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Weather Stories

The late Freshet
The rains which continue to fall for some time past, occasioned so great a rise of the Middle Fork of Little Beaver, that on Sunday night and Monday morning last, it swept before it everything which seemed to impede its course. As far as we have learnt, the bridge on the turnpike to Salem was materially injured. The dam at the lower furnace and bridge have been swept away. D. Harbaugh's mill dam has been broken near the middle and one part of it entirely taken off. Mr. Nace's mill dam which withstood the high waters for many years has been swept off. Part of the New Lisbon Factory dam is gone, which will occasion a stand of their operations for some time and seriously augment Messrs. Orth and Strohn's loss. Mr. W. Green has sustained the loss of five or six head of cattle, a number of hogs and a large quantity of hay. Hambleton's mill and dam have been entirely swept away, with nearly or all the contents of the mill, (report says 200 barrels of flour). The destruction of fences, loss of timber, &c is great. We understand that one of the paper mills on little Beaver, was materially injured. The loss in this county is at least 10 or 15,000 dollars. - Patriot.
[The Republican Compiler, Gettysburg , PA , January 23, 1828, New Lisbon, Ohio Jan. 12]


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