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Prominent Families in 1888

Source: "The Cleveland blue book : a private address directory and ladies' visiting and shopping guide : including prominent families in the principal towns of Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Huron, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Sandusky, Stark, Summit and Trumbull Counties."
Cleveland, Ohio: Mrs. M.W. Brown Haven, 1888

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Sandra Stutzman, Denise Moreau
, Jan Grant and Helen Coughlin

Abbey, Harry Mr. & Mrs. - Lockport, N. Y.

Abbey, Henry G. Mrs. - 88 Wood
Abbey, Miss
Abbey, Julia Miss
Abbey, Katharine Miss
Abbey, Margaret Miss

Abbey, Mary L. Mrs. - 34 Huron

Abbott, Henry S. Mr. & Mrs. - 53 Marion st., Columbus, O.

Abbott, Horace R. Mr. - Detroit, Mich.

Ackley, Horace A. Mrs. - 48 Euclid ave.

Adams, Alfred Mr. - 1096 Willson ave.
Adams, Alfred Mrs. -
Adams, Miss

Adams, Arthur Mr. - 130 Cedar ave.
Adams, Arthur Mrs.
Adams, Mabel Miss
Adams, H. E. Mr.

Adams, A. E. Mrs. - 1358 Euclid ave.

Adams, A. H. Mrs. - 115 Bolivar
Adams, F. A. Miss
Adams, M. E. Miss
Adams, Seymour W. Mr.

Adams, Charles E. Mr. - 650 Cedar ave.
Adams, Charles E. Mrs.

Adams, C. A. Mr. - 1394 Euclid ave.
Adams, C. A. Mrs.
Adams, Adele Miss
Adams, Asael E. Mr.
Adams, Avery Mr.

Adams, Darius Mr. - Collamer, O.
Adams, Edwin Mr.
Adams, Edwin Mrs.

Adams, Edgar Mr. - 34 Granger
Adams, Edgar Mrs.
Adams M. Jennie Miss
Adams, Edgar E. Mr.

Adams, E. E. Mr. - Collamer, O.
Adams, E. E. Mrs.

Adams, Fitch Mr. - 1358 Euclid ave.
Adams, Fitch Mrs.
Adams, Henry R. Mr.
Adams, Pierre Louis Master
Ranney, S. Madame

Adams, F. C. Mr. - 694 Bolton ave.
Adams, F. C. Mrs.

Adams, George H. Mr. - 568 Euclid ave.
Adams, George H. Mrs.
Adams, Harry B. Mr.

Adams, G. H. Mr. - 269 Hanover
Adams, G. H. Mrs.

Adams, Ira Mrs. - 788 Bolton ave.
Adams, Iris Miss
Adams, Emma Miss
Adams, Ira Mr., Jr.

Adams James E. Mr. - 729 Prospect
Adams, James E. Mrs.

Adams, Jarvis M. Mr. - 1041 Prospect
Adams, Jarvis M. Mrs.

Adams, J. Manchester Mrs. - 250 Scovill ave.

Adams, John Q. Mr. - 790 Bolton ave.
Adams, John Q. Mrs.

Adams, J. J. Mr. - 466 Kennard
Adams, J. J. Mrs.
Adams, Miss
Adams, F. J. Mr.

Adams, Ralph Mr. - 98 Streator ave.

Adams, Samuel E. Hon. - 898 Bolton ave., cor. Quincy
Adams, Samuel E. Mrs.

Adams, S. F. Mr. - 611 E. Madison ave.
Adams, S. F. Mrs.
Adams, Sadie A. Miss

Ahlers, Hermann Mr. - 133 Sibley
Ahlers, Hermann Mrs.
Ahlers, Emmie Miss
Ahlers, Marian Miss

Ainsworth, J. T. Mr. - 345 Franklin ave.
Ainsworth, J. T. Mrs.
Ainsworth, Carrie Miss
Ainsworth, Williard P. Mr.

Alcorn, P. S. Mrs. - 4 Mayfield

Alcorn, Thos. Benton Mr. & Mrs. - Pittsburgh, Pa.

Alcott, Franklyn L. Mr. - 1095 Euclid ave.
Alcott, Franklyn L. Mrs.

Alcott, W. G. Mr. - 1383 Euclid ave.
Alcott, W. G. Mrs.
Alcott, Leverett Mr.

Aldrich, E. F. Mr. - 296 Sibley
Aldrich, E. F. Mrs.
Aldrich, Miss

Alger, Oliver Hon. - Detroit st., W. C.
Alger, Oliver Mr., Jr.
Eckert, Mary E. Mrs.
Eckert, Mabel Miss

Alleman, Lottie J. Miss - 1825 Euclid ave.
Allen, A. B. Mr. - East Rockport, O.
Allen, A. B. Mrs.
Allen, Mamie Miss
Allen, Harry Mr.

Allen, E. W. Mr. - 147 Clinton. Moved from 272.
Allen, E. W. Mrs.
Allen, C. L. Mr.
Philpott, C. Mr.
Philpott, C. Mrs.

Allen, A. B. Mr. - E. Rockport
Allen, A. B. Mrs.
Allen, Mamie Miss
Allen, Harry Mr.

Allen, Dudley P., M. D. - 177 Euclid ave.

Allen, H. S. Mr. - 93 Willey
Allen, H. S. Mrs.

Allen, James M. Mr. - 353 Prospect

Allen, Luther Mr. - 1056 Willson ave.
Allen Luther Mrs.
Richmond, Augusta Mrs.

Allen, Richard N. Mr. - 1445 Euclid ave.
Allen, Richard N. Mrs.
North, Helen E. Miss

Ambler, N. H. Dr. - Head of Fairmount
Ambler, N. H. Mrs.

Ambrosius, Carolin R. Mrs. - 237 St. Clair
Ambrosius, Marie Miss
Ambrosius, Julius Mr.

Ammon, Arthur E. Mr. - 204 Jennings ave.
Ammon Arthur E. Mrs.
Ammon, Jay H. Mr.

Ammon, J. H. Mrs. - 1639 Euclid ave.
Ammon, Hattie Miss
Ammon, Jay, Master

Anderson, Julia A. Mrs. - 468 Prospect

Anderson, J. D. Mr. - 149 Church
Anderson, J. D. Mrs.

Anderson, Newton M. Mr. - 69 Kennard

Andrews, Henry W. Mr. - 171 Dodge. At home Friday.
Andrews, Henry W. Mrs.
Andrews, Clara Miss

Andrews, John Mrs. - 276 Huntington
Andrews, Sarah L. Miss
Andrews, Mary E. Miss

Andrews, J. C. Mrs. - 1048 Willson ave.

Andrews, S. Mr. - 826 Euclid ave.
Andrews, S. Mrs.
Andrews, Miss
Andrews, H. E. Mr.

Andrews, S. J. Mrs. - 1128 Euclid ave.
Andrews, Miss
Andrews, Cornelia B. Miss

Andrews, T. A. Mr. - 987 Case ave.
Andrews, T. A. Mrs.
Andrews, Florence L. Miss
Andrews, W. E. Mr.
Andrews, George T. Mr.

Andrews, W. W. Mr. - 641 Euclid ave.
Andrews, W. W. Mrs.
Andrews, Fannie B. Miss

Andrus, George W. Mr. - 180 Jennings ave.
Andrus, George W. Mrs.
Andrus, L. G. Mr.

Angelberger, William Rev. - 156 Bridge
Angelberger, William Mrs.
Angelberger, Minnie Miss

Angell, E. A. Mr. - Address 233 Bank
Angell E. A. Mrs.

Annewalt, B. D. Mr. - City
Annewalt, B. D. Mrs.

Arens, Franz X. Prof. - 1238 Garden
Arens, Franz X. Mrs.

Arey, Oliver Prof. - 858 Bolton ave.
Arey, H. E. G. Mrs.
Arey, Clarence O. Mr.
Arey, Clarence O. Mrs.

Arlington, G. A. Prof. - 1884 Euclid ave.

Arms, Charles C., M. D. 104 Euclid ave.

Armstrong, A. C. Mr. & Mrs. - Topeka, Kansas

Armstrong, J. F., M. D. - 377 Pearl
Armstrong, J. F. Mrs.
Armstrong, Kirk Mr.

Armstrong, S. C. Mr. - 10 Cheshire
Armstrong, S. C. Mrs.
Armstrong, Arthur C. Master

Armstrong, William W. Mr. - 952 Prospect
Armstrong, William W. Mrs.
Armstrong, Miss

Arter, Theodore Mr. - 760 Willson ave.
Arter, Theodore Mrs.
Arter, Miss
Arter, James Mr.

Arthur, Alfred Prof. - 941 Woodland ave.
Arthur, Alfred Mrs.
Arthur, Ada Miss
Burnham, Miss

Arthur, George G. Mr. - 57 Arlington
Arthur, George G. Mrs.

Arthur, P. M. Mr. - 836 Willson ave.
Arthur, P. M. Mrs.
Arthur, Charles B. Mr.

Ashmun, G. C., M. D. - 798 Republic.
Post, Mary R. Miss
Post, Charles A. Mr.

Asplin, John H. Mr. - 28 Cheshire
Asplin, John H. Mrs.

Athon, L. D. Mrs. - 507 Prospect

Atwell, S. S. Mr. - 253 Clinton
Atwell, S. S. Mrs.

Atwood, M. S. Mrs. - 1216 Willson ave.
Stackpole, M. D. Mrs.
Tuttle, T. E. Mr.

Auld, David Mr. Jr. - 574 Cedar ave.
Auld, David Mrs. Jr.

Avery, H. M. Miss - 891 Prospect

Avery, George W. Mr. - 11 Granger
Avery, George W. Mrs.
Avery, Mathilde B. Miss

Austrian, S. Mr. and family - Removed to Chicago, Ill.

Austin, L. Mrs. - 891 Prospect
Avery, H. M. Miss

Avery, J. T. Rev. - 693 Euclid ave.
Avery, J. T. Mrs.
Avery, Evelyne M. Miss
Avery John T. Mr., Jr.
Avery, Harry W. Mr.

Aves, Henry D. Rev. - 22 Franklin ct.
Aves, Henry D. Mrs.

Awl, Woodward Mr. - 160 Huron
Awl, Miss

Axworthy, Thomas Mr. - Lake View, Lake ave., W. C. Winter res.
Axworthy, Thomas Mrs. Weddell House.
Axworthy, Miss

Babcock, B. D. Hon. - 996 Prospect
Babcock, B. D. Mrs.
Babcock, Frank E. Mr.
Smith, Maria C. Mrs.

Babcock, Charles Mr. - Euclid ave. ne. cor. Brookfield
Babcock, Charles Mrs.

Babcock, P. H. Mr. - 1694 Euclid ave.
Babcock, P. H. Mrs.

Babcock, W. A. Mr. - 571 Superior
Babcock, W. A. Mrs.

Backus, Frederic M. Mrs. - 645 Euclid ave.
Backus, Bertha E. Miss
Backus, Fred M. Mr.

Bacon, M. A. Mrs. - 133 Chestnut
Sprague, W. F. Mr.

Bacon, Richard Mr. - 304 Sibley. At Home Wednesday.
Bacon, Richard Mrs.
Bacon, Anna P. Mrs.
Coman, Lucien D. Mrs.

Bailey, Charles C. Mr. - 946 Euclid ave.

Bailey, Dan'l Mr. - 1045 Willson ave.
Bailey, Dan'l Mrs.
Bailey, Miss
Bailey, Lulu Miss
Bailey Eugene Mr.
Bailey, Sam'l Mr.
Bailey, Dannie Master
Bailey, J. M. Mrs. - 1144 Willson ave.

Bailey, Kennedy B. Mr. - 74 Kinsman
Bailey, Kennedy B. Mrs.

Bailey, L. A. Mr. - Address 146 Ontario

Bailey, Robert Mr. - 67 Brownell
Bailey, Robert Mrs.
Bailey, Robert, M. D.

Bailey, Spencer L. & family - Buffalo, N. Y.

Bainbridge, Mary Harvey Mrs. - 250 Prospect

Baker, D. F., M. D. - 344 Franklin ave.
Baker, D. F. Mrs.

Baker. E. D. Mr. - 176 Euclid ave.

Baker, Geo. W. Mr. - 947 Case ave.
Baker, Geo, W. Mrs.
Baker, Ida R. Miss
Baker, Walter C. Mr.

Baker, Samuel J. Mr., C. E. - 117 Osborn
Baker, Samuel J. Mrs.

Baker, Sarah G. Mrs. - 86 Kennard
Baker, Miss
Baker, C. W. Mr.

Baldwin, C. C. Judge - 1264 Euclid Ave.
Baldwin, C. C. Mrs.
Baldwin, M. C. Miss
Baldwin, S. P. Mr.

Baldwin, Dudley Mr. - 481 N. Perry
Baldwin, Dudley Mrs.
Baldwin, Miss
Baldwin, Dudley Mr., Jr.
Schultze, A. B. Mrs.

Baldwin, Elbert I. Mr. - 670 Prospect
Baldwin, Elbert I. Mrs.
Baldwin, Gertrude Miss
Baldwin, Elbert Francis Mr.
Baldwin, Irving Mr.
Baldwin, Arthur K. Mr.
Sterling, O. L. Mr.

Baldwin, W. W. Mr. - 1140 Willson ave.
Baldwin, Adelia A. Miss
Baldwin, H. J. Mr.

Ball, W. C. Mr. - 43 Olive
Ball, W. C. Mrs.
Ball, Wilma Irene Miss
Ball, Sidney Master
Ball, Olive Miss

Ballantine, A. T. Mr. - 851 Case ave.
Ballantine, A. T. Mrs.

Ballard, W. P. Mr. - 1224 Curtiss ave.
Ballard, W. P. Mrs.
Ballard, David Page Master

Banfi, Riccardo Signor - 473 Prospect
Banfi, Riccardo Signora

Barber, Clarence M. Mr., C. E. - 419 Sibley
Barber, Clarence M. Mrs.

Barber, G. M. Judge - 421 Sibley
Barber, G. M. Mrs.
Barber, Miss
Barber, Arthur W. Mr.

Barber, Josiah Mrs. - 129 Franklin ave.
Barber, Ed. Mr.

Barber, O. A. Mrs. - 302 Sibley

Barclay, J. T., D. D S. - 656 Cedar ave.
Barclay, J. T. Mrs.
Barclay, Rose Miss
Barclay, Ella Miss
Barclay, Ada Miss

Barker, Elizabeth Mrs. - 288 Prospect
Barker, James W. Mr.
Shippard, Frances E. Miss

Barkhuff, Carrie A. Mrs. - 1 Greenwood
Barkhuff, Miss

Barkwill, C. G. Mr. - 1173 Case ave.
Barkwill, C. G. Mrs.
Barkwill, Faith E. Miss
Barkwill, Lucy C. Miss

Barlow, J. E. Mrs. - 172 Dodge
Billings, F. E. Miss

Barnett, James Gen. - 718 Euclid ave.
Barnett, James Mrs.
Hill, D. E. Miss

Barnhisel, David Mr. - 1000 Prospect. At home Wednesday.
Barnhisel, David Mrs.
Barnhisel, Carl Mr.

Barnitz, Albert Col, U. S. N. - Summer res. 1678 Cedar ave.
Barnitz, Albert Mrs.
Barnitz, Bertha Rose Miss
Barnitz, Maidie Emerson Miss
Barnitz, Blanche Clare Miss

Barnum, F. S. Mr. - 47 Arlington ct.
Barnum, F. S. Mrs.
Barnum, Fannie L. Miss
Barnum, V. C. Mrs.

Barr, Judge Mrs. - 950 Case ave.
Barr, Miss

Barrett, C. S. Col. - Kennard House

Barriss, William H. Mr. - Address E. B. Hale & Co., 233 Bank st.
Barriss, William H. Mrs.

Barstow, S. K. Mr. - 22 Cheshire. At home Friday.
Barstow, S. K. Mrs.

Bartlett, Nicholas Mr. - 304 Perry
Bartlett, Nicholas Mrs.
Bartlett, Miss

Barton, J. Brunswick Mr. - 356 Prospect
Barton, J. Brunswick Mrs.
Barton, Jeannette Miss

Bartow, J. H. Mr. - 831 Bolton ave.
Bartow, J. H. Mrs.
Bartow, K. Mrs.

Bascom, W. T. Mrs. - 17 Morse ave.
Bascom, Miss

Bashington, G. O. Mr. - 1662 Euclid ave.
Bashington, G. O. Mrs.
Bashington, Miss
Bashington, Marcia Miss

Bassett, A. L. Mr. - 1298 Willson ave.
Bassett, A. L. Mrs.

Bassett, Charles M. Mr. - 1235 Garden
Bassett, Charles M. Mrs.

Bassett, C. O. Mr. - 301 Prospect
Bassett, C. O. Mrs.

Bassett, Frank Prof. - 142 Lake
Bassett, Frank Mrs.

Bassett, Ira Mr. - 1 Franklin ct.
Bassett, Ira Mrs.

Batchelor, A. N. Mr. - 355 Prospect
Batchelor, A. N. Mrs.
Batchelor, Fred A. Mr.

Batchelor, J. C. Mr. - 790 Bolton ave.
Batchelor, J. C. Mrs.
Batchelor, Mamie Miss
Batchelor, Jessie Miss
Batchelor, Ward Master
Adams, J. Q. Mr.
Adams, J. Q. Mrs.
Van Epps, Miss

Bate, F. C. Mr. - 394 Kennard
Bate, F. C. Mrs.

Bates, Cyrus S. Rev. D.D. - 715 Case ave.
Bates, Cyrus S. Mrs.
Bates, Ella M. Miss
Bates, Albert H. Mr.

Bates, F. A. Mr. - 953 Prospect
Bates, F. A. Mrs.
Bates, A. C. Mr.

Battey, H. F. Dr. & Mrs. - Warren, R. I.

Baxter, H. H., M. D. - 452 Prospect
Baxter, Augusta Miss

Beach, C. B. Mr. - Case ave., S. E. cor. Sibley
Beach, Clifton Mrs.

Beach, Edward C. Mr. - 537 Case ave.
Beach, Edward C. Mrs.

Beach. E. C. Madame - 217 Huntington

Beach, Gaylord M. Mr. - 23 Longwood ave
Beach, Gaylord M. Mrs.
Beach, Julia E. Miss
Beach, Jessie A. Miss
Beach, Ellen R. Miss
Beach, Ernest W. Mr.
Nichols, James Mr.

Beacom, M. W. Mr. - 19 Euclid ave.

Beanson, John Mr. - 237 Hanover
Beanson, Jennie Miss
Bates, Helen Mrs.

Beardslee, C. H. Mr. - 801 Willson ave.
Beardslee, C. H. Mrs.
Beardslee, Charles S. Master

Beardslee, James C. Mr. - 107 Sixth ave.
Beardslee, James C. Mrs.

Beardsley, C. A. Mr. - 14 Dexter pl.
Beardsley, C. A. Mrs.

Beaumont, Charles P. Mr. - 1491 Euclid ave.
Beaumont, Charles P. Mrs.

