Latitude: 40.318N
Longitude: -82.072W

Burials below are from obituaries and other sources, not onsite transcription.
Mistakes can be made so please use as a guide.
*Not a complete list*

"The cemetery is near the Mohawk church and there lie the remains of those brave, Scotch-Irish, Methodist pioneers whose home was the first in all North Ireland to be opened to the preaching of the Gospel by a Methodist minister. There, too, are buried many who in later days built up a church which was an inspiration and help to many other churches of our county. - Mrs. R.H. Moore"

[The Coshocton Tribune, July 25, 1930]

Cullison, Rebecca   Aug 23, 1888  
Cullison, Wm. W.   Aug 15, 1888  
Fry, Beulah A. Oct 13, 1854 Apr 3, 1947  
Given, Child of J.J.      
Given, Child of J.J.      
Given, John J. "Jack"   Feb 16, 1912 Buried Feb. 18, 1912
Given, Wm.   July 18, 1887  
Hughes, Charles G.   Sep 18, 1921  
Little, Callie   Mar 9, 1912  
McFadden, R.H.   Jan 21, 1912 Buried Jan. 25, 1912
Metham, Charlotte   May 5, 1930  
Metham, Maggie (Margaret)     Buried Feb 2, 1912
Miles, Emma   Mar 16, 1923  
Slate, Child of H.T.   Sep 4, 1909 Six weeks old

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