WEST LAFAYETTE — The annual reunion of the Wiggins family was held at the home of Samuel and Benjamin Wiggins near Plainfield. After the guests had partaken of a sumptuous dinner the guest were called to order by Samuel McCune and a permanent organization was formed by electing M.G. Elmer president; Benjamin Wiggins, vice president; Mrs. Clyde Brownfield, secretary, and Frank Gaumer, treasurer. It was decided to hold the reunion next year the third Thursday in August at the home of Mrs Clyde Brownfield in West Lafayette. The names of those present at this year's reunion are Mr and Mrs R.M. Bluck and son, Mr and Mrs E.C. Welker and family, Mr and Mrs Chrisshaui, Mr and Mrs Clifford Sprague and daughter, Mr and Mrs F.R. Taylor and daughter, Mr and Mrs W.J. Thompson, Mr and Mrs James Wiggins, Mr and Mrs Frank Gaumer and children, Mr and Mrs H.A. Wiggins,Mr and Mrs H.A. Wiggins, Mr and Mrs John Marx, W.C. McCoy, Mr and Mrs S.J. McCune, Mrs Amanda Workman, Marlyn Magness, Mrs Ella Platt, Mrs A Vickers, Mrs Mary Williams, Mr and Mrs J.K. Stiner, Mr and Mrs M.G.Elmer and children, Mr and Mrs B.A. Wiggins, Mr and Mrs J.E. Wolf, Mrs C Frank, Walker Wiggins, Miss Alice Cline, Mrs C Frank, Mrs Geo Hill and children, Mrs W. Scott, Mrs Amanda Workman, Mrs Rosa Leighninger, Mr and Mrs Clarence Duling and children, Mrs Householder, Mr and Mrs Hilligas and daughter, Mr and Mrs Lem Welker, Mrs Clyde Brownfield, Sam Wiggins, Messrs Gilbert Brownfield, Paul Colton. Frank Marx, Robert Marx, Misses Clemia, Vinnie and Olive Colton, Nellie Lawrence, Nelle Wiggins, Rachel and Caroline Shaw.


GOLDEN WEDDING...Monday evening there was a pleasant observance of the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. James Stewart, on Mulberry street. They were joined in wedlock in New York fifty years ago September 1st, and have been residents of Coshocton since 1844. They are now approaching closely to the four score mark in life's journey, but both are yet well preserved physically and mentally. At the golden wedding were only members of the Stewart families and the Rev. Hamilton and wife. Those from a distance were Mrs. L.A. Pearson, of Licking county; Mrs. A.F. Lyle, of Illinois; George E. Stewart, of New York.

[The Democrat and Standard newpaper, (Coshocton Co. Ohio), Friday, September 5, 1902; — Sub. by Teresa Haines Rigney]

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