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Names of Towns and Villages
in Champaign County, OH


Source: Champaign County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Jan/Feb/Mar 1997, page 29

Transcribed by Alice Halderman and proofed by Jean Hanson

Date Platted*

Current Name

Old Name(s) (if any)


1853 Cable Cabletown Wayne
1830 Carysville Trenton Adams
None Catawba Station ------ Union
1817 Christiansburg Addison Jackson
1878 Crayon Pekin/Graftonburo Concord
1900 Eris Jacob/McFarland Concord
1883 Fountain Park ------ Rush
1864 Kennard Kent Salem
1805 Kingscreek Taylorstown/Kingston Salem
None Lippincott ------ Salem
1814 Mechanicsburg ------ Goshen
1833 Middletown Brinton/Daugherty/Darty Wayne
1837 Millerstown ------ Johnson
1866 Mingo Mulberry Wayne
1840 Mutual Texas Union
1826 North Lewisburg Lewisburg Rush
1832 Northville ------ Concord
------ Powhattan ------ Urbana
1893 Rosewood ------ Adams
1832 Springhills West Middleburg/Middleburg Harrison
1831 St. Paris New Paris Johnson
1838 Terre Haute ------ Mad River
1893 Thackery Barnesville Jackson
1805 Urbana ------ Urbana
1815 Westville Magrew Mad River
1832 Woodstock Hartford/Four Corners/Smithville/New Albany/Mudsock Rush

*May differ from officially recorded date due to disparity between actual settlement period and official plat. The date shown represents the earliest one.

Original Source: "An Atlas of Champaign County Landmarks", A publication of CCGS


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