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Lindesmith Family

Military Records

Source: An insert in the book "History of Hanover, Columbiana County, Ohio, 1804-1908 (1908)"
Author: Voglesong-Woods, Wessie
Publisher: Alliance, Ohio: Review Pub. Co.
Transcribed by Jeanne Hall

Lindesmith; Soldiers in War, Citizens in Peace

For the love of God and our country.

Rev. E. W. J. Lindesmith, chaplain, U. S. A. St. Ann's Orphan Asylum, Woodland ave., Cleveland. Ohio, 1918.

1. Michael Lindesmith, my great grand-uncle son of Daniel Lindesmith and Elisabeth Bernard of Switzerland; Colonel, Berks Co., Reg. Pa. and his three brothers and a nephew in the Revolution war of 1176, and to the end of it.

2. Jacob Lindesmith, Private in Captain J. Atlee's Battalion, Berks Co., Pa.

3. George Lindesmith, Corporal In Richard Hampton's Company, Pa. Died June 8. 1826.

4. Michael Lindesmith, Private in his uncle's Regiment. Born July 8. 1754.

5. Joseph Lindesmith, wife, Anna Hallman: my great grandfather, musician in Pennsylvania Troops in 1776 to the end of the war. He bad four Sons in the War of 1812 in Columbiana Co., Ohio.

6. Daniel Lindesmith, wife, Elisabeth Weimer: my grandfather; musician in Captain Harbach's Troop, Columbiana Co., Ohio: In 1812 war. He had a son in the Seminole war: three brothers in the War of 1812, and seven grandsons in the Civil war.

7. Jacob Weimer Lindesmith, wife, Barbara Walser: my father, Captain Lucy's Troop, for the Seminole Indiana war in 1834 [1831 ?]. He had two sons in the Civil War, Columbiana Co., Ohio.

8. Rev. ?H Washington John Lindesmith; Chaplain. U. S. A. eleven years. two months and twenty days.

9. Jason Wilson Lindesmith, wife, Margaret Jane McAllister: my brother, Company K, 115th O. V. Columbiana Co., Ohio. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Katharine Lindesmith, William Morgan: my aunt, daughter of Daniel Lindesmith and Gertrude Crissinger, second wife; two sons in Civil war.

10. Daniel Morgan, wife, Sidney Ann Reish. Company F, 76th Ohio Volunteers.

11. James Morgan, wife, Louisa Farr. Company F. 76th Ohio Volunteers

Susanna Lindesmith Patterson Copeland: my aunt; three sons in the Civil war.

12. John H. Copeland, Company I, 1st Reg., Columbiana Co., Ohio. Second enlistment, 181st Ohio Volunteers. Severely wounded.

13. George F. Copeland, wife, Tamar G. McCurdy. Company D, 18th Ohio Battalion. Second enlistment Company C, 143rd Ohio Volunteers, National Guard.

14 William K. Copeland, wife, Mary McCafferty. 100th Ohio Volunteers. Elisabeth, Wm. Knepper: my grandaunt: daughter of Joseph Lindesmith, wife, Anna Bauman. Three sons of her son John, one of Godfrey, two of Daniel and one of Peter, in the Civil war.

15. Bernard Knepper, 4th Indiana Volunteers of first wife. Barbara Ehrhart: two of the second wife, Hanna Custer.

16. Noah Knepper, 1st Indiana, 16th Battalion. Died, Alanta, Georgia.

17. Albert Knepper, wife. Araminta Custer. Company K, 115th [possibly not a 5] Ohio Volunteers.

18. William Knepper, Indiana Volunteers, Beach, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

Daniel Knepper: two sons in the Civil war.

19. Daniel Knepper, Jr., Indiana Volunteers.

20. Henry Knepper, Indiana Volunteers.

21. William Knepper, wife, Ellen Class; son of Peter Knepper. Company K, 3rd Ohio Volunteers.

22. Jacob Lindesmith, wife, Susanna Crissinger; my granduncle; son of Joseph Lindesmith and Anna Bauman. During the War of 1812 he attended to the farms of his three brothers and his own. (War can't do without farmers); son and grandson in the Civil war.

