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Website Updates

These are some of the updates made to this website over the years:

July 2016;  obit for ALEXANDER
Sep 2015:  St. Mary's Catholic  Church Baptism Records
July 2015: 1908-09 Death Records;  Divorce Record for SCEVA;  Court records for BELL; partition request for PETTY estate;  List of scholars and teachers of 1876 from St. Paul's school.  1912 veteran reunion;  1858 landowners;  land deeds index for Mad River twp;  Mingo H.S. graduates 1918-34; Under miscellaneous data:  Annual Police Report from 1909; Postmasters, Masonic Directory of 1902

Mar 2015: Enumeration of White, Unmarried Youths in various school districts, 1832-33; Students in St. Paris Village district July 20, 1892; 7th Grade Class of 1918-19; Autobiography of student Howard Clark; Minutes of the Ladies Temperance Committee; Records of the Richard Evans Farm; Bell Family Bible; Johnson Family Bible

Jan 2015: Guardianship Records
Dec 2014:  Town Names, Probate Records, A Surnames; Graduating Classes of 1919-1933; Masonic Order of Champaign Co (under History); history of Niles Sanitarium (under history)
Mar 2014:  bio for BOYD
Feb 2014:  1883 pensioners; bio for COLLINS
Sept 2013:  1840 Census of Pensioners
Apr 2013: List of 1840 Wayne Twp Voters; Early Properietors and Military Surveys in Wayne and Rush Twps (Under County Records)


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