Crawford County, Ohio
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Baseline Cemetery 405936N 0830335W  
Bethel Cemetery 405148N 0830310W  
Biddle Cemetery 404938N 0824832W  
Brenner Cemetery 405513N 0825406W  
Brokensword Cemetery 405422N 0830029W  
Buchman Cemetery 405933N 0825527W  
Campbell Cemetery 404545N 0825347W  
Catholic Cemetery 404408N 0824731W (historical)
Chatfield Township Cemetery 405701N 0825647W  
College Hill Reformed Cemetery 405848N 0825548W  
Coulter Cemetery 404359N 0825527W  
County Home Cemetery 404623N 0825512W  
County Infirmary     bet Parcher Rd and SR 100
Crawford County Memory Garden 404829N 0824814W  
Crestline Cemetery      
Dapper Cemetery 404940N 0824721W  
Dickson Cemetery 405311N 0824551W  
Eden Cemetery 405820N 0830452W  
Fairview Cemetery 404503N 0824646W  
Fairview Cemetery 395233N 0841839W  
Fairview Cemetery      
Freewill Cemetery 405750N 0830322W  
Friends Cemetery 405000N 0825844W  
German Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 404451N 0825204W  
German Reformed Cemetery 404839N 0830428W  
Goodwill Cemetery 405641N 0824730W  
Hanna Cemetery 405554N 0824437W  
Holy Trinity Cemetery 404852N 0825849W  
Kennedy Cemetery 405754N 0825933W  
Lee Cemetery 405542N 0830305W  
Leesville Cemetery 404739N 0824729W  
Liberty Cemetery 405128N 0824655W  
Liberty Chapel Cemetery 405032N 0825337W  
Line Cemetery 404448N 0824418W  
Luke Cemetery 405011N 0825119W  
Lust Cemetery 405518N 0825705W  
Lutheran Cemetery 405753N 0825117W  
Middletown Cemetery 404612N 0824730W  
Monnett Chapel Cemetery 404421N 0825933W  
Mount Calvary Cemetery      
Mount Zion Cemetery 404633N 0830318W  
Nazareth Lutheran Cemetery 405637N 0825646W  
North Union Cemetery 405936N 0825732W  
Oakland Cemetery 405438N 0824657W  
Oakwood Cemetery 404756N 0825911W  
Oceola Number 1 Cemetery 405038N 0830519W  
Oceola Number 2 Cemetery 405020N 0830534W  
Oceola Number 3 Cemetery 405029N 0830537W  
Our Mother of Sorrows Cemetery 405804N 0824732W  
Pipetown Cemetery 405805N 0830649W  
Pletcher Cemetery 404420N 0825023W  
Remer Cemetery 404437N 0825456W  
Rupp Cemetery 405100N 0825448W  
Saint Bernard Cemetery 405804N 0825114W  
Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery 405343N 0825317W  
Salem Cemetery 404755N 0825352W  
Sandusky Cemetery 405156N 0824901W  
Seery Cemetery 405605N 0830341W  
Shroll Cemetery      
Sixteen Cemetery 404515N 0825634W  
Sixteen Cemetery 404217N 0825439W  
Stewart Cemetery 404844N 0825531W  
Stoltz Cemetery 404446N 0825753W  
Swaab Cemetery 405755N 0825256W  
Texas Township Cemetery 405537N 0830555W  
Tiffin Road Cemetery 404852N 0825845W  
Union Cemetery 405309N 0825122W  
Union Cemetery 405714N 0825106W  
Union Green Cemetery     Galion, OH. "Abandoned" Located near city center. City's High School erected at the site.
White Cemetery 404406N 0830607W  
Windfall Cemetery 405914N 0825737W  
Windfall Cemetery 404611N 0824912W  
Zoar Cemetery 404348N 0825056W  


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