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These are in "loose" alpha order based on the surname of the alleged perpetrator or the victim when the perpetrator is not known

Shot By Chum
Cleveland - William McCarran, 16, was dead Saturday and his chum, Raymond
Anderson, 14, was in the hands of the juvenile authorities following the accidental discharge of a revolver. McCarran died in the hospital with a bullet wound to the head.
[Lima News Jan 3, 1920 - Sub by Linda Blue Dietz]

Cleveland - Police sought clue today to the identity of the slayer or slayers who late last night beat and stabbed to death Levi Foster, 42 year-old Hotel Cleveland waiter, in the hallway of his east side apartment. [The Marion Star Mar 2, 1946 - Submitted by Linda Dietz]

Dr Geer Is Indicted
Cleveland, O - Dr. Norman M. Geer was indicted by the grand jury Monday on a charge of performing an illegal operation. The doctor was bound over from police court on July 25 on a charge of second degree murder. He was arrested a few days before when the body of an infant was found In his office burning in a stove.
[The Mahoning Dispatch Friday, October 2 1908 - BZ - Sub by FoFG]

Kills Wife and then Himself
Howard, 49 years old, shot and instantly killed his wife, Catherine, and then with a razor cut his own throat from ear to ear. He died within a few moments. The tragedy took place at the home of the couple in Cleveland. Howard is supposed to have been insane when the deed was committed. [July 1, 1902 "Montgomery Advertiser" (Montgomery, Ala) - DM - Sub by FoFG]

Fire Bug Received Sentence
Cleveland, Ohio , July 6 - Frank
Kabatchnik, the incendiary, who is supposed to have been connected with the gang of professional firebugs operating in this city, was sentenced to nineteen years imprisonment to-day. Kabatchnik pleaded guilty to setting fire to his store, the goods therein being insured for many times their value. [Source: "The Morning Times", July 7, 1895,pg 1 Transcribed by Nancy Overlander]

Killed Imbecile Daughter First
Cleveland, May 5: Fred Kuppe, a musician, shot and killed an imbecile daughter, and then banged himself, today. [Wednesday, May 6, 1908; Elkhart Weekly Review (Elkhart,Ind.)Pg: 1

Cleveland, Jan 4 - Not the slightest clue to the idenity of the man who shot and killed Thomas J. Martin, a saloonkeeper on the West Fifty-eighth street, Wednesday night, has been obtained by the police. Nearly a dozen detectives and patrolman are trying to run down the murderer. Three or four men were taken to the Eighth precinct police station and closely questioned, but without result. Two men who were in Martin's saloon at the time of the murder, are held as witnesses. Lieut. Hoenig has a pretty good description of the murderer. [Marion Daily Mirror, Jan 4, 1907 - Sub by Linda Blue Dietz]

Pleading guilty to a charge of second degree murder for his part in the killing of Mrs. Clara Rayner, wife of a Rockport gardener, shot down while returning from market with her husband several months ago, Karl Pender, 30, was sentenced to imprisonment in the penitentiary for life by Judge Chapman. [The Greenville Journal.(Greenville, Ohio), December 22, 1910]

Foul Play Indicated By Wounds On Body Found
CLEVELAND —Police here ushered in the New Year with a murder mystery. They found the body of Paul
Repke, 52, on the New York Central tracks inside the city limits. There were two wounds on the body's head and neck. One hundred feet away was found Repke's hat. Friends told the police the man had considerable money and jewelry when last seen. The pockets bad been emptied. It is believed the man was killed and robbed and the body thrown on the tracks to conceal the murder.
[Lima News, Jan 2, 1920 - Sub by Linda Blue Dietz]

Cleveland, O., June 5. - Chas. W.
Seymour, and Mrs. Sylvia L. Webster were indicted to-day for procuring an abortion causing the death of Julia Seymour. [The Bismarck Tribune, June 8, 1883, transcribed by Linda Dietz]

Cleveland -- John Bergen, 43, is dying at Lakeside hospital and Wm. E.
White, 43, is under arrest charged with assault to kill, as a result of a duel early today in Bergen's home. Bergen during this fight, was struck down with an axe, the weapon striking him at the side of the neck and cleaving downward through his collar bone making a wound more than six inches deep. [Lima Daily News, Jan 2, 1913 - Submitted by- Linda Dietz]

Youth Killed When He Resists Robber
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 25 - A gay party of Cleveland's young folks, from many of Cleveland's prominent families, ended early this morning in a melee with holdup men and the fatal shooting of one of the guests. Miller
Wilkinison led a group of young men in resisting five armed robbers and was shot in the head. The melee started when one of the guests taunted the robbers with being afraid to fire. Two of the robbers were shot in a leg and a third was captured soon afterwards. The two wounded are in a hospital. [The El Dorado Times, August 25, 1930 - PT - Sub by FoFG]

Cleveland - Mrs. Annie
Williams, 33, reported to police early Saturday night that a man had poured a pail of gasoline over her and then had set it afire. She was seriously burned. The attack occurred in the Williams home. Neighbors attracted by the woman's screams, rushed into the house and found her in flames. The assailant fled. (Lima News Feb 23, 1919 - Submitted by Linda Dietz)

Bound Over
Frederick S.
Young of Scott street, who would not answer census questions, waived a preliminary examination before United States Commissioner Williams Thursday morning and gave $300 bail for his appearance at the October term of the United States district court. [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer; 11 Jul 1890]



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