Cuyahoga County, Ohio
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Case Avenue
Presbyterian Church


Was located on Case Avenue at the corner of Cedar Avenue
Cleveland, OH

Aka Memorial Presbyterian Church

Early in 1868 a subscription was opened among members of Euclid Street Church. A lot was bought on the corner of Sibley Street and Case Avenue and a wood chapel was erected. On October, 2, 1870, the Memorial Presbyterian Church was formed. [From: “History of Cuyahoga County” by Crisfield Johnson, 1879]

The pastors of this church have been Rev. Messrs. James A. Skinner. Francis A. Horton, Kollo Ogden, and P. F. Kipp. The present (in 1896) pastor is Rev. Finley F. Kennedy.
[Source: "Official report of the centennial celebration of the founding of the city of the City of Cleveland and the settlement of the Western Reserve", Compiled by Edward A. Roberts, 1896]

Marriage Records
Source: "FHL Number 906156"
Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer

*partial list*

ADAMS, Fitch Mygatt and Ella C. EVANS m. 03 Sep 1879
BARTHOLOMEW, Frank S. and Frances L. ELSON m. 31 Oct 1882 [Wife previously married]
BARTOW, Charles and Lena J. RICHARDSON m. 12 Nov 1879
BEARDSLEY, George A. and Ida E. SUTLIFF m. 03 Jul 1874
BODDEN, William and Edith A. WOOLVERTON m. 05 Jan 1882
BRAMLEY, Charles D. and Anna FOSS m. 23 Sep 1880
BRIGGS, Ephraim and Sarah Lucinda INGERSOLL m. 06 Nov 1872
BROWN, Michael A. and Jennie BLYTHE m. 17 Aug 1870
DALL, Robert and Jennie F. BOYD m. 25 Dec 1879
FRENCH, Albert E. and Abbie C. BETTS m. 16 May 1878
HALE, Robert T. and Mary E. ALLEN m. 04 May 1880
HENDERSON, John and Isabella ARMSTRONG m. 04 Sep 1880
HYDE, Gustavus A. and Hattie I. BETTY m. 23 Nov 1881
KLINE, William L. and Lydia M. WAITE m. 09 May 1878
LANG, Watson W. and Anna ADAMS m. 22 Mar 1883
MARROW, Jerome and Matilda C. BURLISON m. 13 Apr 1877
PETTEE, Bennett Z. and C. W. M. A. CLARK m. 03 Oct 1881


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