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Congregational Church


Brecksville, Ohio

Source: FHL Number 960617
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

First Congregational Church Brecksville, OH
Dedicated October, 30, 1844

Marriage Records
*partial list*

AUSTIN, Ernest H. and Mary E. MC BRIDE m. 27 Nov 1884
AVERY, Alanson G. and Ida WILCOX m. 18 Sep 1884
BARNES, Jesse J. and Ada D. FOSTER m. 23 Jun 1885
BARNES, William H. andJennie M. HOPKINS m. 25 Dec 1884
BARNES, Homer and Kittie SNOW m. Apr 1878
CHAFFEE, Henry Willis and Mattie S. OAKES m. 22 Feb 1883
CHATFIELD, Edward A. and Eliza M. BRECK m. 12 Apr 1881
DILLON, Asa and Ida R. BARNES m. 24 Sep 1878
ELLSWORTH, Frederick W. and Ettie J. BEBER m. 28 Apr 1881
PECK, Andrew B. and Dora W. BARNES m. 01 Jan 1880
PERRY, Harry and Lucy BOLES m. 13 Jun 1881
SNOW, Karl E. and Katie E. BROOKS m. 25 Dec 1884

List of Ministers

On the 13th of July, 1816, a little company of New Englanders gathered at the home of Esq. Bradford, near the square at Brecksville Center. Rev. Wm. Hanford, a missionary, had come over from Hudson, and a church was organized with thirteen members. The township having been organized the year before. The names of the founders were: John Adams, Lemuel Hoadley
and Chloe, his wife, John Waite, Bolter Colson and Harriet, his wife, Hannah Payne, Lyman J. Frost and Oriana, his wife, Zilpha Waite, Lucy Wilcox, James Dixon, and Mary, his wife.
[Source: The Brecksville Centennial, 18111911, Including Historical Sketches, Compiled by W. R. COATES August, 1911 THE GATES LEGAL PUBLISHING CO., Cleveland, OH]

Rev. Wm. Hanford (missionary) from July 13, 1816, supplied partially for seven years.
Rev. Israel Shaler, from April 28, 1826 to April 27, 1827.
Rev. Joseph Breck from October 1st, 1829, to May 1st, 1831.
Rev. Joseph A. Pepoon from October, 1833, to October, 1834.
Rev. Chester Chapin from October 1st, 1834, until the fall of 1837.
Then the church had supplies until 1840.
Newton Barrett from October, 1840, to October, 1848. Installed April 7, 1841, as first pastor.
W. S. Kennedy, two years, until September 6, 1852.
Rev. Lewis Smith from April, 1853, to April, 1854.
Rev. C. B. Stephens from January 5, 1855, to March, 1855.
Rev. L. S. Hillyer from May 5, 1859, to March 31, 1861.
Rev. Thos. Towler from June 1st, 1863-1868.
Rev. Hubbard Lawrence from June, 1868, to October, 1870.
Rev. G. C. Reed from October 1st, 1871, to June 1st, 1874.
Rev. Isaac McK. Pittenger from 1874 to 1879.
Rev. Jno. M. Davies from 1879 to February 11th, 1882.
Rev. Henry Farwell from 1882 to 1886.
Supplies : Edward Braithwaite; F. W. Bates, 1886-1887; E. S. Rothrock, 1887-1889; I. M. Channon, 1889-1890.
Rev. Franklin L. Graph from February 23, 1890 to October 9, 1892.
Rev. W. C. Rogers from December 9, 1892, to September 6, 1898.
Rev. Chas. Thos. Baylis (Rev. Franklin Estabrook supply after Baylis) from January, 1899, to summer, 1900.
Rev. Jonathan S. Upton from May 9, 1901 to September 17, 1905.
Rev. Clarence J. Rogers from November 1, 1905, to February 4, 1906.
Rev. Fred Bohn from September 15, 1906, to January 1, 1907.
Rev. Paul Fox from April, 1907, to May 1, 1910.
Rev. A. Secord from October 20, 1910.


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