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Clinton County, Ohio
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Achor Cemetery 391823N 0834357W  
Baptist Cemetery 393220N 0834658W  
Baptist Cemetery 392314N 0835802W  
Bethel Lane Cemetery 392242N 0834823W  
Betterton Farm Cemetery 391807N 0834551W  
Bloomington Cemetery 393253N 0834233W  
Canney Cemetery 392315N 0833547W  
Center Cemetery 392858N 0835209W  
Centerville Cemetery 392533N 0833915W  
Chester Cemetery 393111N 0835347W  
Clarksville Cemetery 392408N 0835832W  
Clarksville Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 392348N 0835900W  
Coulter Cemetery 393033N 0834106W  
Cowan Creek Cemetery 392201N 0834611W  
Doan Cemetery 393038N 0833728W  
Dover Cemetery 392951N 0834837W  
Evans Cemetery 392706N 0833602W  
Friends Cemetery 391706N 0835405W  
Gaddis Cemetery 392812N 0834748W  
Garface Cemetery 392409N 0833731W  
Garrison Cemetery 391613N 0835805W  
Grassy Run Cemetery 393217N 0834136W  
Haws Chapel Cemetery 392951N 0834616W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 391908N 0834808W  
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 391732N 0835945W  
Jeff /Geff Cemetery 392412N 0833601W  
Jenkins Graveyard     3/4 mile east of New Burlington
Johnson Cemetery 391833N 0834535W  
Jonahs Run Cemetery 392947N 0835850W  
Keiter Cemetery 393342N 0835253W  
Lieurance Cemetery 392229N 0834928W  
Luttrell Cemetery 392439N 0833612W  
Lytles Creek Cemetery 392627N 0835332W  
Maple Grove Cemetery 393320N 0834654W  
Martinsville Cemetery 391921N 0834836W  
Memorial Gardens 392859N 0835203W  
Miller Cemetery 393300N 0835009W  
Mitchell Cemetery 393205N 0835054W  
Moore-Johns Cemetery 392050N 0835239W  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery 392250N 0835350W  
New Antioch Cemetery 392437N 0834456W  
New Burlington Cemetery 393303N 0835155W  
New Burlington Cemetery 393402N 0835705W  
New Vienna Cemetery 391941N 0834132W  
Quaker Cemetery 392703N 0835614W  
Rehoboth Cemetery 392104N 0835547W  
Richland Cemetery 392425N 0833647W  
Richland Methodist Cemetery 392813N 0834249W  
Sabin Cemetery 392904N 0835606W  
Sabina Cemetery 392935N 0833831W  
Salem Cemetery 393326N 0834826W  
Second Creek Cemetery 391858N 0835718W  
Sewell Cemetery 392242N 0835719W  
Sharon Cemetery 393017N 0835628W  
Spurgeon Cemetery 392859N 0834004W  
Sugar Grove Cemetery 392628N 0835003W  
Swingley Farm Cemetery 392049N 0834234W  
Texas Cemetery 392613N 0834214W  
Thorpe Cemetery 393201N 0834153W  
Troutwine Cemetery 391341N 0835008W  
Turner Family Cemetery 391907N 0834811W  
Wade Cemetery 392811N 0834319W  
West Chapel Cemetery 391739N 0834538W  
Westboro Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery 391702N 0835415W  
Wilson Cemetery 392748N 0834427W  
Yeazel Cemetery 392411N 0835914W  


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