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Achor Valley Cemetery 404626N 0803213W  
Albright Farm Cemetery      
Barnes Cemetery     aka Lowries Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery 405222N 0810102W  
Bethel Cemetery 403938N 0804555W  
Bethel-Fairfield Cemetery 405011N 0804302W  
Bethesda Cemetery 404232N 0805356W  
Bnai Jacob Cemetery 403756N 0803632W  
Bowman Cemetery 404501N 0803957W  
Briar Hill Cemetery     Unity Township
Calcutta United Presbyterian Cemetery 404005N 0803432W  
Carlisle Cemetery 404432N 0804330W  
Chambersburg Cemetery 404712N 0810205W  
Church Hill Cemetery 404729N 0804220W  
Clark Family Cemetery 403641N 0804451W  
Clarkson Cemetery 404437N 0803646W  
Columbiana Cemetery 405313N 0804103W  
Columbiana County Memorial Park 403952N 0803537W  
Cool Springs Cemetery 405054N 0804337W  
Crest Haven Cemetery      
Cuppy Cemetery 403540N 0804035W  
Damascus Cemetery 405357N 0805703W  
Davis Cemetery 404207N 0804544W  
Dutton Cemetery 404620N 0805721W  
East Carmel Cemetery 404634N 0803646W  
Easterly Cemetery 405319N 0804337W  
Edwards Cemetery 404602N 0810320W  
Elkrun Cemetery 404839N 0803949W  
English Cemetery 404924N 0804712W  
Figley Cemetery 404537N 0805445W  
Franklin Square Cemetery      
Frederick Cemetery 404755N 0804522W  
Friends Burial Grounds      
Frost Cemetery 404545N 0805159W  
Gaskill Cemetery 404428N 0804510W  
Glenview Cemetery 404937N 0803234W  
Grandview Cemetery 405308N 0805025W  
Grove Hill Cemetery      
Hanover Cemetery      
Hart Cemetery 405052N 0804859W  
Harvey Firestone Cemetery      
Highland Cemetery 404936N 0805014W  
Highland Memorial Park 405352N 0810040W  
Highlandtown Cemetery 403758N 0804518W  
Hope Cemetery 405435N 0805057W  
Hum Cemetery 405215N 0803936W  
Jackman Cemetery 404151N 0803317W  
Kembles Cemetery 404727N 0804129W  
King Cemetery 404859N 0805713W  
Koch Cemetery 405321N 0803312W  
Lee Cemetery 404416N 0804848W  
Lisbon Cemetery 404637N 0804555W  
Locust Hill Cemetery      
Longs Run Cemetery 404016N 0803359W  
Lowries Cemetery 404337N 0804014W aka Barnes Cemetery
Madison Cemetery 404234N 0804048W  
Mason Rich Cemetery 404937N 0803500W  
McKenzie Cemetery 403755N 0804305W  
Middletown Friends Meeting Cemetery      
Miller Cemetery 404605N 0805156W  
Morgan Cemetery 404240N 0804813W  
Moultrie Chapel Cemetery 404748N 0810334W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery 405147N 0804559W  
Mount Zion Cemetery 404519N 0803412W  
New Alexander Cemetery 404714N 0805939W  
New Lebanon Cemetery 404227N 0804920W  
New Lisbon Cemetery      
New Somerset Cemetery      
New Waterford Cemetery 405112N 0803648W  
North Georgetown Cemetery 405036N 0805854W  
Oak Ridge Cemetery 403643N 0804227W  
Oakdale Cemetery 405200N 0804513W  
Ogle Cemetery 403623N 0804639W  
Paupers Field Cemetery      
Phillips Cemetery 405100N 0804947W  
Plaines Cemetery 404430N 0810436W  
Quaker Ridge Cemetery      
Reading Cemetery 405014N 0810139W  
Riverview Cemetery 403820N 0803419W  
Robbins Methodist Cemetery      
Ruff Cemetery      
Saint Aloysius Cemetery      
Saint Elizabeth Cemetery 403628N 0803928W  
Saint Jacobs Cemetery 404916N 0804731W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 405058N 0803327W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 403741N 0804951W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 404334N 0805135W  
Salem Reformed Cemetery     Unity Township
Salem Township Cemetery 405128N 0804811W  
Sandy Springs Cemetery 404457N 0805721W  
Sanor-Hawkins Cemetery      
Scotch Settlement Cemetery 403824N 0803821W  
Spring Grove Cemetery 403803N 0803535W  
Spring Hill Cemetery 403619N 0803931W  
Switzer Cemetery 405009N 0804516W  
Township Line Cemetery 404126N 0803759W  
Trinity Cemetery 404518N 0805136W  
Trinity Reformed Church Cemetery      
United Methodist Church Cemetery of Unity Township      
United Presbyterian Cemetery      
Unity Brick Church Cemetery 405217N 0803423W  
Washingtonville Cemetery      
Waterworth Memorial Park Cemetery      
Wayne Township Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 404312N 0804737W  
West Beaver Cemetery 404145N 0804413W  
Woodland Cemetery 403740N 0805054W  
Woodsdale Cemetery 404837N 0805312W  
Woolam Cemetery      
Yellow Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery      
Zeppernick Cemetery 404834N 0804123W  


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