23. David K. Lindesmith, wife, Malinda Krider. Company E, 48th Indiana Volunteers. Severely wounded.

Hannah, John Young; daughter of Jacob Lindesmith, wife, Susanna Crissinger; son in the Civil war.

24. Jacob A. Young; 81st Ohio Volunteers, 15th Corps. Promoted 2nd Lieutenant.

25. John Lindesmith, wife, Anna Mary Boyer; my granduncle; son of Joseph Lindesmith, wife, Anna Bauman. Captain Zimmerman's Company. Columbiana Co., Ohio: in the war 1812: grandfather of nine in the Civil war and granduncle of twenty-three; great grand-uncle of four in the Phillipine war.

Susanna, Samuel Crissinger, daughter of of John Lindesmith, wife, Anna Mary Boyer; son in the Civil war.

26. Samuel Crissinger. Died in the army.

Joseph Lindesmith, wife, Elisabeth McKarns: son in the Civil war.

27. Thomas Fife Lindesmith, wife, Sarah A. Fitzer. Company F, 12th Indiana Cavalry: 1st Company Bugler. Captain B. 0. Wilkerson: Colonel Anderson, Cassco, Indiana.

28. James L. Anderson, Company K. 115th Ohio Volunteers. Died in the Army

29. John C. Anderson, wife, Elisabeth Lindesmith. Company C, 143rd Ohio Volunteers, National Guard.

Delila, John Brechner; daughter of John Lindesmith and Anna Mary Boyer. Five sons in the Civil war.

30. Aaron Brechner, Company B, 47th Indiana. Colonel James Black.

31. Joseph Brechner, wife, Lydia Sefang.

32. Wilson Brechner, wife, Florence T. Cramer.

33. Peter Brechner, wife, Catherine Bitner. Company B, 47th Indiana Volunteers. Colonel Black.

34. Samuel Brechner, wife, Susan Kunce. 108th Indiana. Captain Joseph Baldwin.

35. Peter Lindesmith; my grand-uncle; in the War of 1812. Wife Susanna Ehrhart. Seven grandsons in the Civil war. Two great-grandsons in the Philippine war.

Elisabeth, Daniel Crissinger; daughter of Peter Lindesmith and Susanna Ehrhart. Three sons in the Civil war.

36. William Crissinger. wife, Mary Martha Whitcraft. Served in Carroll Co., Ohio Company.

37. Simon Peter Crissinger, Company K. 157th Ohio Volunteers. Milwaukee Soldiers' Home.

38. Samuel Lee Crissinger, wife, Sarah Ann Reed. Two terms 3rd Ohio Battery to July 31. 1865. Promoted Sergeant for bravery at the battle, Atlanta. Ga.

Daniel Lindesmith of Bryan, Ohio, wife, Ann Cox; son of Peter Lindesmith and Susanna Ehrhart. Three sons in the Civil war.

39. David Lindesmith, Company K, 68th Ohio Volunteers, a medical student.

40. Peter Lindesmith, Company K. 68th Ohio Volunteers, wife, Margaret E. Bechtol.

41. George W. Lindesmith, Company K. 68th Ohio Volunteers, wife, Frances Umbenhaur.

David Lindesmith, wife, Katherine Simmons; son of Peter Lindesmith and Susanna Ehrhart. Son in the Civil war.

42. Orlando Lindesmith, Sr., wife, Elisabeth Putney.

43. Everett E. Lindesmith, wife, Bertha Theile; son of Orlando, Sr., Company D, N. Dakota; also in Battery B, 5th Artillery.

44. Harry Lindesmith, wife, Hattie Polgin; son of Orlando. Spanish war.

Emma Lindesmith Warren; daughter of David Lindesmith; son is Spanish War Veteran.

45. Ivan Willis Joseph Warren, wife, Anna Margaret Feirer. Spanish war.

Angelina; daughter of David Lindesmith. Son in Spanish war.

46. Franklin D. Hoadley. Company D, 1st N. Dakota.

47. George W. Ott; my nephew. At fourteen he became a cow-boy for twenty years. He then served in the wars of the Pine Ridge, Spanish and Philippine.

This makes forty-seven blood relations.

Moral: Can you beat this?


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