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80, Knocky Myers Still Laying Brick
AN 80-YEAR-OLD East Liverpool brick mason who finds it "hard to quit" is constructing by himself a six-room home on Oakwood Ave., Pleasant Heights, overlooking the city.
Mord "Knocky" Myers, born and reared in East Liverpool, flourishes a trowel with skill and speed of a man less than half his age-- and he's been doing it nearly 60 years.
The home, which he estimates is "about the 10th" he's built himself, is a symbol of his philosophy, which he sums up as "wanting to leave things a little better when I go than they were when I came".
"It's nice to think people will be living here (in the home) 50 or 100 years after I'm gone." Mr Myers said.
The one-and-a half story home is going up directly across the road from where Mr. Myers resides--at the dead end of Oakwood Ave. He expects to complete it this fall. It was started in the spring.
Without pausing in his work the veteran bricklayer recalled helping build some of the old East End potteries, and the Knowles and Harker Potteries across the river. He also helped rebuild downtown buildings after the disastrous fires in 1905 and 1925.
"I think this will be my final job," he commented, then added "But I've said that so many times, I don't know..."
"Guess I'm just like an old fire horse, but I feel better when I'm working then when I'm not."
Mr. Myers "sort of retired" once in the late 30's when he pursued his favorite hobby of fishing. He recalls "darn near fishing-out" Canada and the eastern coast from Chesapeake Bay to Florida.
The home is the third he's built within a stone's throw on Oakwood Ave. He lives in the nearby frame home, and beside it is a two-story brick residence he made by himself, including carpentering and plumbing.
His helper, when he can "get him away from baseball games," is Allen Bess, 15-year-old neighbor, who assists in mixing mortar and carrying bricks.
[Source: East Liverpool Review, July 17, 1950]


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