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CLEVELAND. O., Sept. 27 - The freight traffic passing through the Sault Ste. Marie canal this season breaks all previous records. The greatest previous traffic was in 1897 when 1,528,688 tons passed westward and 9,176,305 tons passed eastward, making a total of 10,805,004 tons. The official report for this year shown that 2,823,396 tons passed westward 9,790,243 tons eastward, a total of 12,613,639.
[Indiana Journal October 5, 1898]

Cleveland, Mar 16 - Stephen Alexander, 75, no home, attempted to end his life by leaping from the high level bridge here today. A motorist saved him. He said he had nothing to eat and no place to sleep.
[Lima News Mar 15, 1931 - Submitted by Linda Dietz]


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