J.D. ELLIOTT, a native of Coshocton County, Ohio, was born July 19, 1866. His parents were Bartley and Prudene Elliott. He was married to Lulu E Anderson, December 30, 1891. She is a daughter of Martin and Sarah A Anderson, of Chariton, Iowa. They have three children: Burl D, born January 20, 1896; Grace E, August 16, 1899; Vera May, September 04, 1902. Moving to Iowa with his parents when three years old, he lived there and followed farming till 1901, when he moved to this county and bought his present farm. It is situated four miles east of Kirksville and consists of 120 acres. He is a breeder of Poland-China hogs and Shorthorn cattle. His farm is known as Fairview Stock Farm. Mr. Elliott is a Republican.

[Source: "A History of Adair County Missouri" by E.M. Violette (1911), DR — Sub by FoFG]


John Elliott, for many years commonly designated as "Deacon Elliott," belonged to a family of mark, all winning considerable fame, despite what would be accounted an unfavorable condition at the start. The family came from Ireland. The mother's piety seems to have been as strong a determining force in the children as the hard sense of the father. One of the sons, Samuel Elliott, was associate judge of the county; another, Charles, became a very prominent minister in the M.E. Church. The deacon was thrown, in early life, into Presbyterian surroundings, and, though not favorably affected at first, after thorough study, adoped that form of Chirstian faith, and held to it through all his life with notable pertinacity. He united with the church under Rev. Elisha McCurdy, of Western Pennsylvania. After learning thoroughly the carpenter's trade, he spent some time in erecting mission buildings—church, school-house, and dwellings—for the use of the Presbyterian missionaries among the Sandusky Indians. He was a citizen of Coshocton county about forty years. The first Presbyterian Church of Coshocton and the Methodist Episcopal Church of the same place, and some others in the country, were built by him. About 1855 he went to Iowa, with the purpose of making that his home, but in a few years returned to Coshocton, and, after working a few years, ended his days in August, 1869. Strong sense and steadfast piety were characteristics of the man. Indifferent as to personal appearance, and exceedingly blunt in expression, he compelled the respect and regard of all who became to any extent acquainted with him. He was one of the two first chosen elders of the Presbyterian Church of Coshocton, and an almost never-failing attendent upon the church prayer-meetings, which he always found time to attend.

He married Miss Blythe, of Fayette county, Pa. She lived only a few years, and left one son (John B. Elliott), at whose home the old deacon died, September 2, 1868, being sixty-eight years old.

["Historical Collection of Coshocton County, Ohio 1764-1876" William E Hunt; Cincinnati, Robert Clark & CO: printers, 1876 — Submitted by FOFG]

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