Latitude: 40.444N
Longitude: -81.896W

Burials below are from obituaries and other sources, not onsite transcription.
Mistakes can be made so please use as a guide.
*Not a complete list*

Bickel, William L. June 22, 1888 July 6, 1956  
Casey, Mrs. John   Feb. 14, 1895 32y 4m 28d
Cox, John      
Cox, Mrs. John      
Crawford, Jesse      
Headington, Harriett   Sep 13, 1905  
Headington, Thos. J.   Dec 23, 1909  
Karr, Mrs. John      
Leggett, James 1810 June 14, 1888  
McCauslin, John     Buried Sep. 8, 1895
Patterson, Claten   Aug.25, 1895  

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