzman)

Evelyn Winfield (Thompson)

Class of 1932
Adeline Critzer (Pieper)

Mary Evans (Davy)

Martha Fielder (Knox)

Arthur Mast

J. Milford (Fritz) Overs

Mary Robison (Hess)

Donald Romaca

Grace Salsbury (Derr)

Helen Seeds (Dimond)

Minnie Shambaugh (Harvey)

Ruth Shy (Nylan)

Helen Snyder (Campbell)

Class of 1933
Marjorie Bowers (Randall)

Ralph Eckurd

Ivan Evilsizer

Dorothy Fitzgerald (Palmer)

Ruby Mayberry

Martha Robison (Cantine)

Marie Seelenbinder (Cradler)

Opal Storts

Alice White (Lowe)

Ervin White

[Class lists from: Page 82-83, Champaign County Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 18, No. 3]

Transcribed by Alice Halderman
Proofed by Cathy Danielson

Historical sketch of the St. Paul A.M.E. Church, Urbana, Ohio

St. Paul A.M.E. Sabbath School, Dec. 3, 1876

The Church of Urbana was organized about the year 1824 or '25 by the Rev. Moses Freeman, who was a Missionary sent by the Philadelphia Annual Conference.  He traveled very extensively throughout the west; when he came to this place he found only a few persons of color and but few members of the A.M.E. Church, but when the object of his mission was made known, he was gladly received and with Frank and Rachael Reno, Lewis and Susan Adams, John and Rebecca Gamon, Elijah Brown and Fanny Carter, met at the house of Sister Fanny Carter, where he preached and organized the first A.M.E. Church in Urbana.  Elijah Brown was the first local preacher; he was appointed Leader of the Class and kept the little flock together until a preacher was sent to supple and care for this little plant.


W.O. Bowles, Superintendent, Julia W. Roberts, Female Superintendent; James Robert Myers, Treasurer, John W. Jones, Librarian; Wm. C. Guy, Ass't Librarian; Walter M. Tudor, Secretary.


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