Beckman, Henry Mrs. - 44 Ontario
Beckman, Josie Miss
Beckman, Kittie Miss
Beckman, Hattie Miss

Beckman, Henry Mr. Jr. - 40 Ontario
Beckman, Henry Mrs. Jr.

Beckwith, A. D. Mr. - 83 Clinton
Beckwith, A. D. Mrs.
Mark, R. Mr.
Mark, R. Mrs.

Beckwith, D. H., M. D. - 528 Prospect
Beckwith, D. H. Mrs.

Beckwith, M. E. Mr. - 274 Hanover
Beckwith, M. E. Mrs.
Roosa, Hamilton, Mr.
Roosa, Hamilton, Mrs.
Roosa, Effie, Bell Miss

Beckwith, T. S. Mrs. - 974 Euclid ave.
Beckwith T. Sterling Mr.

Bedell, G. T. Rt. Rev. - Gambier, O.
Bedell, G. T. Mrs.

Bedell, H. C. Mr. - 1360 Willson ave.
Bedell, Fannie Miss
Horr, L. A. Mrs.

Beebe, S. B. Mrs. - 1370 Euclid ave.

Beebe, G. V. Mr. - Address Com. Nat. Bank
Beebe. G. V. Mrs.

Beecher, E. K. Miss - 1020 Prospect

Beeman, E. E., M. D. - 405 N. Perry
Beeman, E. E. Mrs.

Beers, D. B. Mr. - 778 Republic
Beers, D. B. Mrs.

Beers, L. B. Mr. - 782 Republic
Beers, L. B. Mrs.

Beete, S. B. Mrs. - 1370 Euclid ave.

Begges, A. J. Mr. - 2244 Euclid ave.
Begges, A. J. Mrs.

Begges, Henry W. Mr. - The Livingston

Beidler, J. A. Mr. - 587 E. Madison ave.
Beidler, J. A. Mrs.
Beidler, Mary L. Mrs.

Bell, F. W. Mr. - 168 Cedar ave.
Bell, F. W. Mrs.
Gaylord, L. M. Mrs.

Bell, J. R., D. D. S. - 803 Fairmount
Bell, J. R. Mrs.

Bemis, Geo. H. Mr. - 182 Taylor
Bemis, Geo. A. Mr.
Hunter, Sam'l E. Mr.
Hunter, Sam'l E. Mrs.

Benedict, E. G. Mrs. - 827 Euclid ave.

Benedict, G. A. Mrs. - 937 Prospect
Crowell, William Mrs.

Benedict, S. H. Mr. - 1431 Euclid ave.
Benedict, S. H. Mrs.
Paine, Charles C. Mr.
Paine, Charles C. Mrs.

Bennitt, J., M. D. - 126 Kennard
Bennitt, C. M. Mrs.
Bennitt, Miss
Bennitt, Mary C. Miss
Williams, Clara E. Miss

Benton, Horace Mr. - 272 Sibley
Benton, Horace Mrs.
Benton, Miss
Benton, Belle Miss
Benton, Otis B. Mr.
Benton, Charles H. Mr.

Benton, L. A. Mr. - 16 Chestnut
Benton, L. A. Mrs.

Benton, W. J. Mr. - 520 Prospect
Benton, W. J. Mrs.

Bernard, C. B. Mr. - 21 Chestnut
Bernard, C. B, Mrs.
Bernard, Miss
Bernard, Belle Miss

Berry, Jennie Mrs. - 521 Euclid ave.

Berry, Geo. W. Mr. - 80 Sibley
Berry, Geo. W. Mrs.
Compton, D. C. Mr.
Compton, D. C. Mrs.

Beverlin, John Hon. - 43 Clinton
Beverlin, John Mrs.

Bicknell, C. T. Mr. - 825 E. Madison ave. At Home Tuesday.
Bicknell, C. T. Mrs.
Bicknell, Warren Mr.
Bicknell, Charles Mr.

Biddle, H. G. Mr. - 1965 Miles Park ave.
Biddle, H. G. Mrs.
Smith, C. M. Mrs.

Bidwell, Jason A. Mr. - 525 Prospect
Bidwell, Jason A. Mrs.
Bidwell, Noria S. Mr.

Bierce, Sarah E. Mrs. - 62 Streator ave.
Bierce, Belle, Miss
Holden, Rosa B. Miss

Bigelow, A. E. Mr. - 989 Forest
Bigelow, A. E. Mrs.

Biggar, H. F., M. D. - 1004 Prospect
Biggar, H. F. Mrs.

Bill, Earl Mrs. - 1008 Willson ave.
Bill, Miss
Bill, Charles Henry Mr.

Billings, F. E. Miss - 172 Dodge

Billings, Geo. W. Mrs. - 1679 Euclid ave.
Billings, Miss
Billings, Geo. W. Mr., Jr.
Billings, Charles A. Mr.
Billings, Frank Mr.

Bingham, Charles W. Mr. - 726 Euclid ave.
Bingham, Charles W. Mrs.

Bingham, C. E. Mrs. - 827 Euclid ave.

Bingham, Edward Mr. - 885 Prospect
Bingham, Edward Mrs.

Bingham, L. W. Mr. - 821 E. Madison ave.
Bingham, L. W. Mrs.
Bingham, Miss
Bingham, Thankful B. Mrs. - 12 Cheshire

Bingham, William Hon. - 800 Euclid ave.
Bingham, William Mrs.
Bingham, C. H. Miss

Bishop, H. A. Mr. - 1712 Euclid ave.
Bishop, H. A. Mrs.

Bishop, Judson M. Mr. - 867 Case ave.
Bishop, Judson M. Mrs.

Bishop, Kirk D. Mr. - 1076 Superior
Bishop, Kirk D. Mrs.

Bishop, L. Jesse Mr. - 497 Euclid ave.
Bishop, L. Jesse Mrs.
Bishop, Judge Madame

Bissell, C. S. Mr. - 1082 Euclid ave.
Bissell, C. S. Mrs.
Bissell, Miss

Bissell, E. W. Mr. - 43 Fifth ave.
Bissell, E. W. Mrs.

Black, Peter Mr. - 1024 Forest
Black, Mary Miss
Black, Lizzie Miss
Black, Katharine Miss
Black, Bertine Miss

Blackburn, J. M. Mr. - 471 Euclid ave.
Blackburn, J. M. Mrs.
Blackburn, Miss

Blair, M. J. Miss - 802 Prospect
Blair, Lizzie Miss
Stanton, Wm. P. Mr.

Blakemore, Cornelia F. Miss - 1020 Prospect

Blandin, E. J. Judge - 180 Kennard
Blandin, E. J. Mrs.
Blee, Robert Mr. - 116 Bolivar
Blee, Miss
Blee, Lizzie Miss

Bliss, Stoughton Col. - Kennard House

Blossom, H. S. Mr. - 563 Prospect
Blossom, M. S. Mrs.

Boardman, H. W. Mr. - 557 Euclid ave.
Boardman, H. W. Mrs.
Boardman, Nina Miss

Boardman, William H. Mr. - 69 Windsor ave.
Boardman, William H. Mrs.

Boardman. W. J. Mr. - 522 Euclid ave. At Home Monday.
Boardman, W. J. Mrs.
Boardman, Miss
Boardman, Florence S. Miss
Boardman, Elijah George Mr.

Boggis, Herbert J. Mr. - 183 Dodge
Boggis, Herbert J. Mrs.

Boggis, R. H. Mr. - 279 Prospect
Boggis, R. H. Mrs.

Bole, J. K. Mr. - Millwood, Ansel ave., se. corner Superior
Bole, J. K. Mrs.
Bole, Bennie P. Master
Bole, Joseph K. Master, Jr.
Patterson, B. Mr.
Patterson, B. Mrs.
Patterson, M. Miss

Bolles, James A. Rev., D. D. - 338 Cedar ave.
Bolles, Martha E. Mrs.
Bolles, Mary F. Miss
Bolles, Sarah K. Mrs.

Bolton, C. C. Mr. - 1391 Euclid ave.
Bolton, C. C. Mrs.

Bolton, C. E. Mr. - 521 Euclid ave.
Bolton, Sarah K. Mrs.
Bolton, Charles K. Mr., Harvard Univ.

Bolton, Nellie Mrs. - 1040 Euclid ave.

Bolton, P. R. Mr. - 763 Euclid ave.
Bolton, H. C. Mr.

Bolton, Thomas Madame - 1393 Euclid ave.

Bond, F. H. Mr. - 555 Euclid ave.
Bond, F. H. Mrs.
Bond, Josie M. Miss
Bond, Fred C. Master

Bond, S. M. Mr. - The Livingston
Bond, S. M. Mrs.

Bone, J. H. A. Mr. - 130 Osborn
Bone, Miss

Bonnell, Martyn Mr. - 114 Kennard
Bonnell, Martyn Mrs.

Boomer, George L. Mr. - 586 E. Madison ave. At Home Thursday.
Boomer, George L. Mrs.

Borton, Fred S. Mr. - 17 Cheshire

Bosworth, Cyrus Mr. - Lorain st., E. Rockport, O.
Bosworth, Martha E. Mrs.
Bosworth, Luke Mr.
Bosworth, Fred Mr.

Bosworth, W. H. Mr. - 114 Duane
Bosworth, W. H. Mrs.

Botten, H. Mr. - 89 Clinton
Botten, H. Mrs.
Botten, Alice M. Miss
Botten, Edward C. Mr.

Bottsford, R. Mr. - 1257 Euclid ave.
Bottsford, R. Mrs.

Boulton, William H. Mr. - 78 Fifth ave.
Boulton, William H. Mrs.
Boulton, Florence M. B. Miss
Boulton, Henry Earl Mr.

Bourne, E. H. Mr. - 845 Case ave.
Bourne, E. H. Mrs.
Bourne, H. C. Mr.
Norris, J. E. Mr.

Bourne, S. Mr. - 250 Franklin ave.
Bourne, S. Mrs.

Bourne, T. C. Mrs. - 1540 Hough ave.
Bourne, B. F. Mr.

Bousfield, J. Mr. - 247 Franklin ave.
Bousfield, J. Mrs.
Bousfield, Miss

Bowen, Ida F. Mrs. - 663 Euclid ave.

Bowes, Robert U. Mr. - 166 Dodge
Bowes, Robert U. Mrs.
Bowes, A. Roberta Miss
Bowes, S. Cameron Mr.
Bowes, John I. Mr.

Bowler, N. P. Mr. - 89 Cedar ave
Bowler, N. P. Mrs.
Bowler, C. C. Miss

Bowler, Walter N. Mr. - 576 Payne ave.
Bowler, Walter N. Mrs.

Bowler, Wm. Mr. - 1097 Prospect
Bowler, Wm. Mrs.
Bowler, F. W. Mr.
Williams, E. B. Mrs.

Bowler, W. L. Mr. - 15 Longwood ave.
Bowler, W. L. Mrs.
Bowler, George Herbert Mr.

Bowman, Frank T. Mr. - 1096 Willson ave.
Bowman, Frank T. Mrs.

Bowman, G. F. Mr. - 273 Franklin ave.
Bowman, G. f. Mrs.
Bowman, Homer Mr.
Bowman, Edith Miss

Bowman, I. T. Mr. - 1234 Curtis ave.
Bowman, I. T. Mrs.
Bowman, Miss

Bowman, Jane T. Mrs. - 1789 Broadway
Bowman H. C. Mr.
Bowman, J. M. Mr.
Ayars, A. B. Mrs.
Ayars, Morton Mr.

Boynton, S. A., M. D. - Address 135 Euclid ave.
Boynton, S. A. Mrs.

Boynton, W. W. Judge - 1540 Euclid ave.
Boynton, W. W. Mrs.
Brush, Miss

Brace, H. K. Mr. - 28 Olive
Brace, H. K. Mrs.

Bradbury, S. A. Mr. - 603 Euclid ave.
Bradbury, S. A. Mrs.

Bradford, Lillie Miss - 237 Jennings ave.

Bradford, William Mrs. - 57 Lake
Davies, Emily T. Miss

Bradley, Alva Mrs. - 1434 Euclid ave.
Parsons, Miss

Bradley, M. A. Mr. - Euclid ave., nw. cor. Spangler ave.
Bradley, M. A. Mrs.

Bradner, J. H. Mr. - 413 Franklin ave.
Bradner, J. H. Mrs.
Bradner, Florence Miss
Bradner, Hodie Master

Braggins, F. H. Mr. - 944 Case ave.
Braggins, F. H. Mrs.
Braggins, Miss

Brainard, C. E. Mrs. - 908 Scranton ave. At. Home Thursdays.
Brainard, Mary E. Miss
Prame, Reuben Mr.

Brainard, C. S. Mr. - Address 52 Euclid ave.
Brainard, C. S. Mrs.
Brainard, Mabel Miss

Brainard, E. C. Mrs. - 704 Prospect
Brainard, Miss
Brainard, Lily Miss
Brainard, Arthur W. Mr.

Brainard, George W. Prof. - 79 Kennard
Brainard, George W. Mrs.
Condit, Paul P. Mrs.

Brainard, Henry M. Mr. - 808 Case ave.
Brainard, Henry M. Mrs.
Brainard, Edith Miss

Brainard, Joseph M. Mr. - 1065 Prospect
Brainard, Joseph M. Mrs.

Braman, J. A. Mr. - 37 Cheshire
Braman, M. J. Mrs.

Branch. S. Mrs. - 770 Scranton ave.

Brayton, C. A. Mr. - 823 Prospect
Brayton, C. A. Mrs.

Brayton, H. F. Mr. - 824 Case ave.
Brayton, H. F. Mrs.
Brayton, Belle F. Miss
Breckenridge, Lewis Mr. - 317 Kennard
Breckenridge, Lewis Mrs.
Breckenridge, Edwin L. Mr.
Smith, Emma J. Miss

Brennan, Kate S. Miss - Address Board of Education Rooms

Brew, W. H. Mr. - 582 Superior
Brew, W. H. Mrs.
Brew, O. F. Mr.

Brewer, A. T. Mr. - 1295 Willson ave.
Brewer, A. T. Mrs.
Brewer, Eva Miss

Brewer, Charles A. Mr. - Franklin ave., w. of Gordon ave.
Brewer, Charles A. Mrs.

Brewer, James P. Mr. - 661 Prospect
Brewer, James P. Mrs.

Brewer, N. C. Mr. - Detroit st., W. C., P. O. Address Rubber Paint Co.,
Brewer, N. C. Mrs. Cleveland. Tel. No. 1610
Brewer, Carrie M. Miss
Brewer, Nellie M. Miss

Brewer, W. N. Mr. - Detroit, cor. Waverly
Brewer, W. N. Mrs.

Brigden, Burt Mr. - 405 Franklin ave.
Brigden, Burt Mrs.

Briggs, Grace S. Miss - 1516 Euclid ave.

Briggs, J. Dilwyn Mr. - 897 Case ave,
Briggs, J. Dilwyn Mrs.
Pritchard, Bessie Miss

Briggs, P. D. Mr. - 1325 Euclid ave.
Briggs, P. D. Mrs.

Briggs, Samuel Mr. - 48 Cedar ave.
Briggs, Samuel Mrs.

Brinsmade, A. T. Hon. - 838 Case ave.
Brinsmade, A. T. Mrs.
Brinsmade, Bella L. Miss
Brinsmade, Thomas C. Mr.

Britton, Alleyne Maynard Mr. - 14 Hayward
Britton, Alleyne Maynard Mrs.

Britton, Charles S. Mr. - 378 Sibley
Britton, Charles S. Mrs.

Britton, Clarence Russell Mr. - The Livingston. At Home Thursday.
Britton, Clarence Russell Mrs.

Britton, Frederick W. Mr. - 556 Cedar ave.
Britton, Frederick W. Mrs.

Britton J. W. Mr. - 1516 Euclid ave.
Britton, J. W. Mrs.
Briggs, Miss

Brockenbraugh, K. R. Mr. and Mrs. - 187 Columbia st., Layfayette, Ind.

Brooks, Arthur S. Mr. - 919 Case ave.
Brooks, Arthur S. Mrs.

Brooks, Ernest G. E. Mr. - 283 Sibley
Brooks, Ernest G. E. Mrs.

Brooks, E. H. Mr. - 320 Kennard
Brooks, E. H. Mrs.

Brooks, Henry M. Mr. - 335 Franklin ave.
Brooks, Henry M. Mrs.
Brooks, Mabel R. Miss

Brooks, Herbert E. Mr. - 348 Franklin ave.
Brooks, Herbert E. Mrs.
Brooks, H. P. Mr.
Brooks, Geo. H. Mr.

Brooks, M. L., M. D. - 289 Prospect
Vincent, H. M. Mrs.
Vincent, Miss

Brooks, M. L. Jr., M. D. - 2571 Broadway
Brooks, M. L. Mrs. Jr.

Brooks, O. A. Mr. - 29 Fifth ave.
Brooks, O. A. Mrs.
Brooks, M. K. Miss
Brooks, T. H. Mr.

Brooks, O. K. Mr. - 357 Sibley
Brooks, O. K. Mrs.

Brooks, S. C. Mr. - 989 Forest
Brooks, S. C. Mrs.

Brooks, S. E. Mr. - 196 Franklin ave.
Brooks, S. E. Mrs.

Brooks, T. H. Mr. - 627 Prospect
Brooks, T. H. Mrs.
Curtiss, Mary G. Mrs.

Brown, Alex. E. Mr., C. E. - 1151 Prospect
Brown, Alex. E. Mrs.

Brown, Anne Hathaway Miss - 785 Euclid ave.

Brown, E. G. Mrs. - 930 Euclid ave.

Brown, Fayette Mr. - 863 Euclid ave.
Brown, Fayette Mrs.
Brown, Florence C. Miss
Brown, Mary L. Miss

Brown, F. B. Mr. - 120 Duane
Brown, F. B. Mrs.
Willis, Henry Mr.

Brown, Harvey H. Mr. - 753 Euclid ave.
Brown, Harvey H. Mrs.

Brown, Hiram M. Mr. - 715 Euclid ave.
Brown, Hiram M. Mrs.
Brown, Jennie M. Miss
Brown, John H. Mr.
Brown, William H. Mr.

Brown, Irving A. Mr. - 1428 Euclid ave.
Brown, Irving A. Mrs.

Brown, Lottie S. Miss - 411 Sibley

Brown, Marguerite H. Miss - 1266 Euclid ave.

Brown, Sam'l E. Mr. - Weddell House
Brown, Sam'l E. Mrs.

Brown, William Fayette Mr. - 719 Case ave.
Brown, William Fayette Mrs.

Brown, Will S. Mr. - 269 Hanover
Brown, Will S. Mrs.

Browne, Myron G. Mr. - 1304 Willson ave. At Home Wednesday.
Browne, Myron G. Mrs.
Browne, Grace E. Miss

Brownell, S. P. Mrs. - 620 Prospect

Brush, Charles F. Mr. - 956 Euclid ave.
Brush, Charles F. Mrs.

Brush, Miss - 1540 Euclid ave.

Buchan, Albert Mr. - 292 Sawtell ave.
Buchan, Albert Mrs.

Buel, A. P. Rev. - 1333 Willson ave.
Buel, A. P. Mrs.
Buel, Miss
Fiske, Miss
Shreve, K. T. Mrs.

