TAFE, Lewis

Tafe, Lewis, Coshocton; proprietor barber shop, opera house block, Main street; born October 19, 1850, in Germany; son of Phillip Jacob Tafe. Lewis remained at home until seventeen, working with his father, in a jewelry store, and going to school. In 1867, he came to America, landing in New York City, and immediately went to St. Charles, Missouri, and learned his trade; remained two years; then went to St. Louis, and remained six years; then came to Dennison, Ohio, four years, working at his trade all the while. In January, 1879, he came to this city, and established his present shop. Mr Tafe was amrried, June 2, 1879, to Miss Ida Eliza Rolley, daughter of Daniel Rolly, of Trenton, Tuscarawas county, Ohio. This union was blessed with three children, one, Elvira, dead, and two living, Oscar L. and Victoria C. Mr Tafe is doing a good moderate business.

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Samuel Thompson was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, Sept 18, 1818. His father, James Thompson, was a native of Maryland and an early settler of Coshocton County. His early life was spent on the farm and in attending school. He came to Hocking County in 1841, where he has since resided. Mr Thompson was married in 1842 to Elizabeth Avery. She was born in Belmont County, Ohio, in 1822, and came with her parents to this county [Hocking] in 1841. Her father, Philip Avery, came from Virginia to Belmont county in an early day. Mr and Mrs Thompson are the parents of nine children, six of whom are living ---George S., Hannah J., Samuel O., Charles, Clara and Wesley. One son, James C., was shot accidentlly while out hunting with Harvey Mitchell, June 19, 1857, at the age of thirteen years. Mr Thompson has been a stone and brick mason for the past twenty-six years. The first chimney he built was for Ed Skinner in the fall of 1856, and the second was for John Mason the same fall. He was Justice of the Peace for Starr Township twelve years. Mr Thompson in 1841 introduced the first blue-stem wheat in Hocking County, importing it from Coshocton County.

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Samuel G Thompson, Keene township; farmer; born in Jefferson county, Ohio, January 5, 1809; son of Moses and Catharine (McGuire) Thompson, and grandson of Thomas Thompson. His father was a soldier of the war of 1812; his maternal grand parents were John and Mary (Tipton) McGuire, he having been a revolutionary soldier. They came to Mill Creek township, Coshocton county, in 1815, with his father, who built his first cabin March 26, 1816, his being the third family in the township. He was married April 4, 1844, to Esther, daughter of John and Ann (Sweeney) Carson, and granddaughter of James Carson, who was one of two children of a large family, who survived an attack of yellow fever in Philadelphia. Mr. T's family is as follows:
Robert William, born January 26, 1845;
Mary E., July 3, 1847;
Sarah C, September 26, 1849, died December 25, 1868;
John C, December 15, 1851, and
A. Jennie, October 26, 1856.

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