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Wills, Probate and Estate Records

 Write Probate Court, Champaign County Courthouse, 200 North Main Street, Urbana, Ohio 43078 to obtain copies of these records 

ANDREWS, James M. - William HUNT, gdn Gdn bond  15 Aug 1831 - Case # A-47
ADAIR, Phoebe - Wm RICHARDS, gdn Gdn bond 5   Apr  1831 - Case # A-52
ALEXANDER, James O. - Daniel STRAYER gdn Gdn bond 13 June 1838 - Case # A-67
AMMON, Peter - Isaac AMMON admr Inv, appr, bill of sale 23 May 1851 - Case # A-87
ARNEY, Jacob - John W. DAVIS & Elizabeth ARNEY adm Will 2 Nov 1848, inv & appr 24 Nov 1848; sale bill 29 Nov 1848; 1st settlement 29 Apr 1850 - Case #A-196
ALLEN, Robert George et al- Duncan McDONALD gdn Gen bond 21 Aug 1847, acct 28 June 1851 - Case #A-212
ANDERSON, Thomas R. – Samuel McCORD extr Will 14 Jan 1835, act 7 Jan 1843 - Case #A-235
ANTRIM, Thomas - Thomas COWGILL, admr Admr bond 23 Mar 1823, inv & appr 19 June 1823 Sale bill 19 June 1823 - Case #A-313
ARBOGAST, Michael - Geo & Barbara ARBOGAST admr Admr bond 11 Nov 1814, inv & appr 11 Feb 1815 Sale bill  11 Feb 1815 - Case #A-349
ALEXANDER, Carnes - Henry RITTER re-appt admr Admr bond 1826, acct June term 1839 - Case #A-535b
ANDERSON, James - James DUNLAP, admr Admr bond 1823 - Case #A-430
ASH, Adam - John McCALLEY admr  Admr bond 10 Dec 1816, inv & appr 30 Dec 1817 Sale bill, final acct 10 Sep 1819 - Case #A-531
ALEXANDER, Carnes - George SHROUFE admr  Admr bond 27 Nov 1821, inv & appr Feb 1822 Sale bill Feb 1822 - Case #A-535
ARROWSMITH, Lucy, Nathaniel POTTER’S will 1847, Dau of  - Case # A-563
ARROWSMITH, Ezekiel - Mason & Wm ARROWSMITH extrs Will 21 May 1849, inv & appr 18 Jul 1849 Sale bill 18 Jul 1849, acct 14 Apr 1851 - Case #A-585
ALLEN, John - James RUSSELL admr  Inv & appr 10 June 1847, sale bill 10 Jun 1847 Acct 9 May 1849 - Case #A-656
ARROWSMITH, Wesley - Wm HALLER admr  Inv & appr 1 Jan 1845, 2nd inv & appr 12 July 1845 Acct 9 Apr 1846 - Case #A-850
ASBERRY/ASBURY, Rachel  - Will 1 Mar 1825 - Case #A-936
AYERS, John  Will, 15 Mar 1833 - Case #A-952
ATKINSON, Richard  - 41 yrs, intent for citizenship - Case #A-1041
ARBOGAST, Silas, minor gndship - Case #A-1060
[The above list was transcribed by
Cheryl Quinn]

Beezley, John

$150 to John Pricket, stepson, and moveable property, $150 to Nicholas Pricket, 2nd stepson, and moveable property; SI 50 to Isaac Pricket. 3rs stepson and moveable property Bequests to Gefta Davis $75 payable in 1814 and $75 payable in 1815 William, Joseph. Thomas. Isaac Beezley, Jane. Sarah and Rachael Beezley equal portions
(no relationship named) John Morrison $50
Witness: John Warren, Robert Crosly
William Christy will signed 9 Aug. 1812
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Evans, Isaac Sr.

Wife Mary Evans 1/3 all property, children George, Ailsey, James and Nancy Minors, oldest sons Jeremiah and Isaac; daughter Margaret Harlan, son Edward $400 his full share; sons George and James lo receive the plantation, youngest daughters Ailsey and Nancy to receive the lot in Urbana Mary Evans and Joseph Hedges executors
Witness: Joseph Hedges, Christopher Kenaga
William Glenn will signed 29 Jury 1812
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Good, John
Mentions wife Mary Goode; children Robert. Samuel. Gardner, Thomas. Joseph. James. Frances and Sail Goode
James Spain. Thomas Goode, Joshua Spain executors
Witness John Stowe,Thomas Spain
Daniel Spain will signed 22 Apr. 1813
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Hamilton, John
Mentions wife Sarah Hamilton, oldest daughter Eliza (minor), other children not named John Humphreys and John Perrin executors
Witness Robert Renick, John Nelson
Peter (X) Shaffer will signed 19 Aug. 1813
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Kain, Maurice
Land in Kentucky to be sold and divided among John Kain. and William Kain. (sons of Hugh Kain). pay to Elizabeth and Mary Kain, when of age. S50 each (John Kains daughters), pay to Julian Kain, when of age, $50 (daughter of William Kain); pay to John Maurice Kain, when of age. $50 (son of William Kain). Nephew John Kain and John Lafferty executors
Witness: William Stevens
Zepharuah Luse will signed 8 Oct 1809
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

McDonald, William
page 5 - dated 23 Aug 1807; recorded 22 Sep 1817 - Wife: Jennet - Sons: Andrew, James, William, john, Samuel, Ebenezer and Robert; last three are minors - Daughters: Jane Yearnal and Polly - Executors: Sons, William and John - Signed: William McDonald - Witnesses: Thomas Moore and Alex'r McBeth.
[Will Book "A"]
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Mitchell, Samuel
Wife Margaret Mitchell 1/3 of 1000 acres, daughter Mary, son Howard, daughter Martha.daughter Sarah Enos have received their share; son James 1/3 of the acres, son John and Samuel the remainder of acres My share of my brother Edwward's estate to sons James, John and Samuel Mitchell Sons James and John Mitchell and William Stretch executors
Witness: Henry (X) Smith, Phelix Rock
William Stretch will signed (X) 6 Apr 1811
[Will Book "A"]

Morrison, Ephraim
Springfield Twp. - page 4 - dated 13 Jan 1806; recorded 20 May 1806 - Wife: Lettice - Son: Ephraim - Daughter: Nancy - Mentions Nancy Gibson, may be same as daughter, Nancy -
[There may be more children not named] - Executors: Wife, Letty and Joseph Leyton - Signed: Ephraim Morrison - Witnesses: Ira Smith and Hugh M. Wallace.
[Will Book "A"]

Reynolds, Joseph
page 1 - dated 5 Jul 1808; recorded (not given) - wife Sarah - Sons: John, Isaac, Joseph Smith, Jas., Thos., Robt., Martin and Samuel - Daughters: Elizabeth Bonner wife of David G. Bonner, to have land in Greene Co., Ohio where David Bonner now lives; Mary and Sarah Reynolds- Executors: Wife, Sarah and sons, John and Joseph S. Reynolds - Signed Joseph Reynolds - Witnesses: Thomas L. Landal, John Kain and Thomas Parish.
[source: The Champaign County Genealogical Society Newletter Oct/Nov/Dec 1997]

Russel, Caleb
page 3 - dated 3 Mar 1810; recorded (not given) - Wife; Lydia- Sons: William and Caleb - Daughters: Martha Hester, Rebecca and Lydia - Executors: Wife, Lydia; and brother Robert Russel - Signed: Caleb Russel - Witnesses: Edward H. Pearce and James Devere.
[Will Book "A"]


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