Buell, A. C., M. D. - 45 Osborn. At Home Thursday.
Buell, A. C. Mrs.
Buell, Clarion Miss

Buell A. M. Mrs. - 187 Dodge
Buell, Miss
Buell, Alfred E. Mr.

Buell, E. C., M. D. - 844 Case ave.
Buell, E. C. Mrs.

Buffett, Lewis, D. D. S. - 744 Woodland ave.
Buffett, Lewis Mrs.

Buhrer, Stephen Hon. - 327 Franklin ave.
Buhrer, Stephen Mrs.
Hanna, L. G. Mrs.

Bulkley, Charles H. Mr. - 809 Euclid ave.
Bulkley, Charles H. Mrs.

Bulkley, H. G. Mrs. - Glenville, O., P. O. address The Hollenden.

Bunts, C. E. Mrs. - Olmsted Falls, O.
Bunts, H. C. Mr.

Bunts, Fred W. Mr. - 38 Olive

Bunts F. E., M. D. - 16 Church

Burdick, R. E. Mr. - 1082 Case ave.
Burdick, R. E. Mrs.

Burgert, L. Mrs. - 318 Prospect

Burgess, Howard H. Mr. - 162 Dodge
Burgess, Howard H. Mrs.

Burgess, J. C. Mr. - 1232 Slater ave.
Burgess, J. C. Mrs.

Burgess, L. F. Mr. - 599 Euclid ave.
Burgess, L. F. Mrs.
Burgess, Miss
Burgess, S. Mr.

Burhans, A. H. Mr. - 129 Clinton
Burhans, A. H. Mrs.
Burhans, E. Mrs.
Smith, C. C. Mr.
Smith, C. C. Mrs.

Burke, A. M. Mrs. - 1354 Willson ave.
Burke, Geo. H. Mr.
Marble, H. D. Mr.
Marble, H. D. Mrs.

Burke, C. E. Mr. - 1059 Prospect
Burke, C. E. Mrs.

Burke, E. A. Mr. - 23 Federal, Allegheny, Pa.

Burke, O. M. Mr. - 813 Prospect
Burke, O. M. Mrs.

Burke, Stevenson Judge - 1106 Euclid ave. At Home Thursday.
Burke, Stevenson, Mrs.
Linnell, Julia P. Miss

Burling, Wilson Mr. - 51 Windsor ave.
Burling, Wilson Mrs.
Burling Louis Master
Burling, Carlton W. Master

Burnett, C. C. Hon. - 801 Euclid ave. At Home Friday.
Burnett C. C. Mrs.
Burnett, Miss
Burnett, Lillian May Miss

Burnett, Fanny M. Mrs. - 668 Woodland ave.

Burnett, Rollin P. Mr. - 153 Greenwood
Burnett, Rollin P. Mrs.

Burnham, Miss - 941 Woodland ave.

Burnham, T. W. Mr. - 683 Prospect
Burnham, T. W. Mrs.
Burnham, Mabel G. Miss
Burnham, Katie W. Miss

Burridge, Emily C. Miss - 723 Logan ave.
Burridge, C. L. Mr.
Burridge, W. H. Mr. - 631 Euclid ave.
Burridge, W. H. Mrs.
Burridge, B. Marc Mr.
Burridge, Miss

Burritt, M. T. Mrs. - 100 Kennard
Burritt, Marion Tilden Miss
Burritt, Carl T. Master

Burrows, Charles W. Mr. - 201 Kennard. At. Home Thursday.
Burrows, Charles W. Mrs.

Burrows, Harris B. Mr. - 742 Genesee. At Home Thursday.
Burrows, Harris B. Mrs.

Burrows, H. J. Mr. - 472 Dunham ave.
Burrows, H. J. Mrs.
Burrows, H. M. Mr.

Burrows, J. W. Mr. - 606 E. Madison ave.
Burrows, J. W. Mrs.

Burt, A. E. Mr. - 291 Sibley
Burt, A. E. Mrs.

Burt, George H. Mrs. - 312 Kennard
Burt Miss
Burt, Flora Miss
Burt, George H. Mr., Jr.

Burt, H. C. Mr. - 1276 Euclid ave.
Burt, H. C. Mrs.
Burt Clare Louise Miss
Tuttle, H. A. Mr.
Tuttle, H. A. Mrs.

Burton, E. D., M. D. - Collamar, O.
Burton, E. D. Mrs.
Burton, Miss
Burton, M. W. Miss
Burton, Jessie Miss
Burton, W. M. Mr.
Burton, Frederick D., M. D.

Burton, Lewis Rev., D. D. - 350 Franklin ave.
Burton, Lewis Mrs.
Leslie, A. B. Mrs.

Burton, Theodore E. Mr. - Address 24 Blackstone Bldg.

Bury, R. Mrs. - 1191 Euclid ave.

Bury, Theodore Mr. - 626 Euclid ave.
Bury, Theodore Mrs.

Bushnell, E. Rev., D. D. - 727 Genesee
Bushnell, E. Mrs.
Bushnell, Miss
Bushnell Charlotte Miss
Bushnell Edward Mr.

Butler, C. R., M. D., D. D. S. - 519 Euclid ave.
Butler, C. R. Mrs.

Butler, George O., M. D. - 160 Sawtell ave. At Home Wednesday.
Butler, George O. Mrs.

Butler, Theodore Mr. - 132 Clinton
Butler, Theodore Mrs.
Roeder, Emma Miss

Butts, Bolivar Mr. - 860 Prospect
Butts, Bolivar Mrs.
Butts, Miss
Sanford, Elisabeth Mrs.

Butts, Clark I. Mr. - 361 Sibley
Butts, Clark I. Mrs.

Byerley, F. X. Mr. - 267 Kennard. At Home Thursday.
Byerley, F. X. Mrs.
Byerley, Miss
Byerley, Fssie Miss
Byerley, Helen Miss
Harris, J. A. Mrs.

Cabell, Philip B. Rev. - 35 Quincy. At Home Tuesday.
Cabell, Philip B. Mrs.
Cabell, Philip M. Mr.
Cabell, N. Francis Mr.

Cadwell, D. Judge - 805 Fairmount
Cadwell, D. Mrs.
Cadwell, Frank W. Mr.

Cady, F. A. Mrs. - 176 Euclid ave.
Cady, Miss
Cady, F. E. Miss
Cady, C. H. Mr.

Cady, G. W. Mr. - 1402 Euclid ave. At Home Wednesday.
Cady, G. W. Mrs.
Cady, Josephine L. Miss
Cady, Celia M. Miss
Feusier, J. Mrs.

Cady, H. H. Mr. - American House

Cahoon, Thos. H. Mr. - 374 Franklin ave.
Cahoon, Thos, H. Mrs.
Cahoon, Anna Miss

Caldwell, D. W. Gen. - The Stillman

Caldwell, H. J. Mr. - 1204 Cedar ave.
Caldwell, H. J. Mrs.
Caldwell, Miss
Caldwell, Wm. E. Mr.

Calhoun, Newton S. Mr. - 135 Willey
Calhoun, Newton S. Mrs.

Calkins, G. W. Mr. - 649 Prospect
Calkins, G. W. Mrs.
Calkins, A. W. Mr.
Calkins Charles C. Mr.
Calkins, Charles C. Mrs.

Calkins, Harry W. Mr. - 744 Russell ave.
Calkins, Harry W. Mrs.

Camp, Miss - 896 Prospect
Camp, Libbie A. Miss

Campbell, E. G. Mrs. - 275 Jennings ave.

Campbell, M. L. Mr. - 64 Hawthorne ave.
Campbell, M. L. Mrs.

Campbell, O. J. Mr. - 817 Case ave.
Campbell, O. J. Mrs.

Canfield, C. C. Mr. -1789 Euclid ave.
Canfield, C. C. Mrs.
King, P. W. Mrs.

Canfield, C. G. Mr. - 1653 Euclid ave.
Canfield, C. G. Mrs.
Canfield, Harry Geo. Master

Canfield, H. W. Mr. - 24 Streator ave.
Canfield, Martha A., M. D.
Canfield, Mary A. Miss
Canfield, Elmer C. Mr.
Bishop, Estella M. Miss

Canfield, J. C. Mr. - 18 Clinton
Canfield, J. C. Mrs.
Canfield, Milton Master

Canfield, Mary J. Mrs. - 65 Jennings
Canfield, Miss
Canfield, Alex. C. Mr.
Caskey, Caroline Mrs.

Cannon, Clara Miss - 1867 Euclid

Cannon, R. Mrs. - 94 Duane

Card, H. P. Mr. - 816 Prospect
Card, H. P. Mrs.

Card, J. F. Mr. - Forest City House

Carleton, E. G. Mrs. - 740 Republic
Carleton, Frank Mr.
Carleton, H. F. Mr. - The Livingstone
Carleton, H. F. Mrs.

Carpenter, Arthur B., M. D. - 143 Euclid ave.

Carpenter, A. G. Mr. - 1083 Forest
Carpenter, A. G. Mrs.

Carpenter, Eugene G., M. D. - Cleveland Asylum for the Insane

Carpenter, Hattie E. Miss - 1491 Euclid ave.

Carpenter, S. M. Mr. - 854 Prospect
Carpenter, S. M. Mrs.

Carran, L. C. Mr. - 1093 Case ave,
Carran, L. C. Mrs.
Carran, Addie Miss
Carran, Rollo L. Mr.
Carran, Will Allen Master

Carran, R. A. Mr. - 1299 Willson ave. At Home Wednesday.
Carran, R. A. Mrs.
Lee, Jane Mrs.

Carran, T. J. Hon. - 1025 Euclid ave. At Home Thursday.
Carran, T. J. Mrs.
Carran, Miss

Carrington, Julius M. Mr. - 13 York
Carrington, Julius M. Mrs.

Carse, Marguerite Miss - 53 Fifth ave.

Carson, J. W. Mr. - 121 Dodge
Carson, J. W. Mrs.

Carter, F. N. Mr. - 307 Scovill ave.
Carter, F. N. Mrs.

Carter, Miss - 977 Prospect

Cartright, J. J. Mr. - 146 Kennard
Cartright, J. J. Mrs.
McClure, Samuel B. Mr.
McClure, Samuel B. Mrs.
Spencer, J. A. Mrs.

Cartwright, Levi B. Mr. - 186 Kennard
Cartwright, Levi B. Mrs.

Cary, John E. Mrs. - 655 Euclid ave.
Cary, Miss
Cary, J. Stockley Mr.
Cary, Sheldon Mr.
Rattle, W. J. Mr.
Rattle, W. J. Mrs.

Case, Geo. L. Mr. - 300 Kennard
Case, Geo. L. Mrs.

Case, Guy B., M. D. - 20 Euclid ave.

Case, W. W. Rev., D. D. - Perry, O.
Case, W. W. Mrs.

Case, Miss - 987 Willson ave.
Case, Nellie Miss
Case, Leonard Mr.
Case, Eckstein Mr.

Caskey, Alex. C. Mr. - 342 Jefferson
Caskey, Alex. C. Mrs.
Caskey, Edward G. Mr.

Castle, Helen M. Mrs. - 175 St. Clair
North, Paul Mr.
North, Paul Mrs.

Castle, Mary N. Mrs. - 1398 Euclid ave.

Caton, M. J. Prof. - Address 90 Euclid ave.
Caton, M. J. Mrs.

Cattrall, R. P. Mr. - 407 Prospect
Cattrall, R. P. Mrs.
Cattrall, Miss
Cattrall, Frank B. Mr.
Caven, Mary Mrs. - 1100 Willson ave.

Chadwick, John R. Mr. - 708 Euclid ave.
Chadwick, John R. Mrs.

Chadwick, L. S., M. D. - 1569 Euclid ave,
Chadwick, L. S. Mrs.
Chadwick, E. Mrs.
Chadwick, B. H. Mr.
Chadwick, B. H. Mrs.

Chalfant, C. M., M. D. - 33 Liberty
Chalfant, C. M. Mrs.
Chalfant, Bessie E. Miss
Denison, Sophia Mrs.

Chamberlain, N. W. Mr. - 637 E. Madison ave.
Chamberlain, N. W. Mrs.

Chamberlain, Robert L. Mr. - Removed to Santa Barbara, Cal.
Fox, Jessie Miss

Chamberlain, Selah Mr. - 536 Euclid ave. Summer res., Wickliffe, O.
Cooke, C. D. Mrs.

Chamberlain, W. S. and family - Address 67 Pub. Squ.

Chamberlain, W. W. Mr. - The Doan
Chamberlain, W. W. Mrs.

Chamberlin, Alice K. Mrs. - 1117 Case ave.

Chamberlin E. K. Mr. - 639 Superior
Chamberlin, E. K. Mrs.

Chamberlin, F. L. Mr. - 909 Case ave.
Chamberlin, F. L. Mrs.
Chamberlin, Miss

Chamberlin, S. E. Miss - The Livingston

Chambers, D. B. Mr. - 656 Superior
Chambers, D. B. Mrs.
Chambers, Henry W. Master
Chambers, John D. Mr. - 817 Willson ave.
Chambers, John D. Mrs.

Champney, J. P. Mrs. - 867 Case ave.
Champney, Wm. P. Mr.
Champney, Wm. P. Mrs.

Chandler, Charles Mrs. - 910 Case ave.
Chandler, Louise Miss

Chandler, C. R. Mr. - 270 Cedar ave,
Chandler, C. R. Mrs.

Chandler, Frank M. Mr. - 297 Scovill ave.
Chandler, Frank M. Mrs.

Chandler, G. H. Mr. - 776 Case ave.
Chandler, G. H. Mrs.
Chandler, Miss
Chandler, Jessie M. Miss
Chandler Dot. L. Miss
Chandler, George N. Mr.
Chandler, Percival H. Mr.

Chandler, H. T. Mr. - 1793 Euclid ave.
Chandler, H. T. Mrs.
Chandler, Gertrude L. Miss
Foster, F. B. Mrs.

Chandler, M. A. Mr. - 125 Second ave.
Chandler, M. A. Mrs.

Chandler, Robert Mrs. - Huron Terrace

Chandler, Wm. H. Mr. - 814 Bolton ave.
Chandler, Wm. H. Mrs.

Chandler, W. H. Mr. - 912 Case ave.
Chandler, W. H. Mrs.

Chapin, H. M. Mrs. - 203 Kennard
Chapin, Miss
Chapin, N. B. Mr.

Chapman, Geo. L. Mr. - 290 Pearl
Chapman, George T. Mr.
Chapman, George T. Mrs.

Charlesworth, David Mr. - 238 Sibley
Charlesworth, David Mrs.
Charlesworth, Ada S. Miss

Chase, Chas. W. Mr. - 769 Case ave.
Chase, Chas. W. Mrs.

Chase, Elisabeth Mrs. - 75 Kennard

Chester, Carlos, T, Rev. - 1222 Sixth ave.
Chester, Carlos, T. Mrs.
Hawley, Mary H. Mrs.

Chestnut, J. W. Mr. - 46 Granger
Chestnut, J. W. Mrs.

Child, Geo. H. Mr. - 19 Euclid ave.

Childs, C. H. Mr. - 44 Cheshire
Childs, C. H. Mrs.
Childs, Jessamine, G. Miss
Childs, Glessner B. Mr.

Childs, E. D. Mr. - 176 Euclid ave.
Childs, E. D. Mrs.

Childs, Henry B. Mr. - 586 Prospect
Childs, Henry B. Mrs.
Childs, S. B. Mrs.
Standart, E. C. Mrs.

Childs, Oscar A. Mrs. - 564 Prospect. At Home Tuesday.
Childs, Edwards H. Mr.

Chisholm, Henry Madame - 694 Euclid ave.
Osborn, A. T. Mr.
Osborn, A. T. Mrs.
Osborn, Jean Miss
Osborn Will Mr.
Osborn, Henry Master
Chisholm, H. A. Mr. - 142 Huntington
Chisholm, H. A. Mrs.

Chisholm, Stewart F. Mr. - 551 Euclid ave.
Chisholm, Stewart F. Mrs.
Strong, H. M. Mrs.

Chisholm, S. H. Mr. - 957 Euclid ave.
Chisholm, S. H. Mrs.

Chisholm, W. Mr. - 490 Euclid ave.
Chisholm, W. Mrs.
Chisholm, Mary A. Miss
Chisholm, Alvah S. Mr.
Stone, A. A. Mrs.

Chisholm, Wilson B. Mrs. - 1065 Prospect
Chisholm, Wilson B. Mrs.
Brainard, Joseph M. Mr.
Brainard, Joseph M. Mrs.

Chisholm, William Mr. - 423 Superior
Chisholm, William Mrs.
Chisholm, W. J. L. Mr.

Christian, Robert Mr. - 105 Cedar ave.
Christian, Lizzie Miss
Christian, George B. Mr.

Christie, William Mr. - 17 Water
Christie, William Mrs.
Christie, Charles H. Mr.

Chubb, H. E. Mr. - 64 Sixth ave.

Churchill, S. P. Mr. - 361 Prospect
Churchill, S. P. Mrs.
Churchill, A. P. Mr.
Churchill, Eugene H. Master

Claflen, H. M. Mr. - The Hollenden. At Home Tuesday.
Claflen, H. M. Mrs.

Claflin, Arthur B. Mr. - 63 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass. Summer res. Claflin, Arthur B. Mrs. - The Old Elms, Newtonville, Mass

Clapp, Charles E. Mr. - Henley st. W. C.

Clark, Alfred E. Mr. - 116 Streator ave. At Home Friday.
Clark, Alfred E. Mrs.

Clark, Cassius B. Mr. - 139 Kennard
Clark, Cassius B. Mrs.

Clark, Catharine H. Mrs. - 71 Jennings ave.

Clark, Charlotte Mrs. - 17 Chestnut

Clark, C. H. Mr. - 308 Prospect
Clark, C. H. Mrs.
Clark, Stella Miss
Clark, Charles C. Mr.

Clark, Cyrus L. Mr. - 53 Arlington
Clark, Cyrus L. Mrs.
Sherman, A. E. Mrs.

Clark, C. M. Mr. - 791 Case ave.
Clark, C. M. Mrs.

Clark, E. Miss - 743 Euclid ave.

Clark, H. F. Mrs. - Lake Shore. Glenville, O.
Clark, Miss
Clark, Julia Miss
Clark, Edmund Mr.

Clark, J. F. Mrs. - 552 Euclid ave.
Tyler, W. S. Mr.
Tyler, W. S. Mrs.

Clark, J. H. Mr. - 842 Cedar ave.
Clark, J. H. Mrs.
Clark, Hattie Miss
Clark, Jennie Miss
Clark, W. N. Mr.

Clark, J. H. Mr. & Mrs. Jr. - Minneapolis, Minn.

Clark, Robert Mrs. - 842 Cedar ave.

Clark, Robert H. Mr. - 6 Hayward. At. Home Friday.
Clark, Robert H. Mrs.

Clark, R. H. Mr. - 698 Bolton ave.
Clark, R. H. Mrs.

Clark, W. E. Mr. - 816 Cedar ave.
Clark, W. E. Mrs.

