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Cuyahoga County, Ohio
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Acacia Park Cemetery 413034N 0812638W  
Adams Street Cemetery 412148N 0815053W  
Alger Cemetery 412656N 0814851W  
Anshe Emeth Cemetery 412846N 0814340W  
Barr Road Cemetery 411759N 0813921W  
Bedford Center Cemetery 412311N 0813136W  
Beechwood Cemetery 412803N 0813059W  
Brooklyn Cemetery 412823N 0814155W  
Brooklyn Heights Cemetery 412543N 0814212W  
Brookmere Cemetery 412636N 0814236W  
Butternut Ridge Cemetery 412426N 0815419W  
Calvary Cemetery 412615N 0813626W  
Center Cemetery 411912N 0813804W  
Chestnut Grove Cemetery 412248N 0815344W  
Coe Ridge Cemetery 412541N 0815331W  
Denison Cemetery 412706N 0814200W  
East Cleveland Cemetery 413054N 0813603W  
Elija Cemetery 412430N 0812943W  
Erie Cemetery 412952N 0814059W  
Euclid Cemetery 413356N 0813216W  
Evergreen Cemetery 412549N 0815642W  
Evergreen Cemetery 412510N 0812330W  
Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery 412436N 0813119W  
Fairview Park Cemetery 412703N 0815010W  
Garfield Tomb 413036N 0813528W  
German Lutheran Cemetery 412152N 0814529W  
Glenville Cemetery 413231N 0813532W  
Grove Hill Cemetery 412605N 0812340W  
Harvard Grove Cemetery 412658N 0813851W  
Highland Park Cemetery 412737N 0813146W  
Hillcrest Cemetery 412414N 0812927W  
Hogsback Cemetery 412738N 0812441W  
Holy Cross Cemetery 412449N 0814748W  
Holy Ghost Cemetery 412443N 0814341W  
Immanuel Cemetery 412553N 0814650W  
Jackson Family Plot 412746N 0812745W  
Jewish Cemetery 412701N 0813856W  
Kinsman Road Cemetery 412745N 0812624W  
Knollwood Cemetery 413044N 0812636W  
Lake View Cemetery 413045N 0813531W  
Lakeside Cemetery 412928N 0815632W  
Lakewood Park Cemetery 412811N 0815151W  
Lutheran Cemetery 412551N 0814302W  
Maple Ridge Cemetery 412635N 0815409W  
Maple Shade Cemetery 412344N 0813821W  
Mayfield Cemetery 413048N 0813455W  
Mayfield Union Cemetery 413218N 0812632W  
Monroe Cemetery 412840N 0814224W  
Mount Hope Cemetery 412525N 0812801W  
Mount Olive Cemetery 412420N 0812904W  
Mount Sinai Cemetery 413409N 0812625W  
Nelaview Cemetery 413241N 0813358W  
North Royalton Cemetery 411852N 0814346W  
Orange Cemetery 412743N 0812738W  
Orange Hill Cemetery 412929N 0812620W  
Parma Heights Cemetery 412355N 0814504W  
Parma Public Cemetery 412151N 0814530W  
Polish Cemetery 412443N 0814320W  
Ridge Road Cemetery Number 1 412716N 0814423W  
Ridge Road Cemetery Number 2 412707N 0814418W  
Riverside Cemetery 412723N 0814144W  
Roselawn Cemetery 412320N 0812649W  
Royalton Cemetery 411756N 0814521W  
Russell Cemetery 412428N 0812440W  
Saint Adalbert Cemetery 412224N 0814944W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 413107N 0813119W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 412910N 0813826W  
Saint Johns Cemetery 412459N 0813616W  
Saint Josephs Cemetery 412913N 0813754W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 412813N 0814246W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 412547N 0813833W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 412508N 0814800W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 412242N 0815128W  
Saint Marys Cemetery 412224N 0815326W  
Saint Patricks Cemetery 412603N 0814918W  
Saint Paul Cemetery 413435N 0813227W  
Saint Paul Lutheran Cemetery 412758N 0815557W  
Saint Pauls Cemetery 412319N 0815035W  
Saint Peters Cemetery 412335N 0814107W  
Saint Theodosius Cemetery 412550N 0814424W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 412125N 0814228W  
Strongsville Cemetery 411907N 0815000W  
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery 412349N 0815402W  
Warrensville Cemetery 412742N 0812949W  
Warrensville West Cemetery 412756N 0813355W  
West Park Cemetery 412654N 0814429W  
Whitehaven Memorial Park 413255N 0812618W  
Willett Cemetery 412838N 0814237W  
Woodland Cemetery 412924N 0813832W  
Woodvale Cemetery 412141N 0814927W  
Workmans Cemetery 412445N 0814315W  
Zion Cemetery 412412N 0813432W  
Zion Memorial Park Cemetery 412441N 0813121W  


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