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Distressing Occurrence
Cleaveland, Ohio, Jan. 5 - The dwelling house of Jehiel W. Cross, of Strongsville, together with its contents and their youngest child, a lovely daughter aged sixteen months, was consumed by fire on Friday last, leaving a family destitute of a shelter or change of clothes at this inclement season. [Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Penn., Feb 7, 1827 - NP - Sub by FoFG]

On the 5th ult. the dwelling house of Ebenezer Sweet, in Hiram, Portage county, Ohio, with most of its contents, were destroyed by fire. On the 6th, the mills of Parkman and Converse, in Parkman, Geauga Co. were also destroyed - loss 10,000 dollars. On the 11th, three buildings belonging to the society of Shakers, in Cuyahoga county were destroyed and an infant burnt to death in one of them.  On the 31st Jan. the Presbyterian church in Wheeling township, Belmont Co. was burnt down. On the 12th ult. the house of Samuel Dunlap, Esq. of New Hagerstown Tuscarawas county, was destroyed with most of his personal property.   - Ohio Repository [Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, March 16, 1830; NP, Sub by FoFG]

Terrible Disaster on Lake Erie - Burning of the Steamer Griffith - Two or Three Hundred Lives Lost - Capt. Roby, while on her way up the lake, took fire about 5 o'clock this morning, when about twenty miles below Cleveland, and was burned to the water's edge. The mate, who swam ashore from the burning boat for help, has reached Cleveland, and reports that only thirty of those on board were saved, and these had to swim ashore, there being no other vessel near to render assistance. Captain Roby, his wife and child, are amongst the lost. It is reported that there were two or three hundred persons on board, most of whom were emigrants on their way to the West. If this is correct estimate, the number of the lost may probably exceed two hundred. The scenes on the burning wreck are described as having been agonizing in the extreme. It is impossible as yet to ascertain the cause of this disaster, or to give any further particulars. It is the greatest calamity that has occurred on Lake Erie, since the destruction by fire of the steamer "Erie" some years ago. [Jeffersonian Republican - Thursday, June 20, 1850 - tr. by Debbie Ovechka]
Second Despatch - The last report, at 9 o'clock this evening, sets down the whole number of lives lost as two hundred and sixty. It is stated that Mr. Franklin Heath, his wife, and four children, are among the lost. Mr. Heath was formerly a resident of Buffalo, from whence he removed to New York. Mr. Horace Palmer, an operator in Speed's Telegraph office, is among the lost. [Jeffersonian Republican - Thursday, June 20, 1850 - tr. by Debbie Ovechka]

Cleveland - A disastrous fire occurred at 347 Broadway this morning at 3 o'clock. Two families occupied the ground floor of the apartment. Mr. Cohen, with his wife and four children occupied the front rooms. Cohen jumped from the burning building and his wife dropped the children on the bedding she had thrown out. Mrs. Cohen was slightly burned. Mrs. Rosenberg, with three girls and Miss Rosa Meisel, occupied the rear part upstairs. Mrs. Rosenberg escaped with a fourteen year old daughter, while the two younger children and Miss Meisel perished in the flames. Mr. Trah, a traveling man who boarded with Mrs. Rosenberg, jumped from the window and had an arm broken and his face badly cut. He and Miss Meisel were to have been married next Sunday. [Bismarck Daily Tribune, (Bismarck, ND) Jul 2, 1885 - Sub. by Linda Dietz]

Cleveland - Three victims of yesterday morning's tenement house fire were buried today from the morgue. Theodore Troer, who was to have been married to Rose Meisel next Sunday, was frantic with grief and carried on like a madman. His friends were compelled to overcome him and take him away. When the coffins containing the remains of Fannie and Sarah Rosenberg were brought into the room their grief stricken father fell to the floor in a faint. The bodies were buried in the Hebrew cemetery. [Bismarck Daily Tribune, (Bismarck, ND) Jul 3, 1885 - Sub. by Linda Dietz]

The New England block commonly known as "Rotten Row", on Ontario street, between Huron and Ohio streets, burned to the ground early yesterday morning. Nearly 500 Italians, negroes and Turks lived under the roof of the block. They were all taken out alive, but some of them were very scantilly clothed, and suffered greatly from the severe cold, the temperature being below zero. The loss is about $20,000. [Lima Daily News Feb 5, 1891 - Submitted by Linda Dietz]

Cleveland, Ohio - Bertha and Martha Beckermann, daughters of Rabbi Beckermann of Cleveland, Ohio, were burned to death in their house. ("Augusta Gazette", Augusta, KS, December 28, 1894, pg1 - PT -sub. by FoFG]

Vessel Sunk; Three Lives Lost
Cleveland, O., Aug. 6.- As a result of a collision on Lake Erie between the steamer City of Venice, ore laden, and the steamer Seguin, a steel lumber vessel, off Rondeau, Canada, Monday midnight, the former vessel was sunk and three lives lost, while several other persons were more or less seriously injured. [Sistersville Daily Oil Review (Sistersville, W.V) August 6, 1902, page 6]

Six Dead in Ohio Wreck.
Cleveland, Ohio.- Six lives were lost and a number of persons were Injured at eight o'clock Thursday night when a Toledo & Ohio Central passenger train carrying an excursion crowd from Bowling Green fair into Toledo was run into from the rear at Sugar Ridge by a freight train. [Alma, Wabaunsee County, Kansas October 9, 1908 Page 2 - Submitted by Barb Zigenmeyer]



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