Clarke, Caroline E. Mrs. - 1127 Prospect

Clarke, L. Louise Mrs. - 468 Prospect
Anderson, Julia A. Mrs.

Clarke, W. E. Mr. and family - New York City.

Clay, Oliver Perry Mr. - 600 Prospect
Clay, Oliver Perry Mrs.

Clayton, Miss - 842 Willson ave.

Cleaveland, E. P. Rev., A. M. - 617 E. Madison ave.
Cleaveland, E. P. Mrs.

Cleghorn, Jennie Miss - 1348 Willson ave.

Cleland, Frank Mr. - 248 Kirtland
Cleland, Frank Mrs.

Cleveland, Charles M. Mr. - 869 Bolton ave.
Cleveland, Charles M. Mrs.
Mixer, M. P. Mrs.
Mixer, Miss

Cleveland, C. L., M. D. - 375 Scovill ave.
Cleveland, C. L. Mrs.

Cleveland, H. G. Mr. - 74 Hamilton

Cleveland, J. D. Judge - 667 Prospect
Cleveland, J. D. Mrs.

Cleveland, Walter G. Mr. - 72 Sibley
Cleveland, Walter G. Mrs.

Clint, D. K. Mr. and family - Rye Beach

Clymonts, Thos. S. Mr. - 220 Jennings ave.
Clymonts, Thos. S. Mrs.
Clymonts, Clara Miss
Clymonts, Alice Miss
Clymonts, Walter E. Mr.
Clymonts, Edgar T. Mr.
Clymonts, Elmer S. Master

Cobb, B. J. Mr. - 1008 Willson ave. At Home Thursday.
Cobb, B. J. Mrs.
Bill, Earl Mrs.
Bill, Miss
Bill Charles Henry Mr.

Cobb, C. C. Mr. - 981 Case ave. Sum. res. Euclid Beach. At Home Thur
Cobb, C. C. Mrs.
Cobb, Philip L. Mr.

Cobb, J. B. Mr. -1290 Euclid ave.
Cobb, J. B. Mrs.
Cobb, Arthur Mr.
Cobb, J. Will Mr.
Cobb, J. Will Mrs.

Cobb, L. A. Mr. - 1275 Euclid ave.
Cobb, L. A. Mrs.

Cobb, M. B. Mrs. - 1284 Euclid ave.

Cobb, Ralph L. Mr. - 1123 Prospect
Cobb, Ralph L. Mrs.

Cochran, Geo. G. Mr. - 444 Cedar ave.
Cochran, Geo. G. Mrs.
Cochran, J. B. Mr.

Cody, J. A. Mrs. - 1707 Broadway.
Cody, Miss

Coe, Eben S. Mr. - 598 E. Madison ave.
Coe, Eben S. Mrs.
Coe, Harry L. Mr.
Coe, Frederic E. Mr.
Davis, Cynthia Mrs.

Coe, Gertrude S. Mrs. - 948 Willson ave.
Coe, William R. Mr.

Coe, Henry J. Mr. - 821 Scranton ave.
Coe, Henry J. Mrs.

Coe, L. B. Mr. - 819 E. Madison ave.
Coe, L. B. Mrs.
Coe, Myrta N. Miss
Coe, Antoinette B. Miss
Coe, Bertha L. Miss

Coe, L. M. Mr. - 1092 Euclid ave.
Coe, L. M. Mrs.
Coe, Ralph Mortimer Master

Coe, Minerva P. Madame - 662 Prospect

Coffinberry, Henry D. Mr. - 257 Franklin ave.
Coffinberry, Henry D. Mrs.

Coffinberry, J. B. Mr. - 52 Clinton
Coffinberry, J. B. Mrs.
Coffinberry, Andrew B. Mr.

Coffinberry, J. M. Judge - 196 Franklin ave.
Coffinberry, J. M. Mrs.

Cogswell, B. S. Mr. - 40 Granger
Cogswell, B. S. Mrs.
Cogswell, Arthur C. Mr.
Cogswell, Arthur C. Mrs.

Cogswell, James H. Mr. - The Livingston

Cohen, Ralph Mr. - 50 Huron
Cohen, Ralph Mrs.
Cohen, Harry Master

Coit, Charles B. Mr. - Glenville, O.
Coit, William Mr.
Coit, William Mrs.
Coit, Miss
Coit, Charles Mr.

Coit, James Milnor Mr. - 783 Euclid ave.
Coit, James Milnor Mrs.

Cole, Alice K. Mrs. - 588 Euclid ave.
Cole, L. K. Mr.
Cole, N. B. Mr.
Latham, L. J. Miss

Cole, J. Mr. - 903 Case ave.
Cole, J. Mrs.
Cole, Emma Miss

Coleman J. Morgan & Family - Allegheny, Pa.

Coleman, J. Warren Mr. Jr. - The Stillman
Coleman, J. Warren Mrs. Jr.

Coleman, R. T. Mr. - The Livingston
Coleman, R. T. Mrs.

Coleman, S. A. Mr. - 1719 Euclid ave.
Coleman, S. A. Mrs.
Coleman, Alice A. Miss
Coleman Fred A. Mr.
Coleman, Horace W. Master

Collings, C. H. Mr. - 128 Duane
Collings, C. H. Mrs.

Collins, Albert Mr. - 1191 Euclid ave.
Collins, Albert Mrs.

Collins, C. E. Mr. - 871 Prospect
Collins, C. E. Mrs.
Colwell, A. G. Mr.

Collins, E. S. Mr. - 292 Sibley

Collins, R. W. Mr. - 171 Kennard
Collins, R. W. Mrs.
Collins, Grace Miss

Collins, Walter Stowe Mr. - 131 Huntington
Collins, Walter Stowe Mrs.

Collins, William Mrs. - 626 Euclid ave.
Collins, Frederic K. Mr.
Bury Theodore Mr.
Bury, Theodore Mrs.

Collins, W. E. Mr. - 1045 Prospect
Collins, W. E. Mrs.

Collister, J. H. Mr. - 306 Sibley
Collister, J. H. Mrs.

Cologue, E. W. Rev. - 405 Franklin ave.
Cologue, E. W. Mrs.
Cologue, Orrok Master
Brigden, Burt Mr.
Brigden, Burt Mrs.

Colson, W. B. Prof. - 198 Jennings ave.
Colson, W. B. Mrs.
Colson, Ernest Mr.
Colson, Fred Master

Colwell, A. G. Mr. - 871 Prospect

Colwell, A. L. Mr. - 127 Huntington
Colwell, A. L. Mrs.
Colwell, Bessie Miss

Colwell, Joseph Mr. - 847 Euclid ave.
Colwell, Joseph Mrs.

Coman, Lucien D. Mrs. - 304 Sibley

Compton, D. C. Mr. - 80 Sibley
Compton, D. C. Mrs.

Compton, William H. Mr. - 85 Cedar ave.
Compton, William H. Mrs.
Compton, Bessie F. Miss

Comstock, C. H. Mr. - Lorain, O.
Comstock, C. H. Mrs.

Condit, Paul P. Mrs. - 79 Kennard

Conger, Edward A. Mr. - Forest City House

Conger, George F. Mr. - Forest City House

Conkling, M. L. Mrs. - 757 Prospect

Connelly, D. Mr. - 211 Clinton
Connelly, D. Mrs.

Connolly, P. Mr. - 1429 Woodland ave.
Connolly, P. Mrs.
Connolly Mary Miss
Connolly, J. D. Mr.
Connolly, Thomas F. Mr.
Connolly, P. A. Mr.

Converse, H. G. Miss - Buffalo, N. Y.

Converse, Martha DeWitt Mrs. - 845 Oakdale
Barston, Martha DeW. Miss
Barston, Lilly M. Miss
Barston, Sarah H. Miss

Converse, Maurice Mr. - 794 Case ave.
Converse, Maurice Mrs.
Converse, Miss

Cook, Ernest S. Mr. - 171 Franklin ave.
Cook, Ernest S. Mrs.

Cook, F. W. Mr. - 31 Franklin ct.
Cook, F. W. Mrs.
Cook, M. H. Mrs.

Cook, Theo. W. Mr. - Address Society for Savings, ns. Public Sqr.
Cook, Chas. A. Mr.

Cook, Thomas S. Mr. - 126 Bolivar
Cook, Thomas S. Mrs.

Cooke, C. D. Mrs. - 536 Euclid ave.

Cooke, Hubbard Mr. - The Stillman
Cooke, Bella Miss

Cooley, Lathrop Rev. - 214 Lake
Cooley, Lathrop Mrs.
Cooley, Harris R. Rev.

Coon, John Mr. - 998 Case ave,
Coon, John Mrs.
Coon, John Mr. Jr.
Coon, John Mrs. Jr.
Howe, H. P. Madame
Howe, Alfred H. Mr.

Cooper, Geo. Mr. - 743 Euclid ave.
Cooper, Geo. Mrs.
Cooper, I. C. Mr.
Clark, E. Miss

Corlett, Thomas Rev. - 819 Bolton ave.
Corlett, Thomas Mrs.
Corlett, Charles P. Mr.

Corlett, William T., M. D. - 143 Euclid ave.

Corlett, W. K. Mr. - 421 Prospect
Corlett, W. K. Mrs.
Corlett, Miss
Corlett, Addie Miss
Corlett, Clara Miss
Corlett, Henry Mr.
Corlett, Robert Mr.

Corner, Horace B. Mr. - 300 Sterling ave.
Corner, Horace B. Mrs.

Corning, Warren H. Mr. - 744 Prospect
Corning, Warren H. Mrs.

Cornwell, Z. R. Mr. - 853 Doan

Cortis, A. M. Mr. - 1109 Lincoln ave.
Cortis, A. M. Mrs.

Cory, J. B. Rev. - 33 Hawthorne ave.
Cory, J. B. Mrs.
Cory Jennie M. Miss
Cory Lou. B. Miss
Cory Gracie A. Miss
Cory Alice Miss

Couch, Chas. B. Mr. - 211 Sibley
Couch, Chas. B. Mrs.

Covell, G. F. Mr. - Chicago, Ill.

Covert, J. C. Hon. - Address Leader Office
Covert, J. C. Mrs.

Cowan, W. C. Mr. - 570 Willson ave.
Cowan, W. C. Mrs.
Cowan, G. H. Miss

Cowan, W. P. Mr. - 416 Prospect
Cowan, W. P. Mrs.

Cowell, Henry Mr. - 53 Portland
Cowell, Henry Mrs.

Cowell, Sam'l H. Mr. - 91 Arlington
Cowell, Sam'l H. Mrs.
Seaman, M. B. Mrs.

Cowing, Geo. Mr. - 603 E. Madison ave.
Cowing, Geo. Mrs.
Cowing, Lizzie Miss
Cowing, Nellie Miss
Cowing, John P. Mr.
Cowle, John B. Mr. - 90 Clinton
Cowle, John B. Mrs.
Cowle, Miss
Gillett, Isaac Mr.

Cowles, Edwin Hon. - 769 Case ave.
Cowles, Edwin Mrs.
Cowles, Alfred H. Mr.
Cowles, Lewis H. Mr.
Chase, Chas. W. Mr.
Chase, Chas. W. Mrs.

Cowles, Eugene H. Mr. - 47 Windsor ave.
Cowles, Eugene H. Mrs.

Cowles, J. G. W. Mr. - 417 Sibley. Telephone No. 1317
Cowles, J. G. W. Mrs.
Cowles, Mary F. Miss

Cox, J. D. Mr. Jr. - 468 Euclid ave.
Cox, J. D. Mrs. Jr.

Coy, John W. Mr. - 865 Lincoln ave.
Coy, John W. Mrs.
Coy Marian Miss
Coy Kate Miss
Coy Frank Mr.

Cozzens, Mary H. Mrs. - 405 Sibley

Cramer, O. V. Mr. - 826 E. Madison ave.
Cramer, O. V. Mrs.

Crane, E. L. Mrs. - 138 Clinton
Crane, Miss
Crane, James Mr.

Craft, George G. Rev. - 74 New
Craft, George G. Mrs.

Crawford, Louisa Mrs. - 697 Prospect

Crawford, Mary E. Mrs. - 174 Kennard
Crawford, Miss
Crawford, W. J. Mr. - 172 Kennard
Crawford, W. J. Mrs.

Crehore, J. D. Mrs. - 1046 Prospect
Williams, L. C. Mrs.
Williams, L. G. Miss

Crittenden, Katharine Mrs. - 483 Prospect
Crittenden, Randal W. Master

Crocker, Otis D. Mr. - 10 Hayward
Crocker, Otis D. Mrs.

Crocker, T. D. Hon. - 836 Euclid ave.
Crocker, T. D. Mrs.
Crocker, Laura Miss

Cross, D. W. Mr. - 483 Euclid ave.
Cross, Henry L. Mr.
Cross, Henry L. Mrs.

Cross, H. Mrs. - 739 Russell ave.

Crow, David Mr. - 1062 Prospect
Crow, David Mrs.

Crowell, A. E. Mrs. - 662 Prospect. At Home Wednesday.
Crowell, Charles B. Mr.
Coe, Minerva P. Madame

Crowell, H. P. Mr. - The Stillman

Crowell, William Mrs. - 937 Prospect

Crowell, Winthrop M. Mr. - 268 Franklin ave.
Crowell, Winthrop M. Mrs.
Crowell, Gertrude M. Miss
Solloway, Ann Mrs.

Crowl, Harriet Mrs. - 108 Clinton
Crowl, M. A. Harman Mr.
Crowl, Samuel H. Mr.

Crowl, Wm. H. Mr. - 113 Clinton
Crowl, Wm. H. Mrs.
Crowl, H. Bert. Mr.
Lyman, L. E. Mr.

Croxton, S. W. Mr. - 1022 Case ave.
Croxton, S. W. Mrs.

Crumb, C. A. Mr. - 1134 Euclid ave.
Crumb, C. A. Mrs.
Crumb, Miss
Crumb, Flora A. Miss
Crumb, Daisy E. Miss
Crumb, Charles A. Mr. Jr.
Culiver, H. G. Miss - Gaydene, 902 Fairmount.
Culiver, W. S. Mr.

Curry, James P. Mr. - 4 Franklin ct.
Curry, James P. Mrs.
Curry, Jesse A. Mr.

Curtis, Albert E. Mr. - 58 Sixth ave.
Curtis, Albert E. Mrs.

Curtis, E. Mrs. - 2517 Sawyer.

Curtis, Mattoon M. Rev., M. A. - 43 Adelbert. At Home Tuesday, P. M.
Curtis, Mattoon M. Mrs.

Curtiss, Clarence C. Mr. - 661 Euclid ave.
Curtiss, Clarence C. Mrs.
Curtiss, L. W. Mr.
Curtiss, L. W. Mrs.
Sutherland, Charles C. Mr.

Curtiss, J. M. Mr. - 231 Jennings ave.
Curtiss, J. M. Mrs.
Curtiss, Ruth Miss
Eglin, Ida Miss

Curtiss, L. B. Mrs. - 1603 Euclid ave.

Curtiss, Mary G. Mrs. - 627 Prospect.

Curtiss, R. F. Mr. - 8 Holyoke pl.
Curtiss, R. F. Mrs.

Curtiss, S. H. Mr. - 621 Prospect.
Curtiss, S. H. Mrs.
Stair, Florence E. Miss

Curtiss, Miss - 15 Granger.

Cushing, E., M. D. - 20 Euclid ave.

Cushing, H. K. M. D. - 786 Prospect.
Cushing, H. K. Mrs.
Cushing, Miss
Cushing, H. P. Mr.
Cushing, E. F. Mr.

Cushing, Wm. E. Mr. - 10 Arlington ct.
Cushing, Wm. E. Mrs.

Custer, Edgar A. Mr. - 436 Cedar ave.
Custer, Edgar A. Mrs.

Cutler, Carroll Rev., D. D. - 102 Adelbert.
Cutler, Carroll Mrs.
Cutler, Miss

Cutler, E. J., M. D. - 279 Franklin ave.
Cutler, E. J. Mrs.
Cutler, Grace Miss

Cutter, Chas. L. Mr. - 424 Crawford.
Cutter, Chas. L. Mrs.
Cutter, Arthur D. Mr.

Cutter, Josephine K. Mrs. - 242 Woodland ave.
Cutter, Josephine Miss
Cutter, Norma S. Miss
Cutter, John D. Mr.

Cutter, N. W. Mr. - 32 Olive.
Cuter, N. W. Mrs.

Cutter, Wm. L. Mrs. - Whipporwill, East Rockport, O. At Home Tuesday.
Cutter, Laura Grace Miss
Cutter, Carolyn Pease Miss


Dall, Andrew Mr. Jr. - 209 Sibley.
Dall, Andrew Mrs. Jr.

Dalliba, J. H. Mr. - 136 Huntington.
Dalliba, J. H. Mrs.

Dalliba, W. S. Mr. & Mrs. - Milwaukee, Wis.

Danforth, J. H. Mr. - Hough ave. nr. Gennesee.
Danforth, J. H. Mrs.

Dangler, D. A. Mr. - 758 Prospect.
Dangler, D. A. Mrs.
Dangler, Miss

Dangler, D. E. Mr. - 287 Sibley.
Dangler, D. E. Mrs.

Daniels, Sarah Mrs. - 53 Lake.

Darby, J. E., M. D. - 850 Doan.
Darby, J. E. Mrs.
Darby, John Master

Darlington, M. E. Mrs. - 637 Superior.

Darsie, S. L. Rev. - 265 Franklin ave.
Darsie, S. L. Mrs.

D'Autel, L. Mr. - 1200 Case ave.
D'Autel, L. Mrs.
D'Autel, Leo. Master
D'Autel, George Master

Davies, Miss - 57 Lake.

Davies, Lillie Miss - 363 Prospect.

Davies, Sarah A. Mrs. - 9 Orth.
Hadlow, Henry Mr.
Hadlow, Sarah Miss

Davis, Ann E. Mrs. - 394 Clark ave.
Davis, A. E. Mr.

Davis, Cynthia Mrs. - 598 E. Madison ave.

Davis, James Mr. - 252 Sawtell.
Davis, James Mrs.

Davis, John S. Mr. - 189 Franklin ave.
Davis, John S. Ms.
Sumner, A. E. Mr.
Sumner, A. E. Mrs.

Davis, J. J. Mr. - 1062 Willson ave.
Davis, J. J. Mrs.
Davis, Miss
Davis, Annie Miss
Davis, Edward L. Master

Davis, Thomas Mr. - 252 Sawtell ave.
Davis, Charles H. Mr.
Davis, Thomas Master
Davis, J. E. Miss
Davis, Fannie Miss
Gilbert, M. D. Mrs.

Davis, W. B. Mr. - 39 Greenwood.
Davis, W. B. Mrs.
Davis, Lucy Mrs.
Davis, Miss
Davis, Mattie Miss

Davis, W. V. W. Rev. & family - Worcester, Mass.

Dawson, J. W., D. D. S. - 86 Whitman.
Dawson, J. W. Mrs.

Day, Edward L. Mr. - 780 Prospect. Summer res., Summit ave., Kent, O.
Day, Edward L. Mrs.
Day, Laura Lyman Miss

Day, Leland W. Rev. - 30 Phelps.
Day, Leland W. Mrs.

Day, L. W. Mr., Ph. D. - 337 Franklin ave.
Day, L. W. Mrs.
Day, Lulu Miss
Day, Harry Master

Deckand, J. H. Mr. - 471 Euclid ave.
Deckand, J. H. Mrs.

Decker, E. Mr. - 531 Prospect. At Home Monday.
Decker, E. Mrs.
Decker, Miss

De Forest, Tracy R. Mrs. - 31 Fifth ave.
De Forest, Fanny Miss
De Forest, C. H. Hon.

De Forest, T. S. Mrs. - 131 Chestnut.
De Forest, Albert T. Mr.

Degnon, Mary A. Mrs. - 47 Church.
Degnon, Mary E. Miss
Degnon, Eliza C. Miss

Delamater, A. H. Mr. - 211 Franklin ave. At Home Tuesday.
Delamater, A. H. Mrs.

Delamater, Elizabeth Miss - 761 Republic.

Delamater, John A. Mr. - 271 Franklin ave.
Delamater, Grace Miss

Delamater, J. C. Mr. - 145 Franklin ave.

Deland, R. Mr. - 486 Cedar ave.
Deland, R. Mrs.

Dellenbaugh, C. W., M. D. - 441 E. Madison ave.
Dellenbaugh, C. W. Mrs.
Dellenbaugh, Miss
Dellenbaugh, May Miss
Dellenbaugh, Frank E. Mr.

Dellenbaugh, Z. T., M. D. - 208 Perry.
Dellenbaugh, Z. T. Mrs.

Delon, Georgius Prof. - The Livingston.

Deming, George Mr. - Grove Hill. Hough ave. cor. E. Madison ave.
Deming, George Mrs.
Deming Paul Master
Deming, Robert Master
Yates, Alonzo Mr.
Yates, Alonzo Mrs.

Deming, Harry C. Mr. - Park City, Utah.

Deming, H. C. Mr. - 233 Kennard
Deming, H. C. Mrs.
Deming, Miss

Dempsey, John Col. - 171 Franklin ave.
Dempsey, John Mrs.
Cook, Ernest S. Mr.
Cook, Ernest S. Mrs.

Dempsey, J. H. Mr. - 81 Arlington.
Dempsey, J. H. Mrs.

Denis, L. V. Mr. - 1394 Euclid ave.
Denis, L. V. Mrs.

Denison, Amos Mr. - 864 Woodland ave.

Denison, Edwin Mr. - 852 Lincoln ave.
Denison, Edwin Mrs.
Denison, Jessie Miss
Denison, C. E. Mr.
Denison, G. B. Mr.
Denison, D. Mr.

Denison, L. T. Mr. - 233 Clinton.
Denison, L. T. Mrs.

Dennis, E. K. Mrs. - 1748 Euclid ave.

Dennis, H. D. Mr. - 36 Cornell. At Home Monday
Dennis, H. D. Mrs.

Denzer, Daniel Mr. - 599 E. Madison ave.
Denzer, Sarah Miss

Devereux, J. H. Mrs. - 869 Euclid ave.
Devereux, Antoinette Miss
Devereux, John Mr.

Devereux, H. K. Mr. - 1238 Euclid ave.
Devereux, H. K. Mrs.

De Witt, M. A. Mrs. - 258 Franklin ave.
De Witt, Wm. H. Mr.
De Witt, Miss

De Wolf, Homer B. Mr. - 528 Euclid ave.
De Wolf, Homer B. Mrs.

Dexter, B. F. Mr. - 15 Dexter pl.
Dexter, B. F. Mrs.
Dexter, Ella B. Miss
Dexter, Lilly M. Miss
Dexter, John H. Mr.

Dibble, Lewis Capt. - 445 Willson ave.
Dibble, Lewis Mrs.

Dickens, Geo. W. Mr. & Mrs. - 1320 Grand ave., Milwaukee, Wis.

Dickey, Edgar Mr. - 1260 White ave.
Dickey, Edgar Mrs.

Dickey, M. R. Hon. - 278 Franklin ave.
Dickey, M. R. Mrs.
Dickey, Miss
Dickey, L. S. Mr.

Dickman, Franklin J. Judge - 449 Prospect.
Dickman, Franklin J. Mrs.
Dickman, Edith Miss
Dickman, Mabel E. Miss
Dickman, R. Neil Mr.

Diemer, P. J. Mr. - 124 Linden.
Diemer, P. J. Mrs.

Dixon, C. F. Mr. - 54 Bond.
Dixon, C. F. Mrs.

Dixon, T. Mrs. - 351 Pearl.
Dixon, Carrie Miss

Doan, C. L. Mrs. - 132 Huron.
Sanford, Charles Mr.
Sanford, Charles Mrs.

Doan, E. W. Mr. - 1791 Euclid ave.
Doan, E. W. Mrs.

Doan, Wm. H. Mr. - 1845 Euclid ave.
Doan, Wm. H. Mrs.
Perry, Lillie Miss

Doane, Annie A. Miss - Collamer, O.

Doane, John Rev. - 422 Prospect.
Doane, John Mrs.
Penfield, Edith Miss

Doane, Miss - 3 Hayward.
Doane, H. S. Miss

Dockstader, C. J. Mr. - 16 Granger.

Dodd, E. L. Mr. - 28 Huron.
Dodd, E. L. Mrs.
Dodd, Mary F. Miss

Dodge, Henry H. Gen. - 560 Euclid ave.
Klussmann, Ernst Mr.
Klussmann, Ernst Mrs.

Dodge, J. T. Mrs. - 757 Euclid ave.

Dodge, Lucy A. Mrs. - 187 Dodge.
Buell, A. M. Mrs.
Buell, Miss
Buell, Alfred E. Mr.

Dodge, Mortimer H. Mr. - 160 Huron.
Dodge, Mortimer H. Mrs.

Dodge, Samuel D. Mr. - 197 Dodge.
Dodge, Samuel D. Mrs.

Dodge, Wilson S. Mr. - 169 Dodge.
Dodge, Wilson S. Mrs.
Dodge, Ezerine D. Miss
Dodge, L. Dudley Mr.
Dudley, L. A. Mrs.

Doering, J. C. Mr. - 536 Prospect.
Doering, J. C. Mrs.
Doering, Miss
Doering, Charles W. Mr.

Doering, W. H. Mr. - 977 Prospect.
Doering, Miss
Doering, Willis R. Mr.
Doering, Edwin C. Mr.
Carter, Miss

Donaldson, Percy Mr. - 656 Willson ave.

Dorman, D. Frank Mr. - 54 Kinsman.
Dorman, D. Frank Mrs.

Doubleday, C. W. Col. - 851 Euclid ave.
Doubleday, C. W. Mrs.

Douglas, S. H. Mrs. - 887 Case ave.

Douglass, G. F. Mrs. - 839 Prospect.

Douglass, L. B. Mrs. - 177 Kennard.
Douglass, C. L. Mr.
Douglass, C. L. Mrs.

Douglass, M. E. Mrs. - 163 Kennard.
Douglass, Frank Mr.

Douglass, S. Helen Mrs. - 1226 Euclid ave.

Douhet, Anthony Mr. - 700 Genesee.
Douhet, Anthony Mrs.
Douhet, August E. Mr.
Douhet, Edw. J., M.D. D.D.S.

Dowling, Geo. Thos. Rev. - 965 Euclid ave.
Dowling, Geo. Thos. Mrs.

Downie, William Mr. - 647 Woodland ave.
Downie, William Mrs.
Downie, Miss
Downie, Jessie E. Miss
Downie, John Mr.

Drake, A. F. Mr. - 48 Sibley.
Drake, A. F. Mrs.
Visscher, M. J. Mrs.

Drake, George Mr. - 706 Willson ave.
Drake, George Mrs.
Drake, Florence Miss
Drake, Edwin Mr.
Drake, Conrad Mr.
Lauber, Charlotte Miss

Drake, W. D. Mr. - 1194 Case ave.
Drake, W. D. Mrs.
Drake, Grace B. Miss
Drake, Clara A. Miss
Drake, Will W. Mr.
Drake, Edward A. Mr.

Drake, W. R. Mr. - 644 E. Madison ave.
Drake, W. R. Mrs.

Dryfoos, I. Mrs. - 1157 Case ave.
Dryfoos, Miss
Dryfoos, Estella Miss
Dryfoos, Minnie Miss

Dryfoos, Nathan I. Mr. - 841 Woodland ave.
Dryfoos, Nathan I. Mrs.

Dubs, Rudolph Rt. Rev. - 236 Beech.
Dubs, Rudolph Mrs.

Dudley, A. L. Mrs. - 169 Dodge.

Dumar, D. Mrs. - 1028 Prospect.

Dunbar, Mary W. Mrs. - 113 Clinton.

Duncan, Miss - 1008 Forest.

Dunham, H. F. Mr. - Address 45 City Hall.

Dunham, Wm. H. Mrs. - 1226 Euclid ave. At Home Wednesday.
Dunham, Nettie Mae Miss

Dunham, W. H. H. Mr. - 266 Euclid ave.
Dunham, W. H. H. Mrs.

Dunklee, C. A. Mr. - 993 Willson ave.
Dunklee, C. A. Mrs.

Dunn, Fannie Mrs. - 103 Second ave.

Dutton, C. F., M. D. - 94 State.
Dutton, C. F. Mrs.
Dutton, C. F. Mr. Jr.
Dutton, Miss
Dutton, Bettie A. Miss

Duty, D. W. Mrs. - 156 Arlington.
Duty, Miss
Duty, Jennie F. Miss

Duval, Delphine Mlle - 373 Sibley.

Dynes, J. H. Mr. - 238 Kennard.
Dynes, J. H. Mrs.

Dynes, William S. Mr. - 396 Cedar ave.
Dynes, William S. Mrs.


Earle, S. Mrs. - 85 Kentucky.

Eddy, Samuel M. Mr. - 1174 Willson ave.
Eddy, Samuel M. Mrs.

Edison, R. T. Mr. - 145 Kennard.

Edison, S. O. and family. - Syracuse, N. Y.

Edmonds, Eugene P. Rev. - 856 Oakdale.
Edmonds, Eugene P. Mrs.
Edmonds, Rolland M. Mr.

Edwards, William Mr. - 582 Prospect.
Edwards, William Mrs.
Edwards, Miss
Edwards, Clarence R. Lieut.
Edwards, Harry R. Mr.
Hilliard, L. W. Miss

Eells, Dan P. Mr. - 856 Euclid ave. Summer res., Oakwood, Rocky River. At Home Wednesday.
Eells, Dan P. Mrs.
Eells, Howard P. Mr.

Eggleston, Emerson Hon. - 308 Sterling ave.
Eggleston, Emerson Mrs.
Eggleston, Maud Miss

Eglin, Ida Miss - 231 Jennings ave.

Eichler, Frederick Mr. - 172 Perry.
Eichler, Frederick Mrs.

Eisenmann, John Prof., C. E. - 158 Osborn.
Eisenmann, John Mrs.
Blunt, Wm. T. Mr.

Eldridge, Miss - 183 Franklin ave.
Eldridge, Kate Miss

Ellinwood, S. M. Mr. - 299 Dunham ave.
Ellinwood, S. M. Mrs.
Ellinwood, C. B. Mr.

Ellis, C. D., M. D. - 374 Franklin ave.
Ellis, C. D. Mrs.

Ellis, J. C. Mr. - 334 Woodland ave.
Ellis, J. C. Mrs.

Ellison, Henry C. Mr. - 979 Prospect.
Ellison, Henry C. Mrs.
Ellison, Corinne Miss

Ellsler, John A. Mr. - The Hollenden.
Ellsler, John A. Mrs.
Ellsler, Annie Miss
Ellsler, William C. Mr.

Ellsler, J. J. Mr. - 711 Prospect.
Ellsler, J. J. Mrs.

Elwell, H. H Mr. - 375 Franklin ave.
Elwell, H. H. Mrs.
Elwell, Avice B. Miss

Elwell, J. J. Gen. - Res., Rockport, O. P.O. address, 29 Euclid ave., Cleveland.
Elwell, J. J. Mrs.

Ely, Alfred Mrs. - 873 Prospect.
Ely, Miss
Ely, Florence Miss
Ely, Alfred Mr. Jr.

Ely, Arthur C. Mr. & Mrs. - 279 Ontario, Chicago, Ill.

Ely, Geo. B. Mrs. - 1024 Euclid ave.

Ely, Geo. H. Hon. - 699 Euclid ave.
Ely, Geo. H. Mrs.
Ely, Emma Miss
Adams, Florence R. Miss

Ely, G. Fred Mr. - 646 Prospect.
Ely, G. Fred Mrs.
Keller, P. W. Mrs.

Ely, Prescott Mr. - 877 Euclid ave.
Ely, Prescott Mrs.

Ely, S. P. Mr. - 879 Euclid ave.
Ely, Grace Miss

Emery, A. B. Mr. & Mrs. - Randall, O.

Emery, C. F. Mr. - 856 Case ave.
Emery, C. F. Mrs.
Emery, Gussie Miss

Ensign, J. E. Mr. - 574 Prospect.
Ensign, J. E. Mrs.

Erwin, John Mr. - 464 Woodland ave.
Erwin, Arthur Mr.
Erwin, Kate G. Miss

Estep, Chas. J. Mr. - 477 Prospect.

Estep, E. J. Mr. - 1370 Euclid ave.
Estep, E. J. Mrs.
Beebe, S. B. Mrs.

Evans, De Scott Mr. - 157 Kennard
Evans, De Scott Mrs.
Evans, N. A. Madame
Evans, Alice Miss

Everett, A. Dr. - 876 Prospect.
Everett, A. Mrs.
Everett, Miss
Leslie, Miss

Everett, Charles D. Mr. - 634 E. Madison ave.
Everett, Charles D. Mrs.

Everett, H. A. Mr. - 733 Prospect.
Everett, H. A. Mrs.

Everett, P. R., M. D. - 828 Oakdale.
Everett, P. R. Mrs.

Everett, S. T. Mr. - 1016 Euclid ave. ne. cor. Case ave.
Everett, S. T. Mrs.
Everett, Miss
Everett, Marguerite Miss
Everett, Eleanore Miss

Evins, M. B. Mrs. - 82 Sibley.
Evins, Nettie Miss

Evison, Samuel Mr. - 77 Sixth ave.
Evison, Samuel Mrs.
Evison, Gertrude Miss
Evison, Ethel Miss
Evison, Harry Mr.

Ewing, H. J. Mr. - 255 Tod.
Ewing, H. J. Mrs.
Ewing, Mark Clayton Mr.
Ewing, Harry Watson Mr.
Ewing, George Master

Eyears, Alfred Mr. - 450 Prospect.
Eyears, Alfred Mrs.
Eyears, Jessie Miss
Eyears, Josie Miss

Eyer, Alvin, M. D. - 318 Sibley.
Eyer, Alvin Mrs.


Fairchild, C. Mrs. - The Livingston.

Fargo, Charles B. Mr. - The Livingston.
Fargo, Charles B. Mrs.
Fargo, Geo. B. Mr.

Farley, John Hon. - 427 Superior.
Farley, John Mrs.

Farley, T. S. Mr. - GAYDENE, 902 Fairmount.

Farman, Ida Miss - The Stillman.

Farmer, James Mr. - 413 Superior.
Farmer, James Mrs.
Farmer, E. J. Mr.
Farmer, E. J. Mrs.
Farmer, Ethel Fay Miss
Farmer, James Eugene Mr.
Farmer, Ernest M. Mr.

Farnan, M. A. Mrs. - Detroit rd. ne. cor. Barrett, W. C.
Farnan, Miss
Farnan, Par. Miss
Farnan, J. P. Mr.

Farnsworth, C. E. Mr. - 15 Holyoke pl.
Farnsworth, C. E. Mrs.

Fassett, J. S. Mr. - 1815 Euclid ave.
Fassett, J. S. Mrs.

Fassett, William Mr. - 1221 Hough ave.
Fassett, William Mrs.
Fassett, H. S. Mr.

Fawcett, J. W. Mr. - 1117 Case ave.
Fawcett, J. W. Mrs.
Fawcett, Miss
Fawcett, James A. Mr.
Fawcett, James A. Mrs.

Fayerweather, S. Miss - 1020 Willson ave.

Feiss, Julius Mr. - 274 Woodland ave.
Feiss, Julius Mrs.

Felsenheld, E. Mr. - 578 Superior.
Felsenheld, E. Mrs.

Felsenheld, L. Mr. - 24 A. Longwood ave.
Felsenheld, L. Mrs.
Felsenheld, M. Mr.

Felton, E. R. Prof. - 163 Franklin ave. At Home Friday.
Felton, E. R. Mrs.
Felton, Mamie Miss
Felton, Grace Miss

Felton, S. M. Mr. Jr. & family. - Removed to N. Y.

Fenn, S. P. Mr. - 859 Case ave.
Fenn. S. P. Mrs.
De Witt, Miss

Fenton, A. Ward Mr. - 859 Lincoln ave.
Fenton, Myra K. Mrs.
Fenton, Miss

Fenton, E. P. Mr. - 17 Euclid ave.

Fergurson, L. A. Mrs. - 210 Franklin ave.

Fero, E. Fannie Mrs. - 328 Sibley.
Fero, Bessie Miss

Ferris, J. M. Mrs. and family. - 339 Madison, Toledo, O.

Feusier, J. Mrs. - 1402 Euclid ave.

Field, A. S. Mr. - 1 Euclid Place.
Field, A. S. Mrs.

Field, W. E. Mr. - 582 Cedar ave.
Field, W. E. Mrs.
Field, Grace Miss
Field, Arthur Mr.

Fisher, Erwin L. Mr. - 63 Jennings ave.

Fisher, N. D. Mr. - 686 Scranton ave.
Fisher, N. D. Mrs.
Fisher, Blanche Miss

Fisher, W. A. Mr. - 663 Euclid ave. At Home Thursday.
Fisher, W. A. Mrs.
Fisher, H. W. Mr.
Bowen, Ida F. Mrs.

Fiske, Miss - 1333 Willson ave.

Fitch, James Mr. - 1819 Euclid ave.
Fitch, James Mrs.
Fitch, Miss
Fitch, Mary G. Miss
Fitch, Elisabeth H. Miss
Fitch, Katharine S. Miss
Fitch, Lucy W. Miss

Fitch, Nellie A. Miss - 4 Hayward.

Fitch, Sarah E. Miss - 1819 Euclid ave. At Home Thursday.
Fitch, Abbey E. Miss

Fitch, W. M. Mr. - 370 Sibley.
Fitch, W. M. Mrs.
Fitch, Ralph Master

Fitzpatrick, J. C. Mr. - The Livingston.
Fitzpatrick, J. C. Mrs.

Fitzsimons, W. C. Col. & Mrs. - Mexico City, Mex.

Fleming, Mary M. Mrs. - 930 Prospect.

Flesher, Thomas Mr. - 302 Sibley. At Home Monday.
Flesher, Thomas Mrs.
Flesher, George C. Mr.
Barber, O. A. Mrs.

Fletcher, Charles W. Mr. - 1133 Case ave.
Fletcher, Charles W. Mrs.
Fletcher, Miss

Fletcher, Mary A. Mrs. - 1502 Euclid ave.

Flint, E. S. Hon. - 203 Perry.
Flint, E. S. Mrs.
Flint, Miss
Flint, Carrie Miss

Folsom, Helen Mrs. - 271 Franklin ave.
Delamater, John A. Mr.
Delamater, Grace Miss

Folsom, S. W. Mr. - 264 Franklin ave.
Folsom, S. W. Mrs.
Folsom, Miss

Folsom, W. D. Mr. - 986 Forest.
Folsom, W. D. Mrs.
Folsom, R. Mrs.

Fontius, John J. Mr. - Address 98 Pub Squ.
Fontius, John J. Mrs.

Foot, A. E. Mrs. - 48 Ontario.
Foot, Miss

Foote, Charles D. Mr. - 637 Euclid ave.
Foote, Charles D. Mrs.

Foote, C. L. Rev. - 561 Euclid ave.
Foote, C. M. Mrs.
Foote, Nellie B. Miss

Foote, C. S. Mr. - 16 Granger.
Foote, C. S. Mrs.

Foote, E. T. Mrs. - 201 Franklin ave.
Foote, Susie Miss
Foote, Ella Miss

Foote, George H. Mr. - 581 Euclid ave.
Foote, George H. Mrs.
Slade, Mary Miss

Foote, Herbert C., M. D. - 37 Arlington ct.
Foote, Herbert C. Mrs.

Foote, Horace Mrs. - 463 Euclid ave.
Southworth, Alice F. Mrs.

Foote, Horace Mr. Jr. - 34 Chestnut.
Foote, Horace Mrs. Jr.

Foote, John A. Mr. Jr. - 102 Arlington.
Foote, John A. Mrs. Jr.
Palmer, S. E. Mrs.

Foote, John A. Hon. - 657 Woodland ave.
Foote, John A. Mrs.
Cutter, Arthur D. Mr.

Foote, Norman Mr. - 368 Kennard.
Foote, Norman Mrs.

Foran, Martin Hon. - 44 State.
Foran, Martin Mrs.

Force, C. G. Mr. C. E. - Forest City House.

Ford, E. L. Mr. - 813 Case ave.
Ford, E. L. Mrs.

Ford, Frank Mr. - 2244 Euclid ave. At Home Monday.
Ford, Frank Mrs.
Ford, Miss
Ford, Charles L. Mr.
Fuller, Myria Mrs.

Ford, Frank L. Mr. - 1891 Euclid ave.
Ford, Frank L. Mrs.
Hurlburt, John E. Mrs.

Ford, Henry Mr. - 26 Cornell.
Ford, Henry Mrs.
Ford, Miss
Ford, Alice Miss
Ford, H. S. Mr.

Ford, Horace Mr. - 2216 Euclid ave.
Ford, Horace Mrs.
Ford, A. H. Mr.

Ford, H. Clark Mr. - 71 Adelbert.
Ford, H. Clark Mrs.

Ford, L. W. Mr. - 23 Sibley.
Ford, L. W. Mrs.
Ford, Miss
Ford, Anna Grace Miss
Ford, George W. Mr.
Ford, Lewis A. Mr.

Ford, O. D. Mrs. - 2128 Euclid ave.
Ford, Lyman A. Mr.

Ford, S. C. Mr. - 638 Superior. At Home Thursday.
Ford, S. C. Mrs.

Forman, J. C. Mr. - 133 Prospect.
Forman, J. C. Mrs.
Forman, Samuel Mr.
Forman, Samuel Mrs.
Forman, Miss

Foster, A. B. Mr. - 568 Cedar ave.
Foster, A. B. Mrs.

Foster, D. P. Mrs. - 896 Prospect.
Camp, Miss
Camp, Libbie A. Miss

Foster, Edward H. Mr. - The Livingston. At Home Tuesday.
Foster, Edward H. Mrs.

Foster, E. J. Mr. - 673 Princeton.
Foster, E. J. Mrs.

Foster, F. B. Mrs. - 1793 Euclid ave.

Foster, G. H. Hon. - 830 Lincoln ave.
Foster, G. H. Mrs.

Fouts, M. L. Mr. - 275 Franklin ave. At Home Thursday.
Fouts, M. L. Mrs.
Fouts, George E. Mr.

Fowler, L. H. Mr. - Livingston.

Fox, Jessie Miss - Santa Barbara Cal.

Fox, L. H. Mr. - 682 E. Madison ave. At Home Thursday.
Fox, L. H. Mrs.
Smeed, Fayette Mr.
Smeed, Fayette Mrs.

Frazee, John N., Col. U.S.A. - 40 Chestnut.
Frazee, John N. Mrs.
Frazee, Fred W. Mr.

Freeman, Erastus Mr. - 785 Prospect.
Freeman, Misses

Freeman, George Mr. - 820 Bolton ave.
Freeman, George Mrs.

Freese, Andrew Mr., A. M. - 241 Sawtell ave.
Freese, Andrew Mrs.
Hobbie, James G. Mr.
Hobbie, Minnie Freese Mrs.

French, Julius E. Mr. - 1238 Euclid ave.
Devereux, Henry K. Mr.
Devereux, Henry K. Mrs.
Williams, A. J. Hon
Williams, A. J. Mrs.

French, W. C. Rev. & family. - Phila., Pa.

Freshwater, R. M. Rev. - 1661 Broadway.
Freshwater, R. M. Mrs.
Freshwater, Emily Miss
Freshwater, Jessie Miss
Freshwater, Arthur Mr.

Fuller, C. H. Mr. - 17 Brookfield.
Fuller, C. H. Mrs.

Fuller, C. M. Mrs. - 38 Olive.
Fuller, Miss
Fuller, J. H. Mr.
Bunts, Fred W. Mr.

Fuller, H. Arthur Mr. - 744 Genesee.
Fuller, H. Arthur Mrs.

Fuller, Myria Mrs. - 2244 Euclid ave.

Fuller, R. J. Mr. - 1364 Euclid ave.
Fuller, R. J. Mrs.
Fuller, Miss
Fuller, Edith Miss
Fuller, Fred Mr.

Fuller, R. J. Mr. Jr. - 1575 Hough ave.
Fuller, R. J. Mrs. Jr.

Fuller, R. L. Mr. - Hillburn ave. nr. Euclid ave.
Fuller, R. L. Mrs.

Fuller, S. A. Mr. - 1120 Euclid ave.
Fuller, S. A. Mrs.
Fuller, Miss
Fuller, Helen Miss


Gabriel, S. U. Mrs. - 397 E. Madison ave.
Gabriel, Rosa Miss

Gabriel, W. H. Mr. - 411 Sibley.
Gabriel, W. H Mrs.
Gabriel, Nettie M. Miss
Gabriel, C. W. Mr.
Brown, Lottie S. Miss

Gage, E. N. Mr. - 201 Jennings ave.
Gage, E. N. Mrs.

Gage, H. H. Mr. - 119 Arlington.
Gage, H. H. Mrs.

Gage, H. N. Mr. - 742 Gennesee.
Gage, H. N. Mrs.

Gaines, W. W. Mr. - 1320 Euclid ave. At Home Friday.
Gaines, W. W. Mrs.
Wyman, Harry H. Mr.
Wyman, Harry H. Mrs.

Gale, Helen Mrs. - 374 Sibley.
Gale, Hoyt Stoddard Master

Gale, Mary H. Miss - 147 Lake.
Gale, Carrie H. Miss
Gale, Charles H. Mr.

Gallup, Edward Mr. - 744 Prospect.
Gallup, Edward Mrs.

Gallup, Frank C. Mr. - 526 Prospect.

Gammel, R. W. Mr. - 47 Granger.
Gammel, R. W. Mrs.
Gammel, Burt Mr.

Gardner, Charles H. Mr. - 9 Cutler.
Gardner, Charles H. Mrs.
Gardner, L. V. Master

Gardner, George W. Hon. - 472 Euclid ave.
Gardner, George W. Mrs.
Gardner, Miss
Gardner, Anna Miss
Gardner, Ethel Miss
Gardner, George H. Mr.
Gardner, Bert M. Mr.

Gardner, Samuel S. Mr. - 40 Hayward.
Gardner, Samuel S. Mrs.

Garfield, P. W. Mr. - 99 Sibley.
Garfield, P. W. Mrs.
Garfield, Miss
Garfield, Mary W. Miss
Garfield, H. W. Miss
Dewey, S. B. Mrs.

Garlock, W. H. Mr. - 148 Huron.
Garlock, W. H. Mrs.

Garretson, G. A. Mr. - 955 Euclid ave.
Garretson, H. C. Mrs.

Gaston, William Rev. - 1083 Superior.
Gaston, William Mrs.
Sheets, Julia Miss

Garston, C. H. Mr. - 1225 White ave.
Garston, C. H. Mrs.
Garston, B. N. Master

Gates, Sarah B. Miss - 569 Woodland ave.

Gates, Will N. Mr. - 163 Kennard.

Gay, C. B. Mr. - 822 Case ave.
Gay, C. B. Mrs.
Gay, Fred A. Mr.
Gay, Alva A. Mr.

Gaylord, Charles D. Mr. - 1220 Lexington ave.
Gaylord, Charles D. Mrs.

Gaylord, Cleveland L. Mrs. - 569 Woodland ave.
Mansfield, John Mr.
Mansfield, John Mrs.
Gates, Sarah B. Miss
Hazen, Ellen Miss

Gaylord, H. C. Mr., A. M. - 1056 Prospect.
Gaylord, H. C. Mrs.
Gaylord, Courtland, M. D.

Gaylord, L. M. Mrs. - 168 Cedar ave.

Gaylord, William H. Mr. - Collamer, O.
Gaylord, William H. Mrs.

Gayton, Alfred Mr. - 50 Jennings ave.
Gayton, Alfred Mrs.

Geary, R. H. Mr. - 27 Fifth ave.
Geary, R. H. Mrs.
Geary, Miss
Geary, J. R. Mr.

Geer, D. W. Mr. - 51 Sibley.
Geer, D. W. Mrs.
Geer, Miss
Geer, Clara D. Miss
Geer, F. S. Mr.
Geer, W. H. Mr.

Geer, Thos. H. Mr. - 131 Sibley.
Geer, Thos. H. Mrs.

Gehring, Frederick W. Mr. - 107 Clinton.
Gehring, Frederick W. Mrs.

Gehring, J. A. Mr. - 254 Franklin ave.
Gehring, J. A. Mrs.

Gerner, Henry Mr. - 330 Sibley.
Gerner, Henry Mrs.

Gerould, H., M. D. - 54 Olive.
Gerould, H. Mrs.
Clapp, T. J. Mrs.

Gerrard, Wm. R. Mr. - 231 Kennard.
Gerrard, Wm. R. Mrs.
Gerrard, L. M. Mr.

Getzen-Danner, O. G. Mr. - 555 Euclid ave.

Gibbons, James Mr. - 337 Kennard.
Gibbons, James Mrs.
Gibbons, W. W. Mr.

Gibbons, J. W. Mr. - 102 Perry. At Home Wednesday.

Gibbs, Harley B. Mr. - 857 Logan ave.
Gibbs, Harley B. Mrs.

Giddings, C. A. Mrs. - 996 Euclid ave.

Gilbert, J. A., M. D. - 392 Pearl.
Gilbert, J. A. Mrs.

Gilbert, M. D. Mrs. - 252 Sawtell ave.

Gilbert, N. A. Mr. - 1139 Case ave.
Gilbert, N. A. Mrs.
Gilbert, Nettie A. Miss
Gilbert, J. M. Master
Gilbert, E. B. Madame
Allen, Walter M. Mr.

Gill, Charles H. Mr. - 1376 Willson ave.
Gill, Charles H. Mrs.

Gill, Mary A. Mrs. - 1370 Willson ave.
Morrison, H. E. Mr.

Gill, Thomas E. Mr. - 240 Beech.
Gill, Thomas E. Mrs.

Gillespie, T. J. Mr. - 259 Kennard.
Gillespie, T. J. Mrs.
Gillespie, Jane Mrs.

Gillett, Charles M. Mr. - 593 E. Madison ave.
Gillett, Charles M. Mrs.
Gillett, Howard C. Mr.
Gillett, Jason C. Mr.

Gillett, Isaac Mr. - 90 Clinton.

Gillette, E. S. Rev. - 219 Kennard.
Gillette, E. S. Mrs.
Gillette, E. K. Mr.

Gillette, H. E. Miss - 125 Prospect.

Gillette, H. H. Mrs. - 764 Scranton ave.
Shepherd, Kate Miss

Gillette, J. M. Mrs. - 60 York Square, New Haven, Conn.
Kendall, A. E. Mr. & Mrs.

Gilmour, Richard Rt. Rev. - Bishop's House, Superior, nr. Erie.

Given, William Mr. - 76 Huron
Given, William Mrs.

Glidden, F. H. Mr. - 170 Cedar ave.
Glidden, F. H. Mrs.
Glidden, Emily L. Miss
Glidden, Gertrude Miss
Glidden, Fred A. Mr.
Glidden, Jay W. Mr.
Glidden, Joseph Mr.

Glidden, F. K. Mr. - 32 Fifth ave.
Glidden, F. K. Mrs.
Klein, L. Miss

Glidden, John N. Mr. - 1288 Willson ave.
Glidden, John N. Mrs.
Glidden, T. Maude M. Miss
Glidden, Herbert P. Mr.
Glidden, J. Newton Mr.

Goff, F. C. Mr. - 705 Princeton.
Goff, F. C. Mrs.

Goff, F. H. Mr. - 555 Euclid ave.

Goff, Isaac C. Mr. - Glenville, O.
Goff, Isaac C. Mrs.

Goldsmith, J. Mr. - 884 Case ave.
Goldsmith, J. Mrs.
Goldsmith, Miss
Goldsmith, Louis Mr.

Good, John T. Mrs. - 249 Franklin ave.
Good, Charles W. Mr.
Good, J. Edward Mr.

Goodhart, Joseph Mr. - 1102 Case ave.
Goodhart, Joseph Mrs.
Goodhart, Lulu Miss
Koch, Max M. Mr.

Goodspeed, W. F. Maj. - The Livingston.
Goodspeed, W. F. Mrs.

Goodwillie, Thomas Mr. - 1147 Prospect.
Goodwillie, Thomas Mrs.

Goodwin, Wm. Mr. - 358 Cedar ave.
Goodwin, Wm. Mrs.
Goodwin, W. B. Mr.
Goodwin, H. B. Mr.

Gordon, Charles Mr. - 47 Water.
Gordon, Charles Mrs.
Gordon, Daisy Miss
Gordon, Harry Master

Gordon, O. F., M. D. - 712 Prospect.
Gordon, O. F. Mrs.
Gordon, Miss

Gordon, W. J. Mr. - Res. Glenville. P. O. address, 53 Water st., Cleveland, O.

Gorham, Grace H. Mrs. - 140 Kennard.

Gorham, J. M. Mr. - 1035 Prospect.
Gorham, J. M. Mrs.

Goss, M. L. Mr. - 1464 Lena ave.
Goss, M. L. Mrs.
Goss, Bud Miss

Goulding, G R., D. D. S. - 70 Woodland ct.
Goulding, G. R. Mrs.

Gowen, C. E. Mr. - The Stillman.

Grace, J. F. Mr. - 90 Huntington.
Grace, J. F. Mrs.

Graessle, David Rev. - 187 Harbor.
Graessle, David Mrs.
Graessle, Tirza Miss

Graham, P. F. Rev. - 257 Taylor.
Graham, P. F. Mrs.
Graham, Wm. Mr.

Graham, T. H. Mr. - The Hollenden.

Grant, H. C. Mr. - 367 Sibley.
Grant, H. C. Mrs.
Wooster, J. M. Mrs.

Grasselli, C. A. Mr. - 1191 Willson ave.
Grasselli, C. A. Mrs.

Grasselli, Eugene Mrs. - 201 St. Clair.
Grasselli, Eugene Mr. Jr.
Harris, Miss

Graves, Eugene L. Mr. - 40 Cheshire.
Graves, Eugene L. Mrs.

Gray, J. W. Mrs. - 970 Cedar ave.

Greeley, H. D. Mr. - 803 Case ave.
Greeley, H. D. Mrs.
Greeley, Miss
Greeley, H. E. Mr.
Greeley, Alton H. Mr.

Green, Arnold Mr. - 637 Superior. At Home Thursday.
Green, Arnold Mrs.
Green, Frederick Mr.
Darlington, M. E. Mrs.

Green, F. W. Mrs. - 309 Sibley.
Green, Frederick W. Mr.
Mason, Miss

Green, Harry E. Mr. - 12 Hayward.
Green, Harry E. Mrs.
McKinnie, Harry J. Mr.
McKinnie, Harry J. Mrs.

Greene, John E. Mr. - 295 Franklin ave.
Greene, John E. Mrs.

Greene, J. O. Mr. - 1108 Forest.
Greene, J. O. Mrs.

Greene, Samuel C. Mr. - 1480 Euclid ave.
Greene, Samuel C. Mrs.

Gregg, V. E. Col. - 893 Case ave.
Gregg, V. E. Mrs.

Gregory, Della S. Miss - 266 Franklin ave.

Griffin, H. A. Mr. - 194 Dodge.
Griffin, H. A. Mrs.
Griffin, Agnes M. Miss

Griffith, John H. Mr. - 82 Kentucky.
Griffith, John H. Mrs.

Griswold, M. Miss - 870 Case ave.

Griswold, S. O. Judge - Address Room 8, Blackstone Building.

Groff, Henry R. Mr. - 862 Case ave.
Groff, Henry R. Mrs.
Groff, Miss
Groff, Gussie Miss

Groot, Geo. A. Mr. - 459 Scovill ave.
Groot, Geo. A. Mrs.
Groot, Edith M. Miss
Groot, Isabella D. Miss
Groot, Agnes Miss
Groot, Wm. S. Mr.
Groot, Geo. Mr.

Grout, H. M. Mr. - 477 Prospect.
Grout, H. M. Mrs.
Grout, Eva M. Miss

Grout, W. H. Mr. - 9 Granger.
Grout, W. H. Mrs.

Grover, C. E. Mr. - 1432 Euclid ave.

Guilford, L. T. Miss - 16 Fairmount court.

Gunnison, H. Mrs. - 902 Fairmount.

Gurley, Royal Mr. - 499 Cedar ave.
Gurley, Royal Mrs.
Gurley, Warren B. Mr.

Guthrie, C. A. Mr. - Forest City House.

Guyles, William B. Capt. - 181 Franklin ave.
Guyles, Frank F. Mr.
Guyles, Frank F. Mrs.

Gwinn, W. H. Mr. - 264 Washington.
Gwinn, W. H. Mrs.


Hadden, Alex. Mr. - 1286 White ave.
Hadden, Alex. Mrs.

Hadlow, Henry Mr. - 9 Orth.
Hadlow, Sarah Miss

Hahn, Aaron Rev. Rabbi - 22 Charles.
Hahn, Thereza Mrs.

Haines, Edward Wilder Mr. - 205 Sibley.
Haines, Edward Wilder Mrs.

Haines, F. J. Mrs. - 594 E. Madison ave.

Haldeman, Chas. E. Mr. - 1 Hayward.
Haldeman, Chas. E. Mrs.

Haldeman, L. Mr. - 931 Euclid ave.
Haldeman, L. Mrs.
Haldeman, Miss
Haldeman, F. M. Mr.
Haldeman, W. P. Mr.
Haldeman, W. P. Mrs.

Haldeman, Lunsford P. Mr. - The Hollenden.
Haldeman, Lunsford P. Mrs.

Hale, E. B. Mr. - 1040 Euclid ave.
Hale, E. B. Mrs.
Hale, Edith Miss
Hale, Cleve C. Mr.
Hale, Edwin Victor Mr.
Bolton, Nellie Mrs.

Hale, Henry Mr. - 168 Franklin ave.
Hale, Henry Mrs.

Hale, John C. Judge - 1520 Euclid ave.
Hale, John C. Mrs.

Hale, Willis B. Mr. - 1031 Euclid ave.
Hale, Willis B. Mrs.

Hall, F. W. Mr. - 1783 Euclid ave.
Hall, F. W. Mrs.

Hall, George Mr. - 857 Euclid ave.
Hall, George Mrs.
Hall, Metta G. Miss
Nellis, A. W. Mr.
Nellis, A. W. Mrs.

Hall, Jabez Rev. - 38 Streator ave.
Hall, Jabez Mrs.
Higgins, W. A. Mrs.

Hall, John G. Rev., D. D. - 903 Prospect.
Hall, John G. Mrs.
Hall, Miss
Hall, Mary B. Miss
Hall, Thomas B. Mr.

Hall, Lucien B. Mr. - 298 Sibley.
Hall, Lucien B. Mrs.
Hall, Miss

Hall, S. M. Miss - 329 Prospect.
Hall, A. A. Miss

Hall, S. T. Mrs. - 757 Euclid ave.
Hall, Orlando Mr.
Dodge, J. T. Mrs.
Hickox, C. T. Mrs.

Halle, C. K. Mr. - 268 Woodland ave.
Halle, C. K. Mrs.
Halle, Louis Master
Halle, Isadore Master

Halle, Manuel Mr. - 52 Bolivar. At Home Wednesday.
Halle, Manuel Mrs.
Halle, Lenora Miss
Halle, Della Miss
Halle, Willie S. Mr.
Halle, Eugene Master

Halle, Moses Mr. - 54 Bolivar.
Halle, Moses Mrs.
Halle, Solomon P. Mr.

Hambleton, A. B. Mr. - 135 Clinton.
Hambleton, A. B. Mrs.
Hambleton, Miss

Hamill, Sam'l M. Mr. - The Stillman.

Hamilton, E. B. Mr. Mrs. - 139 Prescott st. Toledo, O.

Hamilton, E. T. Judge - 103 Huron.
Hamilton, E. T. Mrs.
Hamilton, Miss
Hamilton, Walter Mr.

Hamlen, Cynthia A. Mrs. - 909 Case ave.

Hammesley, Henry Mr. - 378 N. Perry.
Hammersley, Henry Mrs.
Hammersley, Grace Miss

Hammond, E. N. Mr. - 711 Prospect.
Hammond, E. N. Mrs.
Hammond, Miss
Ellsler, J. J. Mr.
Ellsler, J. J. Mrs.

Hammond, George F. Mr. - 166 Euclid ave.
Hammond, George F. Mrs.

Hammond, M. A. Mrs. - 781 Case ave.

Hancock, W. B. Mr. - 156 Kennard.
Hancock, W. B. Mrs.

Handerson, H. E., M. D. - 257 Sibley.
Handerson, H. F. Miss

Handy, T. P. Hon. - 606 Euclid ave.
Waite, W. H. Mr.
Waite, W. H. Mrs.

Hanna, Benjamin Mrs. - 169 Taylor.
Hanna, Gertrude H. Miss

Hanna, C. B. Mr. - 1755 Euclid ave.
Hanna, C. B. Mrs.
Hanna, Arrie Miss
Hanna, Mary Miss
Hanna, Robert Master
Whittacre, Hattie Miss

Hanna, H. M. Mr. - 609 Prospect.
Hanna, H. M. Mrs.
Hanna, Miss
Hanna, Kate Benedict Miss

Hanna, Leonard C. Mr. - 736 Prospect.
Hanna, S. M. Mrs.
Hanna, Lillian Miss

Hanna, L. G. Mrs. - 327 Franklin ave.

Hanna, M. A. Mr. - 136 Franklin ave.
Hanna, M. A. Mrs.
Hanna, Mabel A. Miss
Hanna, Ruth Miss
Hanna, Daniel R. Mr.
Hanna, Daniel R. Mrs.

Hanna, Thos. Mr. - 1232 Curtiss ave.
Hanna, Miss
Hanna, James B. Mr.

Hanna, William Mr. - 1260 White ave.
Hanna, William Mr.
Hanna, Raymond Master
Dickey, Edgar Mr.
Dickey, Edgar Mrs.
Johnson, Robert Mr.

Hanney, John W., Capt. U. S. A. - 744 Doan.
Hanney, John W. Mrs.

Hannum, H. B. Mr. - 372 Franklin ave.

Hanscom, Alice E. Miss - 787 Euclid ave.

Hapgood, Miss - 292 Sibley.

Harbaugh, A. G. Hon. - 1691 Euclid ave. At Home Wednesday.
Harbaugh, A. G. Mrs.
Harbaugh, George Edward Mr.

Hardway, G. J. Mr. - 723 Logan ave.
Hardway, G. J. Mrs.
Burridge, Emily C. Miss
Brridge, C. L. Mr.

Hardy, G. R. Mr. - 8 Hayward.
Hardy, G. R. Mrs.
Hardy, Alice Miss
Hardy, Vestry Mr.
Hardy, Walter Mr.

Harkness, S. V. Mr. - 1289 Euclid ave.
Harkness, S. V. Mrs.
Harkness, Miss
Harkness, C. W. Mr.

Harman, Albert M. Mr. - The Hollenden.

Harman, Ralph A. Mr. - 930 Prospect.
Harman, Ralph A. Mrs.
Fleming, Mary M. Mrs.

Harper, Julianna Miss - 99 Arlington.

Harrington, C. H. Mr. - 441 Prospect.
Harrington, C. H. Mrs.
Harrington, Miss
Harrington, Fred C. Mr.

Harrington, John Mr. - 355 Franklin ave.
Harrington, John Mrs.
Harrington, Bertha T. Miss
Harrington, Emma C. Miss
Harrington, Frederick Mr.
Harrington, Nathan R. Mr.

Harris, B. E. Mr. - 282 Prospect.
Harris, B. E. Mrs.
Harris, Miss

Harris, C. C. Mrs. - The Livingston.

Harris, Ira Mr. and family. - Kensington, Ill.

Harris, James A. Mr. Mrs. - Citra, Florida.

Harris, J. A. Mrs. - 267 Kennard.

Harris, William B. Rev. - 960 Forest.
Harris, William B. Mrs.

Harris, William H. Col., A. M. - 490 Euclid ave. At Home Monday.
Harris, William H. Mrs.
Harris, Miss
Witt, Stillman Mrs.

Harris, Wilson Mr. - 313 Kennard.
Harris, Wilson Mrs.
Harris, Miss
Harris, Edith Miss
Harris, Norman Mr.
Harris, Herman A. Mr.

Hart, Albert G., M. D. - 37 Jennings ave.
Hart, Miss

Hart, F. J. Mr. - 836 Case ave.

Hart, Frank W. Mr. - 294 Sibley.
Hart, Frank W. Mrs.

Hart, Wm. E. Mr. - 826 Fairmount.
Hart, Wm. E. Mrs.
Hart, Cora Miss

Hartnell, Geo. E. Mr., C. E. - 24 Franklin ct.
Hartnell, Geo. E. Mrs.

Hartness, W. H. Mrs. - 1000 Prospect.

Harton, A. W. Mr. - 28 Olive Olive.
Harton, A. W. Mrs.
Brace, H. K. Mr.
Brace, H. K. Mrs.

Hartzell, J. S. Mr. - 770 Scranton ave.
Hartzell, J. S. Mrs.
Hartzell, Josie Miss
Hartzell, Jessie Miss
Hartzell, Sadie B. Miss
Branch, S. Mrs.

Harvey, Edward H. Mr. - 1071 Euclid ave.
Harvey, Edward H. Mrs.
Harvey, Miss

Harvey, Henry Mr. - 250 Prospect.
Harvey, Henry Mrs.
Harvey, Miss
Bainbridge, Mary H. Mrs.

Harvey, H. A. Mrs. - 927 Euclid ave.
Harvey, Perry W. Mr.
Harvey, Allyn Fitch Mr.

Harvey, H. F., D. D. S. - The Livingston.

Harvey, Wm. H. Mrs. - 970 Cedar ave.
Gray, J. W. Mrs.

Hasbrouck, Clark T. Mr. - 275 Franklin ave.
Hasbrouck, Clark T. Mrs.
Hasbrouck, C. H. Mr.

Haselhuhn, J. C. Rev. - 1249 White ave.
Haselhuhn, J. C. Mrs.
Haselhuhn, Miss
Haselhuhn, Emma Miss

Haserot, J. G. Mr. - 91 State.
Haserot, J. G. Mrs.
Haserot, Miss
Haserot, F. H. Mr.

Haserot, S. F. Mr. - 36 Fifth ave.
Haserot, S. F. Mrs.

Haskell, W. H. Rev. - 1947 Miles Park ave.
Haskell, W. H. Mrs.

Hastings, Truman Mrs. - 887 Case ave.
Williams, Mattie P. Mrs.
Williams, Martha T. Miss

Hatch, A. E. Mr. - 97 Sibley.
Hatch, A. E. Mrs.

Hatch, C. A. Mrs. - 148 Franklin ave.
Hatch, Miss
Hatch, U. C. Mr.

Hatch, H. R. Mr. - 680 Prospect.
Hatch, H. R. Mrs.
Hatch, Miss
Pack, Charles Lathrop Mr.
Pack, Charles Lathrop Mrs.

Hatcher, I. G. and family - Chicago, Ill.

Hathaway, Charles Mr. - 648 Superior.
Hathaway, Charles Mr. Jr.
Hathaway, Alfred G. Mr.
Hathaway, Alfred G. Mrs.

Havens, W. R. Mr. - 971 Prospect.
Havens, W. R. Mrs.
Havens, Miss
Havens, Theodora C. Miss

Hawkins, A. W. Mr. - 23 Morse ave.
Hawkins, A. W. Mrs.

Hawkins, H. C. Mr. - 449 Dunham ave.
Lowe, R. N. Mr.
Lowe, R. N. Mrs.
Pierce, S. L. Mr.
Pierce, S. L. Mrs.

Hawkins, Henry S. Mr. - 5 Perkins ave.
Hawkins, Henry S. Mrs.

Hawkins, Miss - 1580 Euclid ave.

Hawley, Mr. H. Mrs. - 1222 Sixth ave.

Hawley, R. K. Mr. - 1716 Euclid ave.
Hawley, R. K. Mrs.
Hawley, Mary Miss
Knight, C. F. Mrs.

Hay, John Col., A. M. - 506 Euclid ave. Winter res., Lafayette Square, Washington, D. C.
Hay, John Mrs.
Hay, Helen Miss
Hay, Adelbert Stone Master

Hayden, Misses - 44 Summit.

Hayden, J. T. Mr. - The Livingston.
Hayden, J. T. Mrs.

Hayden, W. S. Rev. - Glenville, O.
Hayden, W. S. Mrs.

Haydn, H. C. Rev., D. D. - 1426 Euclid ave.
Haydn, H. C. Mrs.
Haydn, C. R. Mr.

Hayes, H. E. Mr. - 728 Prospect.

Hayes, Webb C. Mr. - 891 Prospect.

Hayes, W. J. Mr. - 705 Prospect.
Hayes, W. L. Mr.
Rodman, Chas. L. Mr.
Rodman, Chas. L. Mrs.

Hays, Harry C. Mr. - Address Room 5, Blackstone Building.

Hays, Kaufman Mr. - 299 Woodland ave.
Hays, Kaufman Mrs.
Hays, Nettie Miss
Hays, Fannie Miss
Marks, Martin A. Mr.
Marks, Martin A. Mrs.

Hays, Joseph Mr. - 211 Woodland ave.
Hays, Joseph Mrs.
Hays, Bertha Miss
Hays, Hiram Mr.
Hays, Eugene Mr.
Hays, Louis Master
Hays, Clarence Master
Oppenheimer, Fannie Miss

Hayward, W. H. Col. - 729 Prospect.
Hayward, W. H. Mrs.
Adams, James E. Mr.
Adams, James E. Mrs.

Haywood, Clark Mr. - 594 E. Madison ave.
Haywood, E. C. Mr.
Haywood, C. D. Mr.
Haines, Alice H. Mrs.

Haywood, N. J. Mr. - 586 E. Madison ave.
Haywood, N. J. Mrs.

Hazen, Ellen Miss - 569 Woodland ave.

Hazzard, C. H. Madame - 521 Euclid ave.
Hazzard, W. W. Mr.
Berry, Jenny Mrs.

Healy, Edson E. Mr. - 2 Ames ave.
Healy, Edson E. Mrs.

Hebbard, Albert Mrs. - 237 Jennings ave.
Hebbard, A. H. Mr.
Hebbard, C. C. Mr.
Bradford, Lillie Miss

Heckman, L. C. Mr. - 826 Case ave.
Heckman, L. C. Mrs.

Hedges, Emma Mrs. - 799 Euclid ave.

Heisley, John W. Judge - Woodland Hills ave. ur. Quincy.
Heisley, John W. Mrs.

Heisley, M. D. Mrs. - The Doan.
Heisley, Henry D. Mr.

Helman, B. E. Mr. - 1170 Willson ave.
Helman, B. E. Mrs.
Taylor, H. A. Mrs.

Hempy, Albert F. Mr. - 59 Cedar ave.
Hempy, Albert F. Mrs.

Hempy, Fred. Mr. - The Hollenden.
Hempy, Fred. Mrs.

Hempy, H. M. Mr. - 352 Prospect.
Hempy, H. M. Mrs.

Henderson, J. M. Mr. - 121 Huron.
Henderson, J. M. Mrs.

Henderson, M. C. Mrs. - 1144 Willson ave.

Hennings, Reinhold E. Prof. - 29 Bridge.
Hennings, Reinhold E. Mrs.
Hennings, Dora Miss

Henry, Emma Miss - 1332 Cedar ave.

Henry, F. S. Mr. - 369 Franklin ave.
Henry, F. S. Mrs.

Herenden, A. S. Mr. - The Stillman.
Herenden, A. S. Mrs.

Herenden, G. B. Mr. - 168 Clinton.
Herenden, G. B. Mrs.

Herrick, Earl Mr. - 139 Franklin ave.
Herrick, Earl Mrs.

Herrick, G. E. Mr. - 716 Euclid ave.
Herrick, G. E. Mrs.
Herrick, Ella H. Miss
Herrick, Ursula A. Miss
Herrick, Frank R. Mr.

Herrick, H. J. M. D. - 97 Huron.
Herrick, H. J. Mrs.
Herrick, Fannie H. Miss

Herrick, J. F. Col. - Collamer, O.
Herrick, J. F. Mrs.
Herrick, Flora Miss
Herrick, Clay Mr.

Herrick, Mr. A. Mrs. - 248 Franklin ave.

Herrick, Myron T. Mr. - 783 Case ave.
Herrick, Myron T. Mrs.

Herrick, R. R. Hon. - 444 Prospect.
Herrick, R. R. Mrs.
Herrick, M. M. Mrs.

Hessenmueller, Edward Mrs. - 368 Franklin ave.
Hessenmueller, E. L. Mr.
Schenck, Louise Mrs.

Hessin, J. H. Mr. - 168 Euclid ave.

Hewitt, P. A. Mr. - 830 Oakdale.
Hewitt, P. A. Mrs.
Hewitt, Miss
Hewitt, Master

Hewitt, T. L. Mr. - 573 Euclid ave.

Heyse, Ernest Mr. - 9 York.
Heyse, Ernest Mrs.
Heyse, Minnie Miss
Heyse, Jennie Miss

Hickman, S. M. Rev. & family - Perry, O.

Hickox, Charles Mr. - 778 Euclid ave.
Hickox, Charles Mrs.
Hickox, C. G. Mr.

Hickox, C. T. Mrs. - 757 Euclid ave.

Hickox, Frank F. Mr. - The Stillman.
Hickox, Frank F. Mrs.

Hickox, Harriet P. Mrs. - 327 Sibley.

Hickox, Ralph W. Mr. - The Stillman.
Hickox, Ralph W. Mrs.

Higbee, E. C. Mr. - 721 Prospect.
Higbee E. C. Mrs.
Higbee, Mary E. Miss
Higbee, Howard H. Mr.
Higbee, W. H. Mr.

Higbee, M. V. Mrs. - 58 Jennings ave.
Sutliff, Charles G. Mr.
Sutliff, Charles G. Mrs.

Higgins, L. C. Mr. - 833 Case ave.
Higgins, L. C. Mrs.

Higgins, C. M. Mr. - 1237 Slater ave.
Higgins, C. M. Mrs.
Higgins, Mary M. Mrs.
Higgins, H. E. Mr.

Higgins, W. A. Mrs. - 38 Streator ave.

Hildreth, T. F. Rev. - 13 Fulton.
Hildreth, T. F. Mrs.

Hill, D. E. Miss - 718 Euclid ave.

Hill, Edgar Mr. - 148 Huntington.
Hill, Edgar Mrs.
Hill, Evelyn J. Miss
Jacob, John Mrs.

Hill, Edgar E. Mr. - 325 Kennard.
Hill, Edgar E. Mrs.
Hill, Fred. Mr.
Hill, Albert Master

Hill, H. E. Mr. - 3 Franklin ct.
Hill, H. E. Mrs.
Hill, Maud H. Miss
Hill, Harry N. Mr.
Hill, Lewis Master

Hill, M. J. Mrs. - 25 Church.

Hill, T. W. Mr. - 168 Dodge.
Hill, T. W. Mrs.

Hillard, F. A. Mr. - 781 Case ave.
Hillard, F. A. Mrs.
Hammond, M. A. Mrs.

Hillard, L. W. Miss - 582 Prospect.

Hillman, W. B. Mr. - 378 Sibley.
Hillman, W. B. Mrs.
Hillman, Miss

Hills, Addison Mr. - 573 Prospect.
Hills, Addison Mrs.
Hills, Miss

Hills, C. J. Mr. - 532 Prospect.

Hills, H. L,. Mr. - 39 Arlington ct.
Hills, H. L. Mrs.
Hills, Marion Miss
Hills, Corinne Miss
Hills, Clarence Master

Hills, Lucien Mr. - 45 Cheshire.
Hills, Lucien Mrs.

Hills, N. C. Mr. - 39 Arlington ct.
Hills, N. C. Mrs.
Hills, C. C. Mr.

Hills, O. P. Mrs. - 573 Prospect.
Hills, Miss

Hills, W. D. Mr. - 190 Dodge.
Hills, W. D. Mrs.
Hills, Norman E. Mr.
Hills, Robert C. Master

Himes, I. N., M. D. - 603 Prospect.
Himes, I. N. Mrs.
Vincent, John A. Mr.

Hinsdale, B. A. Prof. - 434 Dunham ave.
Hinsdale, B. A. Mrs.
Hinsdale, Miss
Hinsdale, Mary L. Miss
Hinsdale, Mildred Miss
Wright, A. S. Miss

Hitchcock, H. G. Mr. - 1256 White ave.
Hitchcock, H. G. Mrs.
Hitchcock, Anna Belle Miss
Hitchcock, Ralph Mr.
Hitchcock, Silas Mr.

Hitchcock, Peter M. Mr. - 861 Prospect.
Hitchcock, Peter M. Mrs.
Hitchcock, Charles Master
Hitchcock, Reuben Master

Hoadley, J. R. Mrs. - 259 Franklin ave.

Hobart, John P. Mr. & Mrs. Jr. - 40 Fulton ave., Walnut Hills, Cinn.

Hobart, M. M. Mr. - 333 Sibley.
Hobart, M. M. Mrs.

Hobbie, James G. Mr. - 241 Sawtell ave.
Hobbie, James G. Mrs.

Hodge, O. J. Hon. - 270 Prospect. At Home Monday.
Hodge, O. J. Mrs.
Hodge, Karl Mr.
Potter, S. E. Miss

Hodge, S. L. Mr. - 597 E. Madison ave. At Home Thursday.
Hodge, S. L. Mrs.
Hodge, H. L. Mr.

Hoffman, S. A. Mr. - 26 Granger.
Hoffman, S. A. Mrs.

Hoffman, T R. Mr. - 120 Arlington.
Hoffman, T. R. Mrs.
Hoffman, Ida L. Miss

Holden, L. E. Mr. - Glenville, O. P. O. Address, The Hollenden. City.
Holden, L. E. Mrs.
Holden, Albert F. Mr.
Holden, Dean Mr.
Bulkley, H. G. Mrs.

Holden, Roman R. Mr. - Glenville, O.
Holden, Roman R. Mrs.

Holden, Rosa B. Miss - 62 Streator ave.

Holden, W. I. Mr. - 1486 Euclid ave.
Holden, W. I. Mrs.

Holden, W. L. Mr. - 607 E. Madison ave.
Holden, W. L. Mrs.
Holden, Lewis M. Mr.

Holland, Charles Mr. - 14 Walnut.
Holland, Charles Mrs.
Holland, Miss
Holland, Ellen Miss

Holliday, W. W., M. D. - 1921 Miles park ave.
Holliday, W. W. Mrs.

Holloway, J. F. and family - Mont Clair, N. J.

Holmes, E. Mr. - 2140 Euclid ave.
Holmes, E. Mrs.
Holmes, Florence Miss
Holmes, Genevieve Miss
Holmes, Clement Mr.

Holmes, G. H. Mr. - 551 Case ave.
Holmes, G. H. Mrs.
Waters, Alfred C. Mr.

Holmes, J. H. Mr. - 729 Gennesee.
Holmes, J. H. Mrs.
Holmes, Charlie Mr.
Holmes, Bert Master

Holt, Henry C. Mr. - 91 Willey.
Holt, Henry C. Mrs.

Hord, A. C. Mr. - 910 Prospect.
Hord, A. C. Mrs.

Hord, J. K. Judge - 88 Sibley
Hord, J. K. Mrs.

Hornbeck, Mary E. Mrs. - 162 Prospect.

Horner, B. F. Mr. - 1202 Willson ave.
Horner, B. F. Mrs.
Horner, Allen J. Mr.
Horner, Charles S. Mr.
Shaw, Miss

Horr, L. A. Mrs. - 1360 Willson ave.

Horton, R., D. D. S. - 1251 White ave.
Horton, R. Mrs.
Horton, Mary H. Miss
Horton, Charles D. Master

Horton, W. P., D. D. S. - 276 Scovill ave.
Horton, W. P. Mrs.
Horton, M. C. Mr.

Horton, W. P. Dr. Jr. - 184 Arlington.
Horton, W. P. Mrs. Jr.
Sawtell, Julia Miss

Horwitz, James, M. D. - 1064 Case ave.

Hosmer, F. L. Rev., D. D. - 176 Euclid ave.

Hotchkiss, C. A. Mr. - 656 Willson ave.
Hotchkiss, C. A. Mrs.
Hotchkiss, Alfred Mr.
Donaldson, Percy Mr.

Hotchkiss, E W. Mr. - 1364 Willson ave.
Hotchkiss, E. W. Mrs.
Hotchkiss, B. E. Madame

Hotze, C. L. Mr. - 152 Huntington.
Hotze, C. L. Mrs.

Houck, A. J. Mr. - 814 Scranton ave.
Houck, A. J. Mrs.
Houck, Alvin Master

Hough, A. B. Mr. - 804 Case ave.
Hough, A. B. Mrs.
Hough, M. P. Madame

Houk, A. S. Mr. - 410 Prospect.
Houk, A. S. Mrs.
Houk, Miss
Houk, Martha Miss

Houliston, Esther M. Miss - 787 Euclid ave.

Houtz, Henry Dr. - 345 Kennard.
Houtz, Henry Mrs.
Sowden, Geo. G. Mr.
Sowden, Geo. G. Mrs.

Howe, George W. Mr. - 255 Erie.
Howe, George W. Mrs.
Sholl, Anna L. Mrs.

Howe, H. P. Madame - 998 Case ave.
Howe, Alfred H. Mr.

Hower, C. G. Mr. - 582 Euclid ave. At Home Monday.
Hower, C. G. Ms.

Hower, Henry T. Mr. - 1745 Euclid ave.
Hower, Henry T. Mrs.
Hower, Lizzie E. Miss

Hower, J. G. Mr. - 582 Euclid ave. At Home Monday.
Morgan, E. N. Mr.
Morgan, E. N. Mrs.

Hower, J. L. Mr. - 1402 Euclid ave.
Hower, J. L. Mrs.
Hower, Jessie Miss
Hurd, C. Will Mr.
Hurd, C. Will Mrs.

Hower, J. M. Mr. Jr. - 1154 Willson ave.
Hower, J. M. Mrs. Jr.
Wallace, Mrs.

Hoyt, F. S. Rev. - 197 Taylor.
Hoyt, F. S. Mrs.
Hoyt, C. A. Mr.
Hoyt, G. B. Mr.

Hoyt, George Mr. - 843 Euclid ave.
Hoyt, George Mrs.

Hoyt, J. H. Mr. - 41 Hayward.
Hoyt, J. H. Mrs.

Hoyt, James M. Mr., LL. D. - 943 Euclid ave.
Hoyt, James M. Mrs.
Hoyt, Elton Mr.

Hubbard, A. T. Mr. - 160 Kennard.
Hubbard, A. T. Mrs.

Hubbard, H. W. Mr. - Weddell House.

Hubbard, T. M. Mr. - 106 Arlington.
Hubbard, T. M. Mrs.

Hubbell, H. S. Mr. - 265 Kennard.
Hubbell, H. S. Mrs.
Hubbell, Ina Miss
Hubbell, Bert Mr.

Hubbell, Z. M. Mr. - 65 Arlington.
Hubbell, Z. M. Mrs.
Hubbell, Lulu W. Miss

Hubby, L. M. Mr. - 851 Euclid ave.
Hubby, Miss
Hubby, F. W. Mr.
Doubleday, C. W. Col.
Doubleday, C. W. Mrs.

Hudson, James Fairchild, Mr. and Mrs. - Pittsburg, Pa.
Hughes, Hasen Mr. - 257 Kennard
Hughes, Miss
Hughes, Arthur Mr.
Orton, N. W. Mr.
Orton, N. W. Mrs.

Hughes, M. R. Mr. - 291 Prospect
Hughes, M. R. Mrs.
Hughes, Morris R. Master Jr.

Hughes, R. D. Mr. - 1243 Willson ave.
Hughes, R. D. Mrs.
Hughes, Mattie A. Miss
Hughes, Carrie Miss
Hughes, I. L. Mr.
Hughes, George E. Mr.

Hulburd, L. P. Mr. - 94 Brownell
Hulburd, May A. Miss
Hulburd, M. W. Mrs.
Glasser, Lena Miss

Huling, Mary E. Mrs. - 39 Cheshire

Humiston, C. B., M.D. - 801 Scranton ave.
Humiston, C. B. Mrs.

Humiston, William H., M.D. - 201 Jennings ave.
Humiston, William H. Mrs.

Hunt, Edward P. Mr. - 658 Woodland ave.
Hunt, Edward P. Mrs.
Hunt, Emma M. Miss

Hunter, Sam'l E. Mr. - 182 Taylor
Hunter, Sam'l E. Mrs.

Huntington, E. H. Mrs. - 416 Prospect

Huntington, John Mr. - 847 Prospect
Huntington, John Mrs.
Huntington, Arthur G. Mr.

Huntington, Wm. H. Mr. - 149 Kennard
Huntington, Wm. H. Mrs.
Huntington, Miss
Huntington, Alice Miss
Huntington, F. E. Miss

Huntington, W. R. Mr. - 655 Willson ave.
Huntington, W. R. Mrs.

Hurd, C. Will Mr. - 1402 Euclid ave.
Hurd, C. Will Mrs.

Hurd, Frank Mr. - 1478 Euclid ave.
Hurd, Frank Mrs.
Hurd, Josephine Miss
Hurd, Carrie Louise Miss

Hurd, H. Mr. Jr. - 647 Euclid ave.
Hurd, H. Mrs. Jr.
Hurd, Harry C. Mr.

Hurd, McClellan Mr. - 296 Sibley
Hurd, McClellan, Mrs.

Hurlbut, E. Mrs. - 369 Sibley

Hurlbut, H. B. Mrs. - 870 Euclid ave.
Miller, Kate A. Miss

Hurlbut, John E. Mrs. - 1891 Euclid ave.

Hurlbut, W. L. Mr. - 1119 Prospect
Hurlbut, Miss

Hussey, H. P. Mr. - 781 Prospect
Hussey, H. P. Mrs.
Hussey, E. Miss

Hussey, M. G. Mrs. - 1299 Euclid ave.
Hussey, Miss

Hutchins, H. A. Mr. & family - New York City

Hutchins, John Hon. - 405 Sibley
Hutchins, John Mrs.
Cozzens, Mary H. Mrs.

Hutchins, J. C. Judge - 969 Prospect
Hutchins, J. C. Mrs.

Hutchinson, George E. Mr. - 847 Euclid ave.
Hutchinson, George E. Mrs.

Hutchinson, Geo. H. Mr. - 384 Pearl
Hutchinson, Geo. H. Mrs.
Hutchinson, J. H. Mr.

Hutchinson, Jane W. Miss - 12 Cheshire

Hyde, G. A. Mr. - 85 Kennard
Hyde, G. A. Mrs.

Ingersoll, Geo. A. Mr. - 1374 Euclid ave.
Ingersoll, Geo. A. Mrs.
Ingersoll, Miss
Minor, Miss

Ingersoll, Joseph Mr. - 1502 Euclid ave.
Ingersoll, Joseph Mrs.
Ingersoll, Miss
Ingersoll, Leland Mr.
Fletcher, Mary A. Mrs.

Ingersoll, J. E. Judge - 1045 Prospect
Ingersoll, J. E. Mrs.
Ingersoll, Julia Miss
Ingersoll, Grace Miss
Ingersoll, Sadie E. Miss
Ingersoll, Louise Miss
Collins, Willis E. Mrs. & Mrs. - Ashville, N. C.

Ingersoll, Mary E. Miss - 49 Arlington
Robinson, H. L. Mr.
Robinson, H. L. Mrs.

Ingersoll, Seymour R. Mr. - 792 Bolton ave.
Ingersoll, Seymour R. Mrs.

Ingersoll, Winthrop Mr. - 31 Arlington Ct.
Ingersoll, Winthrop Mrs.

Ingham, Geo. O. Mr. - 148 Greenwood
Ingham, Geo. O. Mrs.

Ingham, W. A. Mr. - 203 Franklin ave. At Home Thursday.
Ingham, W. A. Mrs.
Ingham, Howard M. Mr.
Ingham, Howard M. Mrs.

Ingraham, Arthur H. Mr. - 148 Taylor
Ingraham, Arthur H. Mrs.

Ingraham, T. Mr. - 269 Sibley
Ingraham, T. Mrs.

Ingraham, T. S. Mr. - Detroit Rd. W. C.
Ingraham, T. S. Mrs.
Ingraham, Miss
Ingraham, Edith M. Miss

Irvine, T. M. Mr. - 642 E. Madison ave.
Irvine, T. M. Mrs.
Irvine, Florence Miss
Stafford, Lucy F. Mrs.

Irwin, C. E. Mr. - 26 Chestnut
Irwin, C. E. Mrs.

Irwin, W. C. Mr. - 17 Chestnut
Irwin, W. C. Mrs.
Patterson, Edgar B. Mr.
Patterson, Edgar B. Mrs.
Clark, Charlotte Mrs.

Isham, J. F. Mr. - 19 Chestnut
Isham, J. F. Mrs.

Isom, E. S. Mr. - 520 Prospect
Isom, E. S. Mrs.
Benton, W. J. Mr.
Benton, W. J. Mrs.

Isom, John F., M.D. - 1167 Prospect
Isom, John F. Mrs.
Isom, Miss

Jacob, John Mrs. - 148 Huntington

James, Alexander K. Mr. - 134 Arlington
James, Alexander K. Mrs.
James, D. A. Mr.
James, D. A. Mrs.

James, J. G. Mr. - 376 Kennard
James, J. G. Mrs.
James, Lawrence W. Mr.
James, Frank T. Master
Zibble, Maggie Miss

Janes, L. Mr. - 1590 Euclid ave.
Janes, L. Mrs.
Janes, H. S. Mr.
Janes, A. O. Mr.

Jaster, Charles L. Mr. - 187 Arlington
Jaster, Charles L. Mrs.
Jaster, Lucy L. Miss
Jaster, Florence Miss

Jaster, John Mr. Jr. - 461 Kennard
Jaster, John Mrs. Jr.
Jaster, Miss
Jaster, Jessie Miss

Jaynes, Harris Mrs. - 818 Madison ave.
Jaynes, Miss
Jaynes, A. D. Mr.
Jaynes, Harry C. Mr. & Mrs.

Jenkins, C. H. Mr. & Mrs. - Sandusky, O.

Jenkins, N. S. Mr. - 606 Willson ave.
Jenkins, M. S. Mrs.

Jenkins, S. P. Mr. - 1230 Curtiss ave.
Jenkins, S. P. Mrs.
Jenkins, Jennie L. Miss
Jenkins, Anna M. Miss

Jenks, R. H. Mr. - 900 Case ave.
Jenks, R. H. Mrs.

Jenness, B. W. Mrs. - 411 Prospect
Jenness, Bessie W. Miss

Jennings, D. R., M.D., D.D.S. - 367 Scovill ave.
Jennings, D. R. Mrs.
Jennings, W. M. Mr.
Jennings, A. R. Mr.

Jennings, John Gould Mr. Jr. - 67 Jennings ave.
Jennings, John Gould Mrs. Jr.

Jennings, John G. Mr. - 71 Jennings ave.
Jennings, John G. Mrs.
Jennings, Geo. C. Mr.
Clark, Catharine H. Mrs.

Jewett, Caleb Mr. - 870 Prospect
Jewett, Caleb Mrs.

Johns, D. J. Mr. - The Lincoln

Johns, D. W. Mr. - 192 Arlington
Johns, A. A. Mrs.
Johns, Edna A. Miss

Johns, E. W. Mr. - 803 Euclid ave.
Johns, E. W. Mrs.
Johns, Emma Miss
Johns, Mary Miss

Johns, J. B. Mr. - The Lincoln

Johnson, George J. Mr. - 1037 Euclid ave.
Johnson, George J. Mrs.
Johnson, Lee Mr.

Johnson, G. R. Mrs. & family - 62 Park ave., New York City

Johnson, Henry J. Mr. - Detroit Rd. W. C.
Johnson, Henry J. Mrs.
Johnson, Etta Miss
Johnson, Elwell Mr.

Johnson, P. L. Mr. - 44 Water
Johnson, P. L. Mrs.
Johnson, Miss

Johnson, T. H. Mr. - 1287 Willson ave.
Johnson, T. H. Mrs.

Johnson, Thomas L. Mr. - 101 Perry. After April 1st 171 Kennard. At Home Thursday.
Johnson, Thomas L. Mrs.

Johnson, Tom L. Mr. - 653 Superior
Johnson, Tom L. Mrs.
Johnson, Bessie F. Miss
Johnson, Lofftin Master

Johnson, W. P. Mr. - 251 Sawtell ave.
Johnson, W. P. Mrs.

Johnston, Robert Mr. - 1260 White ave.

Jones, C. W. Mr. - 416 Prospect
Jones, C. W. Mrs.

Jones, Edward H. Mr. - 69 Kennard
Jones, Edward H. Mrs.

Jones, G. J., M.D. - 1068 Case ave.
Jones, G. J. Mrs.

Jones, G. W. Mr. - 326 Pearl
Jones, G. W. Mrs.
Jones, A. W. Mr.
Jones, L. T. Mr.
Woodruff, S. R. Miss

Jones, J. M. Judge - 1066 Prospect
Jones, J. M. Mrs.
Jones, Miss
Jones, Jessie Miss
Jones, Florence Miss

Jones, Mary A. Mrs. - 109 Huron
Jones, W. S. Mr.
Jones, W. S. Mrs.

Jones, N. M., M.D. - 166 Taylor
Jones, N. M. Mrs.

Jones, Orville L. Mr. - 16 Cheshire
Jones, Orville L. Mrs.

Jones, Robt. F. Mr. - 377 Sibley
Jones, Robt. F. Mrs.

Jones, Thomas Hon. Jr. - 525 Case ave.
Jones, Thomas Mrs. Jr.
Munhall, C. M. Mr.
Munhall, C. M. Mrs.

Jones, Thos. Capt. - 256 Franklin ave.
Jones, Thos. Mrs.
Smith, Jane Miss

Jones, William Mrs. - 375 Sibley
Jones, Herbert S. Mr.

Jones, Winnifred Miss - 1020 Prospect

Jopling, Thos. Mr. - 842 Willson ave.
Jopling, Thos. Mrs.
Jopling, Miss
Clayton, Miss

Jopling, Robert Mr. - Columbia College

Joseph M. Mr. - 300 Woodland ave.
Joseph M. Mrs.
Joseph I. Mr.
Joseph E. Mr.
Joseph, Fred Mr.

Joseph S. Mr. - 634 Woodland ave.
Joseph S. Mrs.

Judd, Elizabeth Mrs. - 163 Jennings ave.
Judd, Chas. S. Mr.

Judd, Henry W. Mr. - 651 Superior
Judd, Helen M. Miss
Judd, Florence Miss

Julier, H. S. Mr. and family - New York City

Junge, Herman Mr. - Detroit Rd. W. C.
Junge, Herman Mrs.
Junge, Matilda Miss
Junge, Ernest